Software, Data Skills Key to Higher Pay

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Though few are on par with Twitter’s $10 million engineer, pay is on the upswing for IT occupations, according to a new Robert Half Technology salary survey. The report suggests that while salaries will rise an average of 3.7 percent in 2014 across accounting/finance, technology, legal, creative and administrative jobs, the positions with the highest pay jumps will be engineering, software development and programming. For instance, mobile applications developers and software developers will see increases of nearly 8 percent. The… continue…

Why Not All Parental Leaves Are Made the Same

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One tool companies use in their quest to attract and retain tech professionals is family leave: providing paid time off for new mothers and fathers – whether they’re having children by birth or through adoption – to recover from medical issues and get acquainted with the new member of their family. But not all paid leaves are created equal. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees are allowed to take up to 12 weeks off without pay for the… continue…

Does Facebook Get Credit for San Mateo Pay Surge?

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Although Silicon Valley’s San Mateo County ranks fifth among the nation’s largest 334 counties when it comes to average weekly wages, it posted the largest jump in first quarter salary over the previous year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Home to tech names like Oracle, Electronic Arts and Facebook, the county posted a 14.8 percent increase in average weekly wages during the first quarter. That’s far higher than the national average increase, which was a scant 0.6 percent… continue…

Top Wage Earners Hold Computer-Related Degrees

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Eight computer-related degrees rank among the top 30 majors for salary potential, according to a recently released report from salary researcher PayScale. Engineering degrees of all stripes lead the way, with computer engineering ranking No. 6 and computer science No. 8. Here’s how the IT-related degrees fared: No. 6. Computer engineering: Starting salary -$65,300; Mid-career salary – $106,000. No. 8. Computer science: Starting salary – $59,800; Mid-career salary – $102,000. No. 12. Software engineering: Starting salary – $60,500; Mid-career salary – $99,300. No.… continue…

IBM to Eliminate Retiree Health Plan

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IBM plans to eliminate its company-sponsored health plan for retirees eligible for Medicare, according to The Wall Street Journal. In its place, Big Blue will provide annual contributions to a health-related retirement account, which retirees would draw from to pay for supplemental Medicare via an insurance exchange. The move is expected to save IBM money by eliminating the need to directly cover rising insurance premiums in favor of a set annual payment for plan participants. According to documents sent to… continue…

6 Great Stories to Help You Get a Raise

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Slow economy or not, most IT salaries are outpacing other sectors, dramatically so for those who have experience in areas where there are more open jobs than there are people to fill them. Whatever our specialty, we all want a piece of that pie. But what if you have a cheap boss? Or a company that prides itself on providing “culture” at the expense of wages? Or all the opportunities that match your skills are 750 miles away? In all… continue…

Tech Salary Growth Is Strong in These 7 Markets

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With the IT unemployment rate hovering around 3.8 percent, employers can no longer rely on mere incentives and perks to keep people in the house. Nowadays, they have to write checks. This is especially true for companies in secondary markets like Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Milwaukee. The pool of talent is shallower in regions like these, but that doesn’t mean there’s less work to be done in their IT departments. So, the rule of supply and demand’s kicking in: Salaries… continue…

Tech Salaries Rise to Highest Levels in a Decade

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U.S. technology salaries rose last year more than they have in a decade, with the average tech professional earning a 5 percent increase, from $81,327 to $85,619, according to an annual salary survey by Dice. The increase comes at a time when more than two thirds of tech professionals — 64 percent — are confident that they can find a better job. Supporting their notion is the fact that employers are stepping up their efforts to retain staff, using more… continue…

How to Make Sure You Get Paid for Extra Work

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Cat Miller
It happens a lot: Your manager hears about your extensive skill set, and suddenly you’re transformed into a Web developer, network administrator or basic jack-of-all-IT-trades. Of course, you don’t get a raise. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Cat has some tips for negotiating an increase, as well as leveraging your extra work the next time you look for a job. Related Posts Overworked? Get a Raise How to Prepare Yourself for Salary Negotiations

How to Prepare Yourself for Salary Negotiations

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Why do some professionals earn more than others? Because those at the higher end of the scale make a habit of surveying the marketplace, taking stock of their assets and liabilities, and leveraging their professional experience during salary negotiations. Survey the Market To start, determine a preliminary compensation range for that’s appropriate for someone with your skills and experience. You can find the information you need in salary surveys from trade publications and associations, plus data from compensation websites. Also, get… continue…