Guess What Apple’s Unveiling March 9

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Apple Invite
Apple has sent out invites for a March 9 event at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center. The invite, with minimalism typical of the company, says only: “Spring forward.” Considering that the Apple Watch is slated to start shipping in April, and the time-related quip on the invitation, it’s a near certainty that Apple will use the event to unveil more about its upcoming timepiece. The bigger question: What new features and apps—if any—will Apple choose to unveil? Check out the… continue…

What Interviewing at Apple Is Like

Ever wondered what it would be like to interview for a job at Apple? Given the company’s intense secretiveness, news about the hiring process is often hard to come by. But one freelance developer, Luis Abreu, recently took to his blog to describe all he went through when Apple became interested in him for a position on its Developer Publications team. In short, it was an intensive process. “[Three] screening calls, 5 FaceTime interviews, a trip to Cupertino for 5… continue…

Want to Test iOS 9? You Might Get Your Chance

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iOS on iPad
Apple isn’t exactly a company known for its openness, so the rumors that it’ll offer a public beta program for the upcoming iOS 9 comes as a bit of a surprise. According to 9to5Mac and TechCrunch, Apple would use the program to avoid at least some of the unpleasant surprises that sometimes accompany a software release’s first days in the wild. Apple has caught some flak in recent months from users disappointed in what many perceive as the software’s increasing… continue…

Silicon Valley’s Car Dreams Could Boost Your Career

The big news in the technology world this week is Apple’s reported decision to start some sort of automobile division, staffed with some very smart people who specialize in electric batteries and other components. According to The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other sources, Apple is building an electric, possibly self-driving vehicle that could compete with Tesla, arguably the world’s premier maker of electric automobiles. Apple isn’t the only tech giant exploring the possibilities of the automotive… continue…

Is Apple Working on an ‘iCar’?

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tesla drive train
Last week, a flurry of articles and blog postings—sparked in large part by a report in the Wall Street Journal—suggested that Apple is hard at work on an electric car that will compete with Tesla’s luxury models. According to the original Journal article, the Apple project—codenamed Titan—has been underway for more than a year and involves hundreds of employees. A separate report from Reuters, which cited an anonymous source in the auto industry, suggested that Apple is scoping out production… continue…

Jony Ive: ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Designer

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Star Wars Lightsaber
Jony Ive is famous for designing the iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, but his accomplishments don’t end there: According to a new profile in The New Yorker, Ive may have also influenced the design of the lightsabers in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As the magazine puts it: Ive once sat next to [director] J. J. Abrams at a boozy dinner party in New York, and made what Abrams recalled as “very specific” suggestions about the design of… continue…

Apple iOS Devs Rejoice: App Size Limit Doubles

Apple iPhone
Apple iOS developers of the world, rejoice: the size limit for your apps has doubled, from 2GB to 4GB. According to Apple’s Developer website, “this change does not affect the cellular network delivery size limit of 100MB.” But for anyone whose apps were perilously close to the 2GB limit, you can now increase your app’s content without worrying about bumping into that previous ceiling. Check out the latest iOS-related jobs. This increase was inevitable, given the growing sophistication and size of… continue…

Apple’s Next Big iOS Feature: Stability

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Apple iPhone 6
What’s the must-have feature in Apple’s next big iOS update? Stability. According to the Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac, Apple has listened to user complaints about its mobile platform’s recent performance. Whereas the company focused on adding as many next-generation features as possible to previous iterations of iOS, that rapid evolution came at a cost: In recent weeks, the blogosphere has rumbled mightily about the bugs and sluggishness reportedly affecting iOS 8. (Those bloggers have also complained of similar issues with Mac… continue…

Tesla Poaching Apple’s Top Talent

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Tesla Interior
Apple employees are getting poached… but the chief culprit isn’t Google, or another smartphone maker like Samsung. According to a new Bloomberg report, Tesla has hired more than 150 former Apple employees to fill its various divisions, and it’s almost certainly hunting for more. Those former Apple employees designed the 17-inch control screen of Tesla’s Model S sedan; fill the car-maker’s legal and engineering teams; and handle crucial aspects of its manufacturing. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reportedly “enamored” with… continue…

Apple Watch Will Demand Special Safes, Scales

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Gold Apple Watch
Apple remains tight-lipped about how much its upcoming Apple Watches will cost, but new reports make one thing very clear: The gold-plated edition will be expensive enough to merit safes in Apple’s retail stores. According to the blog 9to5Mac, which has a solid track record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple’s moves, the safes will feature chargers so the watches can power up overnight. For Apple Watch-related jobs, click here. “Apple is also working on special weight scales for… continue…