The Best Linux Tools for Working on the Road

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The mobile workforce is a fact of modern technology life. And Linux is right there, silently helping professionals get the job done. A Linux road warrior might be the harried system admin bouncing between several sites. Or the freelance Open Source programmer, living in different places whenever they change projects. Or how about the Linux guru at a national conference, who is also simultaneously solving business problems for his company between talks? Quirky technology writers and chin-stroking consultants might round… continue…

Exiting Gracefully Now Can Land You a Job Later

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Sometimes you and a client must part ways, maybe even before your projects are completed. If you’ve decided that you’re leaving, what do you do? How do you leave gracefully? First and foremost, you want to make sure that your reputation—a good one, if you’ve managed it right—will stay intact. This means you need to ensure that you depart on a positive note and remain a positive influence even after you’re gone. Here are some things that I do in… continue…

How to Plan for Your Next Consulting Gig

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Life as a consultant is always interesting. We get to dodge some of the political issues, typically get better pay, and are seen as an industry expert. Despite those benefits, we also have to potentially deal with finding work on a more frequent basis. This is the time of year when contracts can end and the mad search for the next gig begins so that consultants don’t have too much of a break in their income stream. With the holidays… continue…

Red Flags to Look For Before Taking a Job

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Recently I wrote about the what I look for when I’m considering a job or a contract, things like interesting problems and fun people. There is, however, a dark side. For some things I’ll stop even considering a job or contract. Just like a job’s qualities, these are different for everyone. My red flags might be something you don’t care about one way or another. Before I share my list, I want to include one caveat: Earning enough to pay… continue…

How To Train Others Without Endangering Your Job

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IT managers are increasingly asking veterans to share their technical knowledge with novice co-workers as a cost-effective way to develop staff. But the mandates pose a Catch-22 for professionals who fear losing their jobs to lower-paid colleagues if they comply — or losing their jobs if they don’t. After the problem received six pages of comments on Dice Discussions, I asked our Talent Community Guides R. Emmett O’Ryan and Rob Reilly to share their advice. Should contractors be required to… continue…

Seven Of Our Favorite Stories on Contracting

The way the economy’s going I, for one, believe that more of us are going to consider becoming a contractor at some point. Either we’ll decide the trade-offs in lifestyle, flexibility and pay will be worth the hassle of paperwork and insurance — or because businesses in general increasingly like the idea of having a flexible work force. If you’re thinking about contracting, or are just curious about some of the dynamics at play, here are seven stores to take… continue…

Project Management Consultants Can Build A Status Dashboard

Project management consultants need to communicate their status among a number of stakeholders. Building a status dashboard achieves that goal, and helps building your business at the same time. Typically, there are several audiences a project manager needs to update with their status. So, stakeholder meetings tend to require a lot of preparation. Typically, these meetings are held once a month and offer up a large amount of information in a very brief format. This is where the status dashboard… continue…

Eight of Our Favorite Stories About Recruiters

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Recruiters: Some people love them, some people hate them, most people are probably ambivalent about them, but one thing’s for sure: They’re a fact of life. So, over the years we’ve posted a number of articles and videos about recruiters, how they think, and how you can approach them. Here they are, and if you have any additional thoughts about recruiters, be sure to post them in the comments below. How To Be a Candidate Recruiters Will Notice The Top Secrets… continue…

Seven Reasons to Keep Searching Even Though It’s Summer

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GUEST COLUMN, by Patty Coffey, Winter, Wyman: Like it or not, the perception that companies cut back hiring during the summer is a myth. In fact, they fill positions at the same — if not an increased — pace during the hottest months of the year. Job hunting during the summer can be tricky though, and it’s important to avoid two particular hazards: timing and schedules. Because of vacations, trying to schedule interviews can be complicated. An interview process that… continue…

Job Skills You’ll Need to Work With Emerging Technologies

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Microsoft’s TechEd wrapped up this week, leaving attendees with a better career compass to guide them. Of particular interest was the “Skills For Emerging Technology” seminar, which dished out good information for developers, both mobile and Web. Jeffrey Snover, a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, led off the talk with his thoughts on career choices. You may know him as the guy who put Microsoft Powershell on the map in 2006. He was joined by Russ Hearl of Elance, Greg Shields of Concentrated… continue…