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Deep-Skin Dedication to Spacecraft Engineering

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Terrance Yee loves space, so much so that the 45 year old spacecraft engineer, who lives in San Diego with his wife of 21 years and two of their three kids (the oldest is in college), is firmly convinced that the future of humanity lies beyond earth. To that end, he recently partnered in the company Black Sun Planetary Solutions, a cutting-edge, solar startup created to raise the funds necessary to advance breakthrough research and technologies that would cut the… continue…

Cool Skin: An Internet Pioneer’s World in Ink

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Ted Beattie
Ted Beatie’s tech career started over 20 years ago when he entered the workforce as a sys admin for an imaging research lab in Boston. In 1995, he moved to UUNET, where he was propelled toward IP networking and systems integration on the leading wave of the Internet. At the time, the U.S. backbone map fit onto an 8×11 piece of paper and had few redundant T1s. By the time he left five years later, that map required a four… continue…

Cool Skin: A Digital Librarian Tells a Story

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Vika Zafrin Tattoo
By training Vika Zafrin is a digital humanist, a Ph.D. whose area of study is the humanities as they intersect with the confluence of computing, research, teaching and creation. Currently, the 36-year-old is the Digital Collections Librarian at a major Boston-area university. As part of that community, Zafrin makes digital content as widely available as possible, online and for free, curates online collections and data mines large cultural data sets. It’s pretty heady stuff and unsurprisingly, her tattoos have a… continue…

Cool Skin: Life’s Outlook in Japanese Ink

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Erica Langworthy Tattoo
Erica Langworthy is an early-30-something animator for a video game company in New York. She uses a wide variety of programs, techniques and technology to execute her work, moving from 3D to compositing and FX, to character design and animation. She loves her job, but today we’re talking tattoos, dramatic and beautiful body art. Why did you decide to decorate yourself? I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was a teenager, though I was smart enough to know I wanted to… continue…

Cool Skin: Ink and Multi-Threaded Coding

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Pepper Mint Tattoos
Since 1997, Pepper Mint — and yes that’s his real name — has specialized in high performance multi-threaded coding, particularly in data translation and transmission layers for Art Technology Group, now part of Oracle. He loves his work, he loves having tattoos, and he’s more than happy to talk about them. How many tattoos do you have? I’ve got four and they’re on my arms and shoulders. What the story behind your first one? In 1998, when I was 23,… continue…

Cool Skin: A Game Artist and Her Tattoos

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Kathryn's Tattoo
Kathryn Greenbaum has a cool job in games, but we’ll get to that. First let’s talk about what’s on her skin. Specifically her four tattoos, all in black ink, one on each arm, two on her torso. We talked about her arm. I like the intimacy of the piece. Tell us the story behind it? My younger sister is an incredibly talented artist and had never designed a tattoo before, so I asked her to do some sketches of horse… continue…