Snapchat Using Its Own App to Poach Tech Pros

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If you’re Snapchat, maker of the world’s most popular disappearing-message app, how do you poach software engineers and other tech pros? By using your own app, of course. According to Forbes, Snapchat has produced a geolocation filter, accessible at Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco, that overlays images with the words, “This place driving you mad?” and a link to Snapchat’s jobs page. “They’re a unique and playful form of recruiting,” a Snapchat spokesperson told the magazine. While Uber and Snapchat… continue…

Apple Watch: The Reviews Are In

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The Apple Watch won’t appear on store shelves for another few weeks (and will go on pre-order April 10), but in the meantime the first official reviews have trickled out. What’s the word? Mixed, with a hefty dash of optimism for the device’s future. Many of those reviews—including those from The Verge and Daring Fireball—praised the device’s aesthetic, as well as the precision of its hardware engineering; whether or not you think a “smartwatch” should be square, or feature a… continue…

Meerkat and the Lessons of Imploding Apps

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For a couple days in March, the video-streaming app Meerkat seemed poised to take the tech world by storm. First it earned significant buzz at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas, which helped it rocket up the iOS charts; then its creators announced nearly $14 million in venture capital. And then the bubble popped. The pin that deflated Meerkat’s hopes and dreams was Periscope, Twitter’s own video-streaming app, which made its debut a few weeks after… continue…

The Internet of Things Just Found Your Wallet

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Ever forgotten your wallet in a coffee shop or restaurant? Now there’s a way to ensure it’ll never happen again: Woolet, which its creators bill as a “smart wallet.” (Thanks to TechCrunch for the original link.) What exactly does a “smart wallet” feature, aside from handcrafted leather, a slim profile, and hidden pockets for cards and keys? A rechargeable battery, Bluetooth support, and the ability to synchronize with a smartphone app; if you walk 20-85 feet away from your wallet,… continue…

Effective Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

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By Jim Wilson Building apps for mobile devices presents an interesting challenge because there are two dominant platforms: iOS and Android. Combined, these two platforms have a worldwide market share exceeding 90 percent, so for a mobile app to be successful, it needs to be cross-platform, supporting both. Unfortunately, from a developer’s perspective, these platforms have very little in common. When building a cross-platform app we need to balance between two opposing needs. On one side, we want to share… continue…

Facebook Offering a Way to Manage Accounts After Death

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Facebook now allows its users to choose “legacy contacts” to manage their accounts after they die. Legacy contacts will have the ability to post messages atop the deceased user’s timeline, respond to new friend requests, and update profile pictures and cover photos. In other words, if you opt to choose a legacy contact, make sure it’s someone you really trust, otherwise your digital afterlife could get hilarious and/or messy. Check out the latest social media-related jobs. “If someone chooses, they… continue…

For Mobile Apps, 2014 Was a Very Good Year

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App Annie has posted a helpful retrospective of the mobile-app ecosystem in 2014, and some of the data points are interesting. For starters, Google Play outpaced Apple’s App Store in terms of total downloads, although Apple remained well ahead with regard to total revenue generated by mobile apps. Check out the latest app-developer jobs. Second, multiple categories of apps enjoyed explosive growth, with messaging apps (WhatsApp, etc.), mobile video, travel and transportation apps leading that charge. “Super casual gaming,” as… continue…

Will Google Become Uber’s Next Big Rival?

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Google Self Driving Car
Will Google become Uber’s next big competitor? That’s what some tech pundits and bloggers are theorizing after a Bloomberg report that suggested Google is prepping its own Uber-style ride-hailing app, which will rely on self-driving cars. Click here for automotive-related jobs. Although Google’s research lab, Google X, has spent considerable time and resources developing cars that can pilot themselves thanks to high-tech sensors, Google remains tight-lipped over its broader plans for the vehicles. If the company decided to jump into… continue…

In the Mobile App Market, Few Get Mega-Rich

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Apple paid out $10 billion to third-party developers last year, industry analyst Horace Dediu wrote in a much-circulated blog posting this month. Combined with Apple’s cut of developer revenues, that’s more than Hollywood earned from the U.S. box office in 2014 (according to Dediu). Whatever the comparison, it’s clear that the app market is huge, and rapidly growing as the years pass. But as Charles Perry pointed out on the corporate blog of app-builder Metakite Software, those developer revenues aren’t… continue…

The Two Faces of Modern IT Environments

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As IT has evolved in recent years, two distinct types of application environments have emerged that require different mindsets to manage. The first class of applications, known as systems of record, consists mainly of traditional IT deployments involving, for example, finance and ERP applications that have, up unto now, traditionally run on-premise. The second class of those applications, known as systems of engagement, are generally among the first applications an organization deploys in the cloud. For more IT management jobs,… continue…