Meet BlackBerry’s $2,360 Tablet

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BlackBerry is getting back into the tablet game with a $2,360 device that— Wait, what? That price wasn’t a typo: Even as the tablet market stagnates, and brands rush to price smartphones and tablets as low as possible, BlackBerry has decided to go ultra-ultra-ultra premium with its latest device. Why? Because the so-called SecuTablet is (supposedly) secure enough for a broad range of government and enterprise work. In terms of hardware, the SecuTablet is a modified Samsung Galaxy Tab S… continue…

A BlackBerry Smartwatch?

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BBM Smartwatch App
Once a king of the mobile-device scene, BlackBerry in recent years has watched helplessly as Apple’s iPhone and a growing collection of Google Android devices devastated its market-share. For many of those years, BlackBerry tried fighting fire with fire: all the popular smartphones had touch-screens, so it started releasing phones with touch-screens; other companies released tablets, so it released a tablet; and so on. Under CEO John Chen, BlackBerry has switched back to pursuing its own course, focusing on security… continue…

BlackBerry Betting That Square Will Be Hip

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To say that BlackBerry has cruised a rough road in recent years is a major understatement: Not only did the company witness its market-share decimated at the combined hands of Google and Apple, but its highest-profile attempt to reverse that decline—BlackBerry 10 OS—underperformed with businesses and consumers. In a bid to stave off total collapse, BlackBerry retrenched as a niche IT firm focused primarily on the enterprise. But the company hasn’t wholly abandoned its once-ubiquitous mobile devices: Not only has… continue…

BlackBerry CEO: We Can Save This Company

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The embattled smartphone company is pinning its hopes on enterprise services in North America, and cheap devices in developing markets. continue…

BlackBerry Suffers Another Disastrous Quarter

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As part of its turnaround effort, BlackBerry has signed a “strategic partnership” with Foxconn to manufacture new devices. continue…

BlackBerry Ejects Its C-Suite

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Federal IT Dashboard
The departure of the struggling company’s COO, CMO and CFO hints at radical things underway. continue…

The Great Tech CEO Massacre of 2013

Microsoft, Acer, and BlackBerry have all lost their leaders in recent months. Who’s next? continue…

BlackBerry Boots CEO Heins

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is out, as the company seems to abandon selling itself to the highest bidder. continue…

BlackBerry Could Break Up: Report

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According to Bloomberg, it’s looking likely that BlackBerry will be split up for parts. continue…

How to Spin a Billion-Dollar Crash-and-Burn

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There’s only so much BlackBerry executives can do in the wake of their company’s $965 million quarterly loss. continue…