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5 Techniques to Increase Your Programming Productivity

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Every programmer has his or her techniques for being more productive and writing more code. Having been on a three month contract where I wrote and debugged 5,000 lines of code in two weeks, I thought I’d share some of mine. Get Into the Zone It’s not always easy to get into the zone and it often takes about an hour to get there. Research suggests that after every interruption, it takes at least 30 minutes to get back into… continue…

Are There Jobs for ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence?’

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So you want to become an entrepreneur-in-residence? Know upfront that your chances aren’t very good. And if you wonder whether you have the necessary qualifications, you almost certainly don’t. Entrepreneurs-in-residence work in both business and academia. What they do can vary a great deal, yet all have one thing in common: They’ve been involved with at least one – and usually several – successful startups. At venture capital firms, where most EIRs reside, there’s no single job description. Indeed, “EIR”… continue…

Who Me? Network? Here’s How To Without Fear

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Networking is particularly tough for introverts, people who dread the idea of circulating at an event for the purpose of talking to strangers. But it can be done, and by using a few tricks you can have productive conversations with a minimum of strain. On this week’s Hangout, Lynne Goldman and Susan Morris of Pennsylvania-based Merit Career Development take a look at how the introverted among us can create a strategy for talking to people in ways that can build… continue…

9 Points to Weigh Ahead of Your Next BA Role

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There’s a strong demand for business analysts out there, which means you could find yourself in the sweet spot of having a number of opportunities to pick from. If you do, don’t jump too fast. Take the time to consider these points as you evaluate your offers. Remember, it’s as important for you to be comfortable with your employer as they are with you. So when you’re searching for your next job, take a look at: The company’s recruiting process,… continue…

How to Break In as a Game Developer

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For freshly graduated programmers and developers, finding your first job in gaming can be a challenge. You can do it, though, if you’ve got the right mix of hard and soft skills, industry knowledge and experience from creating a game or two on your own. Indeed, if you can show off a polished game, you’ve got a much better chance of snagging a spot, says Holly Liu, co-founder and chief of staff at Kabam, a San Francisco-based interactive entertainment company… continue…

How to Find Jobs That Boost Your Entire Career

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Recruiters and others in the biz of HR often talk about “the war for talent.” It is a term originating from Steven Hankin of McKinsey & Company in 1997 and a book by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones and Beth Axelrod. To quote Wikipedia, “…war for talent refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees.” The question I pose to you is, “How talented are you?” Sure, you could point to your resume and what you achieved.… continue…

These Are the Basic Skills of a Web Designer

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Christina Smith is a Connecticut-based Web developer who creates arresting online visuals including logos, photos and website look and feel. (She also dabbles in cake design). She got her Bachelor of Science in digital media from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., in 2007 and shortly after landed a job as a graphic designer for the New Jersey design and development company HG Media, eventually becoming its lead designer. Currently, she’s a senior designer at the full service marketing agency Smartfish Group… continue…

Should This Contractor Have Quit Apple?

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Letter of Resignation
Mobile designer Jordan Price thought he’d scored his dream job when he was hired as a design contractor at Apple. He viewed the job as a resume-builder, worthwhile even if he was making less money than he had in previous gigs and had to endure a rigid work schedule and long commute. But, as he describes in a blog post on Apple Daily, trouble soon emerged in paradise in the form of passive-aggressive boss and an unbendable culture. (He) had… continue…

Here’s a Smart Way to Switch Jobs Inside Your Company

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Moving Jobs
In the changing landscape of IT, you need to take a proactive look at your current position to see if it will exist in a year or two. Of course you can’t know for sure if it will, but you – more than anyone else – understand just how busy you are, or will be if the landscape shifts. For example, if your company switched operating systems, or moved to a thin client, or adopted Google Docs, would you still… continue…

4 Signs You’re Being Pushed Out of Your Company

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Being Excluded
How do you know when the end of your job is near — when the company you used to love, and may still, is pushing you out the door? Every case is different, of course, but experts say there are some common signs to look out for. The most-cited is when you find yourself shunted away from critical path projects. While it may not be happening because someone’s trying to point you to the door, if it goes on too… continue…