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Career Doctor: Are Cover Letters Relevant?

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It’s true that cover letters aren’t as universally important as they used to be, and that in many cases yours may go unread. However, they still offer an opportunity to get an edge on the competition. continue…

Yes, Cover Letters Still Matter

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Fortune’s article on the 100 best companies to work for includes mini interviews with a number of HR managers, many of which provide a peek into the hiring processes of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, and insights into how those involved approach the task of evaluating all those candidates on the way to a hire. continue…

Tuesday’s Headline Roundup

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Are Macs Really Cheaper to Manage Than PCs? [CIO] Developing Hybrid Applications for the iPhone Excerpt [ITBE] FDIC: Hackers Took More Than $120M in Three Months [IDG News Service via CIO] Microsoft Moves up Windows 7 SP1 Release Date [ComputerWorld] IT Centralization is Back in Fashion [ComputerWorld via CIO] Google’s Online-Only Phone Selling Model has Failed [ZDNet] 10 Things Apple and Microsoft Haven’t Learned About Google [eWeek] –Sonia R. Lelii

It’s The Cover Letter, Stupid

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"A great resume will get you not-rejected, a great cover letter will get you hired." At least that’s what David Heinemeier of 37Signals thinks. After reviewing scads of candidates, he’s come to the conclusion that the resume, if reasonably presentable, is reduced to a check list of skills and experience. But it’s the cover letter that will set you apart. continue…

DiceTV: Tune Up Your Grammar

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Miss Cat says you’d better pay attention to grammar when writing your resume. Mistakes can lead HR and hiring managers to suspect you’re uneducated, lack good communication skills or don’t pay enough attention to detail. Those are bad things. continue…

Beat the Odds

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No matter how tough things may seem, it’s still possible to turn the odds in your favor by following a few best practices guaranteed to narrow the competitive field for any job. continue…

Monday’s News: Cover Letters that are More Eye-Catching Than Others

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Read about what company is adding tech jobs, some career-search tips for new graduates and the latest on data centers. continue…

‘Mass Customize’ Your Job Search

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Mass customization allows you to send volumes of documents in a manageable and efficient way, while still giving recipients the feel of customized communication. continue…