In Boston, Cloud and Apps Fuel a Hiring Binge

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What’s New This Quarter Well, here’s an interesting problem: Massachusetts has too many tech jobs and not enough tech pros to fill them. According to a March report from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, there are 17 open tech-related jobs for every qualified recent graduate. From 2010 to 2013, Massachusetts technology companies created about 17,650 new jobs, leading to a statewide total of 214,650 technology jobs (up from 197,000 five years ago). Employment in the state’s information sector has surged… continue…

Boston IT Hiring Looks Strong Across Most Sectors

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What’s New This Quarter As 2015 begins, Boston is prospering across a wide range of industry sectors, and demand is high for the IT experts who will keep that growth going. “Financial services are one of the largest industries in Boston, and we’re seeing a couple of main growth areas,” said Darrin Lang, CEO of Boston-based Labur, a staffing consultancy. “Firms are investing again in their proprietary technology platforms for trading and portfolio management and are trying to become more… continue…

Boston Employers Scramble for Web Developers

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An increasing demand for Ruby on Rails skills is making it more difficult for Boston-area technology employers to hire Web developers and engineers. Exacerbating the situation is a concerted effort by many companies to keep current employees onboard. “I think what’s happened is there are a lot of people who are turning to (Ruby on Rails) as new developers trying to learn it, but as far as the folks who are more seasoned, they’re not even getting to the point… continue…

In Mass., Big Names’ Tech Hiring Puts Pressure on Small Companies

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The expansion of large tech companies in the Boston area is pressuring small businesses when it comes to hiring tech talent. Candidates attracted to the likes of Google and Facebook effectively remove themselves from what’s already a tight market, leaving lesser-known firms to scramble. “In the short run it hurts other companies to make it that much harder to hire these skilled coders,” Tim Rowe, CEO of the Cambridge Innovation Center, told the Boston Herald. “The reason they’re coming is… continue…

Tech Firms Focus on Cities In Pursuit of Younger Workers

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  Tech companies across the country are increasingly setting up shop in urban areas, driven by the need to hire younger workers who aren’t about to give up their city lifestyles. At the same time, they have to consider older professionals who don’t want the hassles of a longer commute. The move is particularly pronounced in Boston, home to a large community of colleges as well as a vibrant tech industry. You can see it in the numbers: Last year… continue…

Ericsson Has Boston Hiring Plans After Azuki Acquisition

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Telecommunications equipment and services behemoth Ericsson has acquired Boston-area mobile video software company Azuki Systems, potentially setting the stage for more IT acquisitions in the city. The Azuki acquisition marks the first Boston deal for Ericsson. Azuki Chairman and Atlas Venture Partner Chris Lynch told the Boston Business Journal that it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Ericsson snapped up another five or six area mobile and analytic companies in the next few years. Other companies that had their eyes… continue…

New Projects Spur Tech Hiring in Boston

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In analyzing Boston’s most-needed software skills this year, Ben Hicks, a partner in the Software Technology Search division of recruitment firm WinterWyman, noted larger companies seem to have begun projects after holding off since the recession. At the same time, Robert Half Technology reports that more Boston companies are planning to expand their IT staffs during the first half of 2014. “Many companies are planning for a strong start to the year and are looking for IT professionals to help… continue…

Facebook Opens Boston-Area Engineering Outpost

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Facebook has opened its fifth engineering office, this one in the tech-centric Kendall Square of Cambridge, Mass. It’s being called “the one that got away.” Though Mark Zuckerberg founded the company at Harvard, it’s taken nine years for Facebook to set up an official presence in the Bay State. A handful of Facebook employees have been working remotely from Boston, though. In a blog post, Ryan Mack, who will head the office, says that their work has included the infrastructure… continue…

The Gardening, Accordion-Playing Tech Consultant

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John Buczkowski, who hails from St. Catharines, Ont., came to Boston’s Northeastern University on a rowing scholarship. After he received both bachelors and master’s degrees in Computer Science he stuck around, eventually landing in South Boston and working for, among others, Lotus. Over the past few years, he’s built a successful consulting company with plenty of repeat business. What makes him a true geek? Aside from his computer fluency, he’s also a passionate gardener and avid accordion player. He’s played… continue…

The Sharing Economy’s New Foe: Labor

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A Boston labor strike against UberX fizzled out. But that doesn’t mean the next workforce disruption won’t succeed. continue…