How to Get Started as an App Developer

iPad Mini
Apple’s highly anticipated iPad Mini with its  7.9-inch screen is going head to head with Google’s Nexus 7. Apple also says that it has sold 100 million iPads and that customers have downloaded 35 billion apps. These amazing numbers are the new normal for mobile. So, if you haven’t figured it out already, this is a great market for developers to get into. Both Android and iOS are fantastic development environments. Colleges are now offering very popular mobile development courses,… continue…

Special Report: Job Opportunities in Games

Modern Warfare 3
Games today are as slick as movies, sometimes as expensive to produce and worth big money, some earning hundreds of millions dollars. Meantime, the technology behind them is both sophisticated and powerful. Twenty years ago, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation had aliens capture the Enterprise through an addictive computer game. Far-fetched? Now it seems prophetic. The business offers cutting-edge opportunities and very often good money. So how do you break in? As they say, knowledge is power.… continue…

More Tech Employers Want the ‘Right’ College Degree

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MIT Campus
Tech employers are becoming much more particular about a candidate’s education, often requiring degrees from top-flight schools and high GPAs. “Employers are looking for the best of the best,” says Sheila Robinson, a technical recruiter at Atlanta staffing firm Agile. This doesn’t mean job seekers who aren’t graduates of elite schools can’t apply to such companies. But it does mean they’ll have to focus on demonstrating they’ve got the same characteristics of the those with company’s preferred background. Candidates without… continue…

Follow Your Passion? It’s Not Quite That Simple

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Walking Trail
Job seekers, whether they’re new graduates or veterans, are constantly told to follow their passion in making career choices. But what does this mean, exactly? Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University, has some interesting thoughts on the subject. He graduated from college several years ago and was lucky enough to have three different offers. One was to go to graduate school at MIT, another was to write a book and the third was to work for Microsoft.… continue…

Convincing Employers Your Online Degree is a Strength

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Dice's Guest Appearance
By Lauren Bailey Online education has been around for a while, slowly gaining respectability. In the last year or so, their credibility has gotten something of a push when schools like MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Berkley have begun offering online courses. Although they don’t offer degrees, a number of other colleges and universities do, many of them focused on tech. These include Drexel, Boston University, the University of Southern California, and the University of San Francisco. Still, sometimes you’ll run… continue…

Samsung Seeks U.S. Graduates for Jobs in Korea

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Samsung thinks U.S. graduate students can better drive the its business in North America. The company is taking applications through next Tuesday, October 16, from graduates with master’s or doctoral degrees in science or engineering from “prestigious U.S. universities,” or those who will complete them by December. Samsung is also taking on MBA holders and interns still in college, says The Korea Times, though how many isn’t clear. Doctoral candidates must have a degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, industrial… continue…

Silicon Valley Fellowships for Black and Latino Engineering Students

code2040 Logo
Resumes only take you so far in the hiring process. To be really effective, you have to show what you can do, and meet the right people. To help lure talented minority students into the Silicon Valley culture, the non-profit code2040 launched a summer fellowship program to bring Black and Latino engineering students into the Valley for a summer. Laura Weldman Powers, code2040′s executive director, encourages people who are in these categories or know someone who fits the bill to… continue…

Where to Get a Master’s Degree in Big Data

Data Squares
McKinsey & Company predicts a shortage of deep analytical talent of as many as 190,000 people by 2018, which means there should be abundant opportunities for Big Data analysts and business intelligence experts in the coming years. No wonder universities are coming up with a variety of master’s programs. These new programs are “using business intelligence and other analytical tools to turn social media, sensor, purchase transactions, mobile and other sources of big data into useful information for business and… continue…

What Software Engineers Don’t Learn in School

Cat Miller
If you’re just starting out as a software engineer, you probably have a college degree. You’re probably a reasonably good coder and know something about software systems.  But: There are a number of skills they don’t teach you in school. Here’s some of them.

Geeks Leading a Fashion Revolution?

Emily Ong
Whether it’s PeeWee Herman or Urkel, the media and fashion businesses have had a limited grasp on what’s often referred to as “geek” or “nerd chic.” In its September issue, Women’s Wear Daily devoted three pages to “the new nerd.” Bulky, over-sized suits in bold colors and mismatched prints, cropped pants, clunky heels, jangly accessories and those giant, ugly twee glasses dominated. Within the tech world itself, the old meme is that men dress in ill-fitting mom jeans (“Jeans highlighting… continue…