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Sample Cover Letter: Game Developer

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March 8, 2013 Mr. Ryan Adams Project Lead MINDJET GAMES 1022 Michigan Ave. Ste. 1120 Chicago IL 00000 Re: Junior Online Game Developer Dear Mr. Adams: After reading about your amazing company, I think I’m the perfect candidate for your junior development position. I recently graduated from the game development program at DePaul University, where I earned a 3.5 GPA and took first place in the 2012 Action Games Contest. I also learned a variety of languages, front-end programs and… continue…

Sample Cover Letter: Senior Software Engineer

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REGGIE BROOKS 123 Main Street Apt. 101 New York, NY 00000 000-555-1212 March 24, 2013 Mr. Tom Jones Vice President of Engineering ABC COMPANY 465 West 28th Street, Ste. 300 New York, NY 00000 Re: Senior Software Engineer Dear. Mr. Jones: Matt Wilson suggested I contact you about the opening on your engineering team. After hearing about your desire to lower operating costs and drive efficiencies, I’m convinced that I’m the best engineer for the job. You see, I… continue…

Sample Cover Letter: Linux System Administrator

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Sarah Wright 162 Durgin Park Boston MA 00000 000.555.1212 New York Address: 714 3rd Ave. Apt. 6B 00000 Ms. Sandra Anderson Technical Recruiter BOSTON BANK 123 Patriot Way Boston, Mass.00000 April 8, 2013 Re: Linux System Administrator Dear Ms. Anderson: I’m submitting my resume after reading about your need for a Linux System Administrator on Dice, because I believe that I’m the ideal candidate. I’ve been a Linux System Administrator for the last four years at ABC Financial Services… continue…

Create Virtuoso Cover Letters With These 9 Stories

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If you respond to job postings by sending in a resume by itself, I’ve got bad news: You have to send a cover letter, too. Even in this day of job boards and email, the cover letter is the first thing employers look at when they open up your application, and they’re bound to at least skim it before they go on to review the work history you’ve listed in your resume. Yes, it’s another step in an already laborious… continue…

Sample Cover Letter: Android Developer

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Bob Brown Any Town, Ill. 555-555-1122 Feb. 28, 2013 Mr. Tom Jones Project Manager MAJOR COMPANY Any Town, Ill. 00000 Re: Android Developer Dear Mr. Jones: After reading about your company’s bold expansion plans in the Illinois Business Journal, I’m certain that my experience as a security-minded Android Developer can help you attract new customers. I recently developed two mobile applications for ABC Bancorp, and needless to say, security is imperative in the banking industry. Due to my detail… continue…

4 Ways to Optimize Your Resume and Cover Letter

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Your resume and cover letter are intended to work together. They’re like a pair of shoes: Although they’re the same color and style, one goes on your right foot and one goes on your left. And if you pair a sneaker with a work boot, maybe you’ll get where you need to go, or maybe you won’t. Obviously you want to get where you’re going — in this case, to a new job. With that in mind, here are four… continue…

Closing the Deal With Your Cover Letter

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In the first and second portions of your cover letter, you make case for why you’re the perfect person to tackle the job. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to seal the deal by asking for an interview. That’s what your final paragraph is all about, and it should be straightforward and easy to write. The Fourth Paragraph Your finale is a brief call to action that should include the following elements: A request for the next step, which is… continue…

Making a Strong Pitch in Your Cover Letter

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After telling reviewers that you’re the ideal candidate for the job in the opening paragraph of your cover letter, you have to prove it. That’s what the second and third paragraphs are about. The Second Paragraph After a brief segue that describes what’s to come, highlight three or four relevant  and specific examples of your technical skills, competencies and/or achievements that back up your claims. Select examples that demonstrate your understanding of each company’s individual needs and why you’re the best… continue…

Create a Strong Start for Your Cover Letter

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A cover letter is more than a one-page electronic document to accompany your resume. It’s your chance to jump into the spotlight and steal the show. Like an overture, your opening paragraph sets the mood for the audience and provides a preview of what’s to come. The Opening Paragraph A generic or flimsy opening statement won’t cut it. Capture the reviewer’s attention right off the bat by briefly mentioning the company or manager’s needs. The hook could be something you… continue…

10 Ways to Screw Up Your Cover Letter

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Cover letters give you a golden opportunity to get across your passion, communication skills and technical smarts, all of which should make the reviewer want to take the next step and look at your resume. Unfortunately, most of them blow it by making one of these mistakes. No. 1: Obvious Cut and Paste Sending a blatantly generic cover letter that just regurgitates the information in your resume won’t cut it. The only message reviewers will receive is that you didn’t… continue…