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How to Write Unbeatable IT Cover Letters

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Standing Out
By following a few simple guidelines, you can create an unbeatable IT cover letter that is sure to help you get your foot in the door of numerous career opportunities. continue…

How to Target a Cover to Get the Manager’s Attention

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Once you’ve cleared HR, you’ll always get a one-shot opportunity to show why you’re the best person for the job. But few people capitalize on their private audience with the key decision maker, because they submit a generic, lackluster cover letter that doesn’t deliver a resounding punch. “It’s got to be masterfully crafted and to the point,” says Mike Skinner, the former CIO and now CEO of Specialized Marketing International, a provider of information management systems based in Dallas. “Because… continue…

Question: Are You Just Venting in Blog Comments, Or Do You Really Mean It?

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Okay, I have an honest question. I’m trying to figure out whether the comments posted to our items about hiring or career strategies is just venting, or do you really mean it? In other words, do you actually believe that we who work on the blog spin bad news to make it sound good and make suggestions that don’t reflect reality? I ask because it seems like every time we post something positive about hiring, or about companies looking for… continue…

You Must, MUST, Customize Your Approach if You Want to Get the Job

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Needle in a Haystack
Customizing your approach to the candidate-selection process shows recruiters and hiring managers that you’re the made-to-order solution to their needs. continue…

Cover Letters: The Better Written They Are, The More They’ll Help You

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Hiring managers in the tech field don’t tend to read cover letters a lot. They have time constraints and are more interested in the experience aspects you bring to the table. They’re more interested in seeing specifically who you’ve worked for and what you’ve done. continue…

DiceTV: Are Cover Letters Really Necessary?

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While it’s true that cover letters aren’t as universally important as they once were, they’re still a potential opportunity to get an edge on the competition.

DiceTV: To Connect with Employers, Customize Your Cover Letter

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Fact-based resumes limit your ability to bond with reviewers. But a customized cover letter lets you express ideas and showcase your communication skills, which will set you apart from the crowd. Plus, they make Cat all mystical. continue…

Interviewers WANT You to Be the One; Use That to Your Advantage

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Hiring managers are a romantic lot, Chad Broadus says. They want to to fall head over heels and are convinced that this time, they’ll find "the one." Usually, they’re in the market because of a recent breakup. Either they got dumped, or they broke it off themselves. Either way, they know what they want – and don’t want – in a long-term relationship. continue…

Career Doctor: Are Cover Letters Relevant?

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It’s true that cover letters aren’t as universally important as they used to be, and that in many cases yours may go unread. However, they still offer an opportunity to get an edge on the competition. continue…

Yes, Cover Letters Still Matter

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Fortune’s article on the 100 best companies to work for includes mini interviews with a number of HR managers, many of which provide a peek into the hiring processes of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, and insights into how those involved approach the task of evaluating all those candidates on the way to a hire. continue…