Unemployed? Use Your Workforce Investment Board

If you’re looking for a tech job in Silicon Valley, and want to refresh your skills or learn completely new technologies, you might want to start with one of the local workforce boards operated through federal One-Stop Centers. Many job seekers assume these programs are limited to providing basic training in manual trades, but that’s actually pretty far from the case.  Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) help with job search tools through resume instruction and makeovers, interview practice and help with… continue…

Georgia Tech Unveils $7K CS Master’s Program

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Georgia Institute of Technology is launching an online master’s degree program in computer science that’s expected to cost approximately $7,000, a staggering discount to its traditional $40,000 program, and a move that could have wide-ranging implications for not only other academic programs, but certification courses as well. “Although online courses have been around since the 1960s, the differentiation for our program is its low cost and the platform we use,” says Zvi Galil, Dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Computing.… continue…

A Hung Jury on Certifications

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When it comes to enhancing skills, the most often-asked question is about certifications: Are they worth the time and money? Do they really help you get that new job, or do hiring managers just shrug them off? Once upon a time, the right certification was a ticket to job security, but more recently the tech industry has reshaped its attitude. While some employers still require them, a growing number are giving more weight to experience. Some certifications are still in… continue…

New Certification: HP Focuses On Embedded IT

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Hewlett-Packard has created a certification, focused on skills needed to implement cross-department IT initiatives, as a way to achieve business goals. It’s another indication that technology departments — and technology staffers — are being incorporated into business units as opposed to being operations unto themselves. The Accredited Technical Associate-IT for Business certification (ATA-IT) will provide coursework and practical experience on business-driven technology initiatives. Last fall’s Business Intelligence Congress called for more real-world experiences in college curricula to prepare students for… continue…

5 Stories on Tech Degrees and Certifications

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Certifications. Advanced degrees. Do they really mean that much? In some camps, hiring managers downplay their importance in favor of experience. But others — especially during economic downturns — say advanced credentials help a candidate get their attention. And which is better to invest in — certifications or advanced degrees? Recruiters say advanced degrees usually win out. On the other hand, the time commitment and expense required for a master’s degree or doctorate far outweigh what’s needed to obtain a… continue…

Rackspace’s Academy: Training and a Job, Too?

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Cynics will say that Rackspace’s creation of Open Cloud Academy is self-serving, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help tech professionals who want to expand their skills. Rackspace, after all, is a player in the open cloud world, and offering courses based on its internal training programs looks like a logical way to share hints of the company’s thinking about its services specifically, and cloud practices in general. The six- and eight-week courses will be held at Rackspace’s headquarters in… continue…

Experience Trumps Certifications for Cloud Jobs

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If you’re a cloud engineer, architect, developer or support specialist with strong cloud computing skills, you’re in luck. Demand for professionals like you vastly exceeds supply. Some 1.2 million cloud jobs went unfilled during 2012, says Marcus Robertson, chief technical officer of True Ability, a San Antonio IT staffing company. Research firm IDC says that number is close to 1.7 million and estimates there will be as many as 7 million cloud jobs by 2015. “I have hired about 150 people… continue…

What Employers Look for in Product Managers

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A blog post last month by veteran product manager Rich Mironov examined what hiring managers actually look for in product managers. The anecdotal results aren’t pretty. Mironov’s research concludes that hiring managers think about the openings very narrowly, which means most are looking for candidates in the wrong places. They’re putting too much emphasis on technical market knowledge and not enough on what makes for a great product manager. Mironov and his researcher examined 41 job postings at American tech… continue…

What Managers Say About Cloud Certifications

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Cloud certifications and other related courses can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. While there are a number of reasons why this kind of training can boost your prospects of getting a cloud-related job, many tech professionals, including a number of Dice News users, don’t buy it. “Why bother if I’m already doing the work?” one asked in the comments to this story. Another wondered: “Do employers really expect to find the perfect candidate with the list of 20… continue…

When Do Cloud Certifications Really Matter?

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While employers struggle to fill cloud-related jobs, they’re not using certifications as a litmus test to help them identify the right candidates. While they’ll demonstrate that you have some knowledge about the skills they’re seeking, certifications aren’t a magic bullet when it comes to making a hiring decision. “Certification tells me they have knowledge of the topic, and cloud certification will help get them in the door for an interview,” says Erin Swike, director of hosting provider Bluelock’s client services.… continue…