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Five Resume Tips for People Who Just Want to Code

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How can you spice up your resume if your job is more about production, and less about strategy? Or, as one skeptic put it, when you’re someone who’s got “a real job, not a fancy one”? “Even someone who works in the most mundane job on the planet can still explain how they excelled and why they’re better than the next guy,” says Don Goodman, president of IT-Resumes, a national resume-writing service based in Caldwell, N.J. “You have to prove that… continue…

Six Great Videos On Resumes and Cover Letters [DiceTV]

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Writing resumes and cover letters can be painful. To present yourself in the best possible way, you’ve got to put in a lot of time and thought into the employer, the job description, and how your skills match up. And advice on these topics tends to be, for lack of a better word, persnickety. Do this, don’t do that, etc., etc., etc. Personally, I hate updating mine — I’m sure as much as you hate updating yours. So I thought… continue…

Ten Stories on Customizing Your Job Search

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The process of looking for a job has a bunch of components to it, but none is as important as customizing your approach. Sending out 100 identical resumes in pursuit of 100 distinct opportunities is pretty much a waste of time. There are always exceptions, of course, but those are lucky. The great majority of the time, it’s your ability to fit into a specific role with specific skills that catches the manager’s eye. This is a fact of life… continue…

How to Use QR Codes In Your Job Search

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QR Code
QR codes can increase their visibility with recruiters and potential employers. Here’s what career expert and strategist Mary Jane Vincent says: I recommend that my clients create a personal QR code and individual ‘search me’ link to help them curate their specific Google results. We find, organize and vet the results, enabling them to manage their online reputation, control their personal brand and make a stellar first impression. Ever thought of including a QR code in your resume? Think it’ll… continue…

Get Your Writing Proofread For Free At Kibin

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Writing in the journal
Do you notice how it’s always easier to point out mistakes on someone else’s writing than it is to find them in your own work? Most of the time the magic simply vanishes when you’re reviewing your own writing, especially if you’re not giving yourself a break between writing and proofreading. Enter Kibin, a community of writers and editors who proofread each other’s work for free. On signing up, you’re given 25 credits, which can be used to request a… continue…

How to Write Unbeatable IT Cover Letters

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Standing Out
By following a few simple guidelines, you can create an unbeatable IT cover letter that is sure to help you get your foot in the door of numerous career opportunities. continue…

How to Target a Cover to Get the Manager’s Attention

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Once you’ve cleared HR, you’ll always get a one-shot opportunity to show why you’re the best person for the job. But few people capitalize on their private audience with the key decision maker, because they submit a generic, lackluster cover letter that doesn’t deliver a resounding punch. “It’s got to be masterfully crafted and to the point,” says Mike Skinner, the former CIO and now CEO of Specialized Marketing International, a provider of information management systems based in Dallas. “Because… continue…

Question: Are You Just Venting in Blog Comments, Or Do You Really Mean It?

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Okay, I have an honest question. I’m trying to figure out whether the comments posted to our items about hiring or career strategies is just venting, or do you really mean it? In other words, do you actually believe that we who work on the blog spin bad news to make it sound good and make suggestions that don’t reflect reality? I ask because it seems like every time we post something positive about hiring, or about companies looking for… continue…

You Must, MUST, Customize Your Approach if You Want to Get the Job

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Needle in a Haystack
Customizing your approach to the candidate-selection process shows recruiters and hiring managers that you’re the made-to-order solution to their needs. continue…

Cover Letters: The Better Written They Are, The More They’ll Help You

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Hiring managers in the tech field don’t tend to read cover letters a lot. They have time constraints and are more interested in the experience aspects you bring to the table. They’re more interested in seeing specifically who you’ve worked for and what you’ve done. continue…