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Angels Should Mentor, Not Just Provide Cash

Tech entrepreneurs need mentors. No one questions that. But few consider the idea that angel investors – in addition to providing money – can offer coaching and advice. According to Brian S. Cohen, chairman of New York Angels and co-author of What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know: An Insider Reveals How to Get Smart Funding for Your Billion Dollar Idea,” entrepreneurs should seek out angels who can provide tech and business expertise. Having been both an entrepreneur and… continue…

Startups Can Be Quick to Fire New Employees

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If you are considering a job offer from a startup, think twice. Why? Because startup companies may not give a second thought when it comes to firing you. As The Wall Street Journal says, “[Startups] are reinventing the way companies work: Firing people before the ink is dry on their employment contracts.” Joining a startup is filled with risk. The biggest and most obvious is the fact that most don’t survive long enough to make anyone rich. Less obvious to… continue…

IT Job Hunting at 50: Stress Value of Your Experience

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As an older worker, it’s easy to go off recalling the “old days” and how things have – or haven’t — changed. “I remember a really fun interview a few years ago with a software developer I had worked with way back in the IBM 3090 timesharing days,” says Colleen Aylward, president of executive career and job search firm Devon James Associates. “’Remember?’ he said.  ‘Back then, the 3090 was the Cloud. And then we empowered users to actually have… continue…

Discussion: Should I Jump to a Startup?

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A Dice News reader asks: I’ve spent my entire career in the corporate world, but there’s an interesting startup I’d like to work for. How can I decide whether to make the jump? The answer, of course, depends on how you feel about your own situation and the company’s prospects. Ask yourself these questions: How will this move impact my career? If you’re a well-connected professional with highly marketable skills, then you may have little to lose — and possibly… continue…

The Basics of Spotting Financial Red Flags

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Before you take a job, you want to spend as much time checking out your prospective employer as they’ve spent checking out you. Among the most important things to look at is the company’s financial health. After all, if business is falling its need for staff may not be far behind. But even if you’ve been at a company for years, it’s good to know how you can spot business problems before they become a crisis. So what are the… continue…

5 Reasons Engineering Teams Need More Women

While some companies have made inroads when it comes to increasing the number of women on their engineering teams, a large number of them – especially those with teams of over 100 people — haven’t. At some businesses, there’s still a feeling that it doesn’t really matter whether or not a team is diverse. Here’s some reasons those firms may want to reconsider. Women bring diversity, and diversity helps generate new ideas for solving problems. Especially with products geared toward… continue…

How OSU Medical Center’s CIO Got Her Job

A system to track dog licenses at the Franklin County Auditor’s Office in Columbus, Ohio, set Phyllis Teater on a path to her current position as CIO of Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. Teater was a clerk in the auditor’s office — having left Purdue University two years earlier — still undecided about what she really wanted to do with her life. Younger than other members of her team, she was the one sent to talk to IT about… continue…

VC Associates: Your Path to the Partners

If you’re hoping to get venture funding for your startup, one of your first contacts may be an associate, like Matthew Goldstein of Trinity Ventures in Menlo Park. While you’re probably thinking mostly about a firm’s partners, getting to know an associate like him could be a key to landing the funding you want. Goldstein is one of two associates who form Trinity’s team along with eight partners. The firm focuses on two kinds of technology investments: Its consumer practice… continue…

5 Tips for Startup Success, and 1 for Failure

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Today’s startups have access to powerful tools unheard of only a few years ago. Yet at the same time, some parts of the entrepreneur’s life have remained constant. That’s one of the things we discovered during a series of conversations we had with successful entrepreneurs who shared some of their advice for those just starting out. Think Kickstarter “Kickstarter has changed everything” for would-be entrepreneurs, says tech legend Philippe Kahn. The inventor of the camera phone and founder of software… continue…

Why Male Mentors Can Benefit Women in Tech

No one questions the value of female mentors for women in technology. Their career moves and personal perspective are needed to inspire and educate the relatively small number of women in the sector. But many women don’t realize that having a male mentor can be valuable, as well. For close to a decade, the number of women in IT has stagnated, remaining at a quarter of the technology workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That compares to the… continue…