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Bing Leads Microsoft’s Consumer Market Push

Cat Miller
Microsoft will have to invest a lot of money in the tablet, search and smartphone markets, if it’s going to regain consumer market share from Apple and Google. In fact, the company has created a team to focus on consumer strategies. Its first order of business: Build up Bing.

Blacklist Rumors Debunked, Data Scientist Salaries [DiceTV]

Do staffing firms ever blacklist IT Consultants? …Are there $140,000 salaries out there to be had by data scientists? …And are you aware that we’ve added a new Dice Talent Community? I’m Cat Miller and this is the DiceTV Update for Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

DiceTV: How to Use Your Resume to Showcase Your Potential

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The Script Traditionally, a resume focuses on a job seeker’s prior accomplishments instead of their potential, but today I’m revealing some ways to change that during a segment we like to call, “Ask Cat.” I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. So here’s the question: Dear Cat, I’ve created a resume that highlights my skills and prior work experience, but I have potential in other areas. How can I showcase all of my talents? The key is getting your resume… continue…

DiceTV: How to Find the REAL Jobs

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The Script Wow, this job offers great pay, telecommuting and doesn’t require a lot of technical experience. I wonder if it’s a real opportunity or a scam. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. First, let’s review the characteristics of a legitimate job opportunity. Genuine postings generally include a thorough job description and a specific list of technical requirements, because employers want to avoid inquiries from unqualified candidates. If you hear about the job from a reliable source like a… continue…

Set Yourself Up for Your Job Search

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Cat Miller meets Dice user Stefan Moore to answer his questions on specialization, marketing himself, and more. We did some editing of course, so here’s the list of all the questions Stefan asked, along with Cat’s answers. Is specialization a good idea or a career killer for IT professionals? It’s really a matter of preference, because specialists and generalists enjoy different career paths, pay and job security. Specialists often work as highly-paid consultants, who offer their services to many different… continue…

Make ‘New Title, No Raise’ an Advantage (Video)

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So your company wants you to take on more work, for the same money – but you’ll get a new title! Hmph. Here’s how to turn the situation to your best advantage. The Script Here’s a surprise. Employers are asking IT professionals to take on greater responsibilities and even offering them better titles, without giving them a raise. Sounds like there’s an outbreak of phantom promotions. What can you do about it? Let’s see. I’m Cat Miller and this is… continue…

DiceTV: How to Get More Money from Prospective Employers

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Although the recession officially ended in 2009, many IT professionals are still saddled with smaller paychecks. So they’re hitting the market, and Cat Miller’s sharing ways to get more money from prospective employers. continue…

DiceTV Update: Help Wanted – Data Centers, Health IT, Security

Cloud or not, there’s still demand in the data center… Just like there’s still demand in Health IT… And just like there’s still demand in security. How to take advantage of the trends, in this week’s DiceTV Update. continue…

DiceTV Update: Where to Find All Those Jobs in Information Security

Our most Recent Dice Report confirms that a lot of security jobs are out there. Postings that included security skills rose 109 percent year on year. Both the federal government and private sector companies are actively hiring. continue…

DiceTV: Why Think of Training? Job Security and Money Come to Mind

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Businesses, colleges, government agencies and even the military hire technical trainers to teach in classrooms and online. It’s hard to offshore training, so you’ll enjoy job security and could make up to $100,000 a year. continue…