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No Experience? You Can Still Get the Job

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You hear about it a lot: Employers want job seekers who have the right experience, but you can’t get the experience if someone doesn’t hire you for the right job. In this week’s Dice News Hangout, Sharadon Smith of the Nova Job Center in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Dice Software Engineering Community Guide Catherine Powell look at how both job seekers fresh out of college and those trying to change their career path can break the cycle.

How Failure Can Advance Your Tech Career

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When he came on as a software architect at Zappos, one of Christopher Weiss’s first tasks was to start moving the Perl code base to a service-oriented architecture built on Java. When the first piece went live, he discovered he’d configured it with only two database connections — a massive error for a website that takes hundreds of hits per second. The site crashed. Luckily, the team was able to flip it back and the outage lasted only about five… continue…

When’s the Right Time to Join a Startup?

Imagine for a moment that you’re among the most fortunate people in the world: Four promising startups have offered you a job, each company at a different stage of its evolution. You have to choose one as the next step in your career path. But, which one? The Companies: Company 1’s founder has money from friends and family, and a good idea. You aren’t being brought in as a co-founder, but as employee No. 2 you can play a major… continue…

How Tech Entrepreneurs Avoid Risk

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By Lorne Epstein How many times have you had a great business idea and done nothing about it? If you’re like me, many. I’ve started companies, so why do I hesitate? Because failed businesses cost money, time and can hurt your reputation. I always thought entrepreneurs — myself included — were crazy when they made the leap to a new venture. I changed my mind after speaking with Ric Fleisher, co-founder of roadside-assistance platform, and TJ Radtke, CEO of… continue…

5 Tips for Women to Get Ahead in Tech

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Women engineers who are eyeing the CTO’s office face a number of challenges as they make their way up the ladder. But despite having to handle everything from stereotypes to biases in a male dominated environment, women can up the odds when putting these five tools to work. Identify a Mentor. Although woman engineers often seek out women mentors, the pickings can be slim in IT, given that women account for approximately 25 percent of the technology workforce. As a… continue…

Why Starting a Company is Like Falling off a Cliff

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Does the call of entrepreneurship make your current job seem boring? Are you looking for adventure? Do you seek IPO riches? Are you looking for an escape? Don’t be too quick to make the leap, warns Robert P. Strauss, professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He says today’s economy isn’t friendly to typical small businesses and the employment situation is worse. “Starting a business is a young person’s game,” Strauss believes. Mid-career workers who quit their… continue…

How Can I Find Free Technical Training?

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A member of the Dice Community asks: I work for a small company that doesn’t offer in-house training or tuition assistance and I can’t afford an expensive boot camp. I really need to upgrade my skills, can you help me find free training? Thanks. Most states offer employers some sort of funding for employee training. So volunteering to find the funds and a qualified training program may be a good first step. For example, the Tech America Foundation provides tax-payer… continue…

Job Hunting Tricks for Older Tech Workers

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Is there any place in tech for a worker over age 50? Not according to a number of once-successful professionals who lost jobs before or during the recession and now find it all-but-impossible to return to work. However, career experts and rehired workers say reentry is possible, though the rules for making it happen have changed. You may have seen the cartoon that shows one person saying to another: “We’re looking for someone with the wisdom of a 50-year-old, the… continue…

How to Cut Your Engineering Recruitment Time in Half

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Looking to hire an engineer? Aren’t we all. That’s the problem to the supply and demand equation, which is creating the engineering shortage. But Bret Reckard, a technical recruiting manager at Sequoia Capital, recently offered up some sage advice on how to cut the recruitment time in half. It comes down to employee referrals, according to a TechCrunch post by his colleague Bryan Schreier. He notes Reckard estimates that a company looking for a dozen engineers will spend roughly 1,200… continue…

3 Things to Remember When Selling Your Tech Company

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You might imagine that every tech entrepreneur is just waiting for the moment when they can cash out of their company. But if you’re selling – rather than going for the vaunted IPO – doing the deal can be a complicated process, not to mention an emotional journey. For starters, there’s setting a fair price for the venture. And, if you’ve spent years building the technology behind the company, as well as handling the nuts and bolts of running the… continue…