Rackspace’s Academy: Training and a Job, Too?

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Cynics will say that Rackspace’s creation of Open Cloud Academy is self-serving, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help tech professionals who want to expand their skills. Rackspace, after all, is a player in the open cloud world, and offering courses based on its internal training programs looks like a logical way to share hints of the company’s thinking about its services specifically, and cloud practices in general. The six- and eight-week courses will be held at Rackspace’s headquarters in… continue…

Experience Trumps Certifications for Cloud Jobs

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If you’re a cloud engineer, architect, developer or support specialist with strong cloud computing skills, you’re in luck. Demand for professionals like you vastly exceeds supply. Some 1.2 million cloud jobs went unfilled during 2012, says Marcus Robertson, chief technical officer of True Ability, a San Antonio IT staffing company. Research firm IDC says that number is close to 1.7 million and estimates there will be as many as 7 million cloud jobs by 2015. “I have hired about 150 people… continue…

What Employers Look for in Product Managers

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A blog post last month by veteran product manager Rich Mironov examined what hiring managers actually look for in product managers. The anecdotal results aren’t pretty. Mironov’s research concludes that hiring managers think about the openings very narrowly, which means most are looking for candidates in the wrong places. They’re putting too much emphasis on technical market knowledge and not enough on what makes for a great product manager. Mironov and his researcher examined 41 job postings at American tech… continue…

What Managers Say About Cloud Certifications

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Cloud certifications and other related courses can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. While there are a number of reasons why this kind of training can boost your prospects of getting a cloud-related job, many tech professionals, including a number of Dice News users, don’t buy it. “Why bother if I’m already doing the work?” one asked in the comments to this story. Another wondered: “Do employers really expect to find the perfect candidate with the list of 20… continue…

When Do Cloud Certifications Really Matter?

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While employers struggle to fill cloud-related jobs, they’re not using certifications as a litmus test to help them identify the right candidates. While they’ll demonstrate that you have some knowledge about the skills they’re seeking, certifications aren’t a magic bullet when it comes to making a hiring decision. “Certification tells me they have knowledge of the topic, and cloud certification will help get them in the door for an interview,” says Erin Swike, director of hosting provider Bluelock’s client services.… continue…

Here’s Why Training Will Get You a Job in the Cloud

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Standing in the way of the cloud’s expected growth isn’t technology, but a growing shortage of tech professionals with the right skills, hiring managers say. Currently, companies are struggling to fill an estimated 1.7 million open cloud jobs—more than 24 percent of the 7 million positions expected to be available by 2015. In a study conducted for Microsoft, researcher IDC said the number of workers needed to fill those positions will grow by 26 percent each year during that period.… continue…

Does More Training Really Lead to Raises?

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A recent Global Knowledge/Tech Republic Salary Survey, which finds a direct correlation between continuing training and salary increases, brings up an old and vexing question, especially for people who are contemplating spending thousands of dollars on education or certifications: does more training really have a direct and measurable impact on salaries? Yes, says this particular survey, which pegs the value of training as an 8.6 percent salary booster, a higher salary bump than four earlier annual surveys had ever shown. Eighty… continue…

Target Small Firms for Entry-Level Networking Jobs

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People who want to break into networking face the classic conundrum for job seekers: How do you get a job without experience? Or, perhaps more frustrating, what if you have a bit of experience but are competing against candidates with recognized certifications like Cisco’s Certified Network Associate? Is it impossible? No. You can find a job even without experience or credentials, especially if you look at small companies, where IT staff wear many hats. “One of the reasons I see… continue…

Why Train Yourself? An 8.6 Percent Raise For One Thing

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Companies don’t pay for employee training like they used to, but continuous learning is a big part of the tech industry. So the bottom line is: The more you train yourself, the higher your salary will go. In fact, 80 percent of the 9,500 global technology professionals surveyed by Global Knowledge and TechRepublic say that training has increased their base salary. Those who trained during the year before the survey earned an average of $6,839, or 8.6 percent, more than… continue…

No Certification Needed for These 21 Premium Skills

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Need a raise? Here are 21 IT skills that pay a premium — anywhere from 4 to 17 percent in terms of total compensation. What makes them even more attractive: None require certification.