IT Salaries May Finally Edge Up in 2012

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Wages for IT professionals remained fairly flat during 2011, as total compensation edged back toward January 2008 levels. Perhaps annual raises and bonuses will be bigger this year, if Janco Associates Inc. is correct in its prediction that outsourcing has peaked, and companies are looking for efficiencies instead of cheap labor by bringing IT jobs back onshore. Indeed, The Federal Reserve Board also reported wage gains for IT workers in its January Beige Book. The Beige Book is a collection… continue…

Congress Eyes IT Overtime, Predictions for 2012

DICETV UPDATE: Congress is thinking about cutting overtime for more of us… CompTIA’s predictions for 2012… And more evidence that techs have to be… more than techs. All on this week’s Update. Congress is considering a bill that would eliminate overtime for more IT workers. The legislation seeks to expand the class of workers exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires workers be paid time and a half if they work more than 40 hours a week. The… continue…

Facebook’s Hiring; Business Savvy Trumps Certifications

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DICE NEWS ROUNDUP IT Business Savvy Is More Important Than Certifications: IT skill certifications don’t hold the same value as they did in flusher economic times, says a report from IT employment and consulting firm Foote Partners. There has been a flattening of salaries between workers who have IT certifications and those who don’t. In its third-quarter IT Skills and Certification Pay Index report, Foote finds that 13 percent of noncertified skills got an increase in pay premiums over the… continue…

CompTIA on the Value of Certifications

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Certifications are in the center of a continuing debate: When it comes to finding a job, do they help you or not? Do they really provide enough training to set you and your work apart? For a while, a lot of people argued their value was overblown, not really worth the time, effort and expense. These things aren’t cheap. On the other hand, learning more about solutions and implementation can never be a bad thing, especially in a job market’s… continue…

HP Announces Cloud-Computing Certifications

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Hewlett-Packard is joining the party of vendors offering cloud computing certifications. They’ll be focused on HP CloudSystem. In November, CompTIA announced a vendor-neutral cloud certification developed with input from the likes of Microsoft, Google and IBM. Big Blue has a cloud certification of its own, as do companies like Salesforce.com and 3Tera. The new certifications will be added to the HP ExpertONE Converged Infrastructure certification portfolio and will include: The HP Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) Cloud Architect certification for those… continue…

Veterans Have Help When Looking for IT Jobs

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A tour of duty in the U.S. military doesn’t guarantee a job for returning soldiers. In fact, veterans – even those with extensive IT experience — are discovering that finding a job at home is quite difficult. One of the biggest challenges they face is matching their military occupational specialty (MOS) to a career in the civilian field. It’s also a challenge for U.S. companies. “There is a lack of knowledge on the side of civilian employers,” says Charles Eaton,… continue…

CompTIA’s New Certification Won’t Make It Easier to Land a Health IT Job

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Healthcare IT has been called a promising new area for tech pros but ironically, many employers prefer to hire people who have clinical backgrounds — nurses and doctors — who’ve gone out to learn the technology and apply both of these backgrounds to the work. For those who want to come in from the IT side, making the move is a lot harder. Now CompTIA’s come out with a vendor-neutral Healthcare IT Technician certification for those who work with electronic… continue…

IT Market Report: IT Employment Rises Past 2008 Peak

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IT Employment Reaches Pre-Crash Levels… In November 2008, IT employment reached 4 million for the first time. Then the economy tanked, and 200,000 jobs disappeared within nine months. Now, says the TechServe Alliance — an industry group that analyzes Bureau of Labor Statistics data — IT employment has returned, surpassing the November 2008 high point. The number of IT jobs now stands at 4,009,900, and has increased for 16 straight months. The streak may come to an end, however, when… continue…

Premium Pay for IT Certifications Slides Again

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Additional pay awarded to professionals with IT certifications declined — again — during the first three months of 2011, reaching its lowest point since 1999. But the average premium for critical non-certified skills rose again, reaching its highest level since September 2001. The pay for 252 non-certified skills tracked by consulting firm Foote Partners increased by an average of 1.4 percent. Among the leaders: Methodology/Process Management Systems/Networking Messaging and Communications Web/e-commerce Applications Development Operating Systems At the same time, premium… continue…

Cisco’s New Certifications Focus on Core Strengths

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On the day that Cisco announced it’s discontinuing the Flip, the network pioneer also unveiled a new set of specialized architecture certifications focusing on borderless networks, collaboration, and data center technologies. Partners who want to earn or maintain a gold or silver level status will have 18 months to pass the new certifications. Through this training, the company is retooling to sell platforms instead of specific products or technologies. On the surface the move makes it appear that Cisco is… continue…