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What to Do When You’re Tired of Managing

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It’s seen as a natural progression: You’ve worked your way up from coder or developer to a spot as a department manager. But it hasn’t turned out like you imagined. You’re spending most of your time managing people, not getting your hands dirty. If you’re passionate about programming, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re not as happy as you thought you’d be. So is it possible to move back to a coding or development job? Yes, says Priscilla… continue…

A Changing Job Market for Women in Gaming

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Although the gaming industry is known as a boys club, women in the business say the perception is unfair. Yes, they’re underrepresented, and yes they face discrimination, but they believe breaking into gaming may not be any more difficult than it is in any other area of tech. The big difference, says Kate Edwards, executive director of the International Game Developers Association, is that the sector remains relatively young when compared to other parts of IT. That, she speculates, may… continue…

Group Sees Need for More Art, Design in STEM

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Dream it. Code it. Win it.
In a quest to encourage creative programming, find new talent and develop more startup opportunities, an increasing number of nonprofit and for-profit organizations are funding formal coding competitions with cash prizes. The latest entry into the competitive coding scene is the nonprofit Dream it. Code it. Win it., sponsored by The MIT Club of NY, the MIT Enterprise Forum of NY and TradingScreen, Inc. The competition, which offers cash awards for the most creative applications, is for full-time students, 18… continue…

Krishna Gupta: Building Startups From the Web to Your Cup

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Krishna Gupta is a Los Angeles-based technology entrepreneur, occasional hard-rock guitarist, whiskey aficionado, real estate mensch and all around good-idea manufacturer. He has his dad to thank for his tech nerd and entrepreneurial genetic material. Before starting his own business, Gupta, Sr., was a hardware/software engineer during the pioneer days of personal computing. He was on the Sycor team that built the first microprocessor for Intel. He would bring home the latest and greatest computers, introducing Krishna to computing before… continue…

How Girls Migrate to STEM Careers

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Getting women into STEM careers has got to start somewhere and educators, as well as industry players, increasingly advocate starting them at a young age – even as early as when they enter kindergarten. The industry’s desire to hit the problem hard and early is based on the lackluster percentage of women who currently work in  computing. Women hold only 25 percent of computing jobs and the percentage interested in pursuing a STEM career dropped to 18 percent in 2010… continue…

After 30 Years in IT, One Woman Sees More to Do

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Sandra Ashworth, Unisys’s global director of channel relations and warranty, is an evangelist for women in IT. A member of CompTIA for more than 20 years, she’s currently the chair of the organization’s Advancing Women in IT Community. Ashworth’s been in the IT services industry for more than 30 years in capacities including field management, operations, vendor relations, customer service design/implementations and supply chain marketing. “I started out on an ad punch machine while I was in high school,” she… continue…

Plot Your Course to a Corner Office in 5 Easy Steps

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Ask a dozen technology executives to describe their career path and you’ll likely get 12 different stories. That’s both good and bad news. On the one hand, the ability to reach a corner office from different directions means aspiring CIOs and CTOs have a lot of options. On the other, the lack of a defined career path makes it difficult to plot your course. What to do? Try following these five steps. Step 1: Assess Your Talents, Skills and Interests… continue…

Why More IT Pros Say ‘No Thanks’ to Becoming CIO

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Want to be a CIO? You’re in the minority. Long hours, lack of prestige and company politics have more IT pros saying they don’t aspire to become CIO, according to a Computerworld survey. Only 32 percent of the 489 IT professionals polled say they are still gunning for the CIO title, while 55 percent say “no thanks.” “Being a CIO doesn’t offer the opportunity to do the cool stuff that IT people like so much to do. It’s about meetings… continue…

Brisk Departures for Telecom CEOs

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Microsoft developers may have been relieved after CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement earlier this year. And Acer America’s staff may have felt somewhat satisfied after CEO J.T. Wang announced his resignation in November, given their lack of faith in him. And BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins, well, he was bound to go at some point. But these tech CEOs weren’t the only ones who headed out the door in 2013. In fact, a total of 180 heads of U.S. tech… continue…

Can Mobile Move Beyond Hardware and Software?

We’ve seen smartphone and tablet specs ramp up sharply lately, with quad-core processors, gigabytes of memory, continuously evolving — even open — operating systems and ever larger physical dimensions. So the question is: What’s next? If you’ve purchased a smartphone lately, the changes are ho-hum. Developers have picked up where enhanced performance left off by introducing a steady stream of new applications and services. We seem to have an app for everything now. Yawn. Fortunately, manufacturers are breaking out of… continue…