Can Chen Make a Miracle at BlackBerry?

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If a turnaround is possible at BlackBerry, John Chen, former CEO of enterprise mobility firm Sybase, is being touted as the man who can lead it. Indeed, he’s being called the type of leader the troubled smartphone vendor should have tapped when co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stepped down in late 2011. On Monday, the company said a buyout by a consortium led by hedge fund Fairfax Financial Holdings isn’t happening. Instead, Fairfax is helping put together a $1… continue…

Furloughs Ease as Defense Recalls Civilian Workers

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Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors have begun scaling back or cancelling their plans to furlough employees after the Department of Defense brought a large number of its civilian employees back to work. Over the weekend Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said he was recalling most of the department’s civilians who’d been placed on emergency furloughs. The recalls are to begin this week for workers who contribute to the “morale, well-being, capabilities and readiness of service members.” The Pentagon is recalling… continue…

Shutdown Forces Lockheed to Furlough 3,000 Monday

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Lockheed Martin has identified 3,000 employees who will be furloughed beginning Monday as a result of the federal government shutdown, according to an internal memo from CEO Marillyn Hewson. In addition to the furloughed employees, Lockheed is planning to lay off workers who were assigned to projects where a contract has ended and its follow-up agreements cancelled due to the shutdown, a Lockheed source, who requested anonymity,  told Dice News. No figures were immediately available on the number of possible… continue…

Why I Stopped Playing Candy Crush Saga

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Ramin Shokrizade’s article in GamaSutra on the top F2P monetization tricks was the reason I quit King’s Candy Crush Saga in July after playing it nearly every day since January. I’d got up to about level 133, not even half way through the 300+ levels the game offers, but had struggled a lot on some of the ones I’d recently hit. I’m not quite the target demographic (80 percent of Candy Crush Saga players are women) but I’ve always enjoyed… continue…

Twitter Begins Awarding Stock Options

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Twitter reportedly began handing out stock options to key employees over the past two weeks, a maneuver likely designed to keep them in place. According to AllThingsD, Twitter began awarding the grants not only to executives, but also valued individual contributors. With its IPO intentions filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, employees who have been with the seven-year-old company for more than four years are the most likely to bolt after it goes public and its lock-up period expires,… continue…

Cable TV Keeps Losing Ground to New Alternatives

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As I worked in the video delivery industry for 15 years and spent nearly two of them at Comcast, three recent news items caught my attention. First, was the introduction of Google’s Chromecast. This was followed by Comcast announcing outstanding quarterly results. Finally, Time Warner Cable could not come to an agreement with CBS over broadcast fees. So, TWC dropped CBS from their channel line up. These three items define the past, present, and future of the video delivery industry… continue…

Google’s Buying a Lot of Valley Real Estate

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In what is described as the largest Silicon Valley office space deal of 2013, Google has leased 500,000 square feet in Mountain View, near the company’s Googleplex headquarters. Under local government rules, the new space could house up to 2,500 workers. When it comes to Silicon Valley real estate, Google is nearly as dominant as it is in search. The company already has plans for a separate 1 million square foot campus on the grounds of NASA’s Ames Research Center,… continue…

Chromebooks Could Work for Businesses: Analyst

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Research firm Forrester is arguing that Google’s Chromebooks deserve a serious look from businesses. continue…

Motorola Mobile Aside, Google’s Headcount Inches Up

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Google cut its workforce by 16.9 percent in the second quarter, with most of the bleeding coming from its Motorola Mobile operations and the sale of its Motorola Home business.  The news was better within the company’s core operations. At the end of the quarter, Google had 44,777 employees worldwide. In its second quarter earnings report, the company said the Motorola Mobile workforce was reduced by more than half. The unit ended the period with 4,599 employees, down nearly 54… continue…

Steve Ballmer Reorganizing Microsoft

Determined to make Microsoft more relevant, CEO Steve Ballmer is spearheading a massive internal shakeup. continue…