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You’re a Knight, Not a Bishop (Moving From Job to Job)

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Like a savvy chess player, The Career Playbook suggests that you should be thinking several moves ahead with regard to your career. And while you would certainly like to have the moves of the queen or the importance of the king, you want to make sure to avoid being treated like a pawn. To extend the chess metaphor, many people think about their career moves like a bishop, moving diagonally ever upward, getting promoted steadily into positions of increasing responsibility. This is… continue…

Prepared for Continuous Background Screening?

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Even if you passed your pre-hire background check with flying colors, you may not be out of the proverbial woods. A growing number of employers are performing periodic background checks or so-called “infinity” screening on current employees. The ongoing scrutiny of your criminal activity, credit report and social media posts could have a major impact on your career. “There’s no limit on the type of background checks employers can run on current employees as long as they have a signed… continue…

The Hardest Way to Avoid Burnout

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Whether you’re grinding through 80-hour weeks in order to get your startup off the ground, or just trying to get through the workday at a major corporation, you run the risk of burnout unless you figure out how to best manage your energy. What’s the trick to avoiding burnout? Most experts recommend getting exercise—no matter how busy you are—and scheduling breaks, even in the middle of a startup “death march.” Eliminating stressors is also key; for example, learning how to… continue…

Do You Have Enough Emotional Intelligence?

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Everybody needs some degree of so-called “soft skills” in order to navigate the modern professional world. But how do you know whether you’re actually engaging in the self-awareness and empathy necessary for optimum collaboration with colleagues and clients? Over at the Harvard Business Review, career coach Muriel Maignan Wilkins has a breakdown of the signs that somebody needs to work on boosting his or her “emotional intelligence”: “You often feel like others don’t get the point and it makes you… continue…

How to Identify the Skills You Need to Advance

Whether you’re gunning for a promotion to project manager, or just want to expand the scope of your current role, you’ll likely need to master a collection of new skills in order to advance your career to the next level. The hard part is figuring out which skills will take you where you need to go. Yes, you might spot some of the required technical skills by studying job postings for your desired position—but even the most detailed job posting… continue…

Getting Off the Career Plateau

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The signs can vary: Perhaps you haven’t been promoted in years, or the projects you’ve been assigned aren’t on the cutting edge. Maybe your boss never seems to make time for you, or you don’t hear much from recruiters anymore. Feeling as if your once-shining career has dulled is disconcerting; and despite what some people might think, it can happen to anyone. Pulling yourself out of the doldrums requires you to look at the realities you face in your company,… continue…

Will Your Next Employer Advance Your Career?

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A lack of career progression is the No. 1 reason why people quit their jobs, according to a list of deal-breakers compiled last year by BambooHR. Poor work-life balance came in second, with pay dissatisfaction the third-leading cause of worker defections. If these complaints sound familiar, you may already be seeking greener pastures. But how can you tell if your advancement and earning potential will be any better at another company? Here are four ways to investigate your chances of… continue…

Why You Should Run Your Career Like a Startup

Times are good in today’s technology job market. The IT unemployment rate is hovering below 3 percent and employers are scrambling to find developers and engineers. But that doesn’t mean a successful career is a foregone conclusion. Even in heady times, corporate needs evolve, the skills in demand change and some industries lose favor among consumers while new ones gain prominence. Business moves fast, and employer loyalty has all but vanished. “In today’s job market, nobody’s going to take care… continue…

How I Made the Leap to IT Security

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Fifteen years ago, the landscape of IT was so fluid you could almost pick your specialty and start working. The need for computer engineers was so great, that anyone with some ambition could go far reasonably fast. Document services specialists—who type for a living—were moving into application deployment. A night security guard who spent his time studying Novell became a certified Novell administrator. I worked in a copy center in a small law firm and became their network administrator literally… continue…

5 Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

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Despite what many claim is a burgeoning economy, some tech pros still struggle to find work. Those difficulties are sometimes a question of circumstance—some cities and counties simply don’t need tech workers with particular sets of skills, for example. But sometimes it’s more about the candidate needing to change habits or behaviors in order to make themselves more appealing to potential employers. With that in mind, here are five good reasons why you might have trouble getting hired… unless you… continue…