Apple Eyeing iPhone as ‘Smart Home’ Controller

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  As tech companies rush to capitalize on the so-called “Internet of Things,” many have taken an interest in the idea of a “smart home,” in which most appliances and devices are connected to the Web and each other. A new rumor suggests that Apple is planning to make the iPhone into a control for the connected home. Imagine tapping a button on your screen to control your security system, or your washer. In theory, the iPhone could signal various… continue…

Does Your Company Have a Visionary?

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Steve Jobs
Almost forty years ago, a group of young guys assembled in a California garage to build some of the first personal computers. Most of them did it for the joy of tinkering with new technology, while making a little bit of money on the side. But one saw a big commercial future for the machines on the tables before them. His name was Steve Jobs. Click here for Apple-related jobs. Behind many an international corporation stands a visionary of some… continue…

Apple’s Magic EarPods and the Dangers of Rumor Frenzy

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Secret Logo
Last week, an anonymous note on the Secret app—which is rapidly becoming the medium for Silicon Valley denizens with something juicy to spill to the world—suggested that Apple’s upcoming EarPods would feature sensors capable of detecting heart rate and blood pressure, as well as iBeacons “so they don’t get lost.” The idea of a new-and-improved Apple product equipped with biometric sensors, arguably the hot technology of the moment, sent the tech-news world into a brief tizzy. But now a Tumblr… continue…

Is Apple Doomed?

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Lost iPhone App
Apple is doomed by 2020, venture capitalist Fred Wilson told interviewer Michael Arrington at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York City. “I think they’re just too rooted to the hardware,” Wilson said. “And I think that hardware is increasingly becoming more commodity. They don’t have anything in the cloud to speak of, and the stuff they have in the cloud I think is largely not good.” He doesn’t believe that Apple thinks about the cloud—and handling data within the… continue…

Are Tablets in Decline Already?

For years, Apple CEO Tim Cook used his company’s earnings calls to tout the rising fortunes of the iPad, which he claimed would eventually overtake the market for traditional PCs. But on Apple’s April 23 earnings call, Cook spent a few minutes doing the exact opposite: pushing back against the perception that the iPad’s fortunes have turned increasingly anemic. Sales of the tablet “came in at the high end of our expectations, but we realized they were below analyst estimates,”… continue…

5 Alternatives to Office for iPad

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.15.30 AM
Microsoft finally decided to bite the (proverbial) bullet and release Office for iPad, with a catch: anyone who downloads Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for Apple’s popular tablet will need to purchase an Office 365 subscription if they want to actually edit documents. Had Microsoft released Office for iPad a few years back, it might have instantly seized a considerable portion of the tablet-productivity market. As it stands, however, “iOffice” is now something of an underdog, albeit one jacked on serious… continue…

Smartwatch Wars Kick Off with Moto 360

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Google (and Motorola) are wasting no time with this “smartwatch” trend. continue…

Is Apple Cutting iPhone 5C Price a Sign of Desperation?

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Apple first rolled out the iPhone 5C in 2013 as a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone 5S. Why cut its price again? continue…

Steve Jobs Denied Apple at Work On a Television: Report

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A new book suggests that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, contrary to earlier reports, was not working on a next-gen television set. continue…

Apple Patent Suggests Sporty Focus for “iWatch”

Apple’s invention aims to provide an accurate measure of how far and fast a person moves. continue…