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Do They Really Know What They Need?

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Sometimes clients are confident creatures, certain of what they want and need and ready to explain it to us – the hired consultants – as soon as we walk through the door. While that sounds great, it’s generally not. Why? Because what they want and their proposed solution may not always line up. One client brought me in to help get a couple of failing projects back on track. I came in and managed the project schedule, the outside clients,… continue…

When Another Consultant is Called In

If you’re a consultant then you’ll probably get this scenario. You know how the competition can be fierce for high school or college students trying to be at the top of their class? You want top billing so you have to remain confident, never show fear and never look weak or ask for any help whatsoever. Sound familiar? You must be oozing confidence…. In consulting, there really isn’t much difference if you happen to have company – meaning other consultants… continue…

Tech Consulting Jobs Gain Strength

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Management and technical consulting jobs posted 2013’s largest year-over-year gain in June, rising 6.1 percent to 1,187,400 jobs, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During earlier months, the annual gain remained in the 5 percent range. Consulting jobs are gaining strength in part because companies remain tentative in hiring full-time workers. That may not change for a while. Besides the slow economic expansion, businesses are nervous about the impact of federal sequestration. Meanwhile, the computer systems design… continue…

Treat Your Best Clients with Care – Part 2

It’s always important to treat your clients well.  After all, client retention is the best strategy to success: It’s easier to retain good clients than it is to land new ones. Last week, I discussed two strategies for treating your most valued clients well – how you can let them know they are important to you. Specifically, we talked about: Reaching out to clients even when you’re not currently working for them. Sending them new business whenever possible. This week,… continue…

5 Questions Consultants Should Ask Prospective Clients

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By Brad Egeland Your advertising has worked and you’ve made contact with a potential client who has a need and thinks they might want your consulting services. That’s the easy part. Now you’re ready to sit down with and get details on what it is the client thinks they need. The easy assumption is that clients always know their requirements, but in reality they rarely have a good handle on their situation. They usually know a symptom or a portion… continue…

5 Interview Questions for Consultants

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A key to landing a consulting job is to answer interview questions with specific examples of previous challenges you’ve addressed and a sound demonstration of your ability to tackle projects, solve problems and think quick on your feet. Of course, the right answers alone won’t get you the gig, but they could make you a memorable candidate. Here are some of the questions you should be ready for in your interview. What types of projects do you typically work on?… continue…

Tips on Finding Your Next Consulting Gig

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Cat Miller
Consulting can bring you better pay, fewer political issues and higher visibility as an industry expert. On the other hand, you’re always worrying about finding work. Today we’re discussing a few things that can help you in your search for that next contract. Related Links on Dice How to Plan for Your Next Consulting Gig Avoid These Mistakes in Consulting Career Doctor: When Consulting is a Good Fit for You

The Zen of Tech Office Design

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Where you work matters. Spend an hour with a group of developers and the debates will start. Open plan versus private offices. One monitor versus two or even three. Mac versus Windows. Laptop versus home-built desktop. Music preferences. The list goes on. There are even studies that purport to show how productivity changes with more display space, or that open plans decrease productivity. And all of those studies are roundly disputed. In  the end, the ideal work environment is a… continue…

What Sogeti USA Looks For As It Hires 250 Tech Pros

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Sogeti USA, a tech consulting company based in Dayton, Ohio, wants to hire 250 IT professionals across nearly two dozen U.S. cities by the end of the year. The Capgemeni subsidiary provides services to medium and large businesses, is in the midst of a 10-year expansion, for which it’s already hired 700 tech specialists last year and 400 full-time employees this year. The Jobs’ Details “In a general sense, I can tell that the hot technologies that we’re recruiting for… continue…

Consultant Sogeti USA to Hire 250 Tech Pros in 23 Cities

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Technical consultant Sogeti USA plans to hire around 250 IT pros in 23 cities by the end of 2012. As part of a planned expansion, it’s already brought aboard 400 so far in 2012. The jobs will be across its seven practice areas: advisory services, application development, business information management, engineering, infrastructure management, cloud and security, mobile and testing services. The Capgemini subsidiary, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, provides technical consulting services to medium and large businesses as well as public-sector… continue…