Q&A: A Young Engineer Mulls Her Next Move

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Fei Xue is a newly minted software engineer who’s not only learning the ropes at her new job but is already thinking of her next career move. Xue, who joined MarkLogic 10 months ago after receiving her master’s degree in computer science from Yale, is looking to grow her software engineering career into one that will eventually morph into a software architect position. For now, however, she’s fine learning the ropes at her first job out of college. “I really… continue…

Tech Interns: Where You Can Make the Most Money

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If you’re a college student, don’t underestimate the importance of internships, even if graduation is years away. They remain one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting the kind of employment you want once you hit the job market. The myths about interns doing nothing but fetching coffee and making copies don’t apply so much to IT professionals, and the benefits are deep and long lasting. Not only will you come away with substantive work experience, your… continue…

Check Out These 5 Schools for Computer Science

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Cat Miller
MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon … The brand-name schools. What if those aren’t right for you? Don’t be discouraged. A number of colleges offer solid computer science programs. You just have to look for them. These five got Cat’s attention. See more stories about college technology and engineering programs here.

Georgia Tech Unveils $7K CS Master’s Program

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Georgia Institute of Technology is launching an online master’s degree program in computer science that’s expected to cost approximately $7,000, a staggering discount to its traditional $40,000 program, and a move that could have wide-ranging implications for not only other academic programs, but certification courses as well. “Although online courses have been around since the 1960s, the differentiation for our program is its low cost and the platform we use,” says Zvi Galil, Dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Computing.… continue…

BlackBerry Unveils 4-Year Women’s STEM Scholarship

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BlackBerry rolled out a “BlackBerry Scholars Program,” which the company describes as a first step in a global initiative to encourage more women to pursue STEM careers. The announcement was made at the BlackBerry Live event in Orlando, by Alicia Keys, who’s the company’s global creative director when she’s not in concert and recording albums. The program will provide full, four-year scholarships to “outstanding women” interested in technology careers, particularly in mobile. Says BlackBerry: “This scholarship program is the first… continue…

BP Will Hire 1,000 Graduates Each Year

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Oil giant BP is stepping up its recruiting efforts for engineering, science and business professionals by tripling the number of college graduates it hires annually. This year, the energy giant plans to hire 900 of these graduates around the globe, triple the number it recruited in 2009. Next year, BP will begin hiring 1,000 annually. “We’re seeking mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineers,” says Robert Wine, a BP spokesman. He noted that IT-related engineers will also be hired, though they… continue…

3 Strong Graduate Degrees for Business Analysts

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by Michael Goul Even though we keep hearing about Big Data and how organizations are increasingly using analytics in strategic planning and day-to-day operations, the people involved in turning those numbers into something meaningful are often overlooked. The role of a business analyst is one of the fastest growing in IT. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22-percent increase in these jobs through 2020, and a recent survey from Lavastorm Analytics shows 53 percent of the 600 IT professionals… continue…

5 Great Computer Science Schools You’ve Never Heard Of

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By Ji Hyun Lee When you ask people for their advice about where you should get a computer science degree, they’ll often say the same thing: MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon… You know, the brand-name schools. Good advice, so long as you have close-to-perfect grades and the perfectly rounded background of classes, extracurricular activities and all of those other ingredients for the alchemy that is college admissions. That doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. Far from it. A number of colleges… continue…

5 Top Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

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As another academic year nears a close and a fresh crop of computer science graduates plunges into the job market, it’s the right time to ask a simple question: Where can they find the best opportunities? First things first. Who are we are talking about? “When I think about CS grads, I think about people who will be writing code or programming in one of the primary languages or building a product or application,” says Steve Kasmouski, President of Search… continue…

How to Get a Job at Raytheon

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With 71,000 worldwide employees and $25 billion in annual sales, Raytheon has been one of the nation’s leading defense, aerospace and homeland security contractors for decades. Electronics, guided missiles, command systems integration and intelligence systems are all in its product portfolio. Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., this a company that really does need rocket scientists. How do you staff up a defense contractor? Kristy Kucharczak, Raytheon’s director of Global Talent Acquisition, likes to ask this very fitting question of job applicants:… continue…