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Demand for iPhone Skills Surges from 2011

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Even before Apple revealed the timing of the iPhone 5 launch, the demand for iPhone-related skills began to soar. In June, the number of Dice job postings seeking expertise in everything from iOS development to antenna engineering jumped 115 percent year-over-year. The need for Android and mobile app development expertise also rose at respectable rates: 56 percent for Android skills and 44 percent for mobile app development. The numbers are another indication that those with the right talents are in… continue…

Will the iPhone 5 Battery Have Enough Power?

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Apple fans are inhaling every speck of information about the soon-to-launch iPhone 5. Here’s another morsel to chew on. While most iPhone rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt, sometimes they’re backed by hard, irrefutable evidence. This report seems to be one of those. A photo of the battery, which appeared on 9to5Mac, shows a 1440 mAh model that’s only marginally better than the 1420 mAh unit that powers the iPhone 4S. If the new battery had been used… continue…

What? Another Apple iOS Device ‘Doomed to Fail?’

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iPhone 5s
With Apple’s latest product about to be finalized, I am left wondering: Will the tech pundits ever give up and simply admit that it doesn’t matter what they say, the next Apple iOS device — even if it sucks — will sell millions upon millions? No matter what legacy technology Apple makes the “mistake” of not building into the device, millions of regular users won’t care, and a third party will make an accessory that takes care of its function.… continue…

iCrime: Apple Products Spawn Alarming Rise in Gadget Thefts

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They call it “iCrime” because a recent and alarming surge in smartphone and tablet theft — particularly involving products from Apple — have made walking around with one of these devices an increasingly high-risk activity. The Wall Street Journal ran a piece this week where reporter Rolfe Winkler suffered a broken jaw after he confronted muggers who stole his girlfriend’s iPad on a subway. In Denver, a man’s pinkie was torn off when thieves ripped an Apple bag from his… continue…

Apple to Reportedly Launch iPhone 5 in September

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Apple has reportedly scheduled an event for Sept. 12, and the buzz is that’s where the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini will be unveiled. A new iPod and Nano may also make their debut. The same reports say the new iPhone and the Mini will be in stores on the 21st. The reports have analysts slicing and dicing all kinds of data to predict what Cupertino may have in store. Observers have said that Apple’s been buying components that… continue…

Apple’s iPhone 5 Has to Be Dramatic to Succeed

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iPhone 4S
The iPhone 4S is a lackluster product in the eyes of many Apple fans and industry watchers. Before its launch, the rumor mill buzzed over the possibility that it would offer drastic improvements over its predecessor, including a major redesign, LTE connectivity, a larger screen and a new home button. Despite not living up to the hype, Apple managed to sell 4 million of the phones in its first three days. Considering that the 4S wasn’t much of an upgrade —… continue…

Turn Your iPhone Into a Dive Computer With the iGills SE-35

iGills SE-35
The iGills SE-35 is the most interesting iPhone case that I’ve seen in a long time. It turns your iPhone into a fully functional dive computer capable of withstanding depths of up to 130 feet. The polycarbonate case gives divers a range of functionality that one does not find on a regular dive computer. The basic  functionality includes air, nitrox and gauge modes, automatic altitude compensation, a surface interval clock, ascent and nitrogen loading indicators, a safety stop countdown, and… continue…

Adapting to Apple

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I don’t believe I have ever ranted about a product that I have yet to see or use, but bear with me and you’ll soon see why. There is some strong evidence that the new iPhone 5 will use a smaller docking connector rather than the current 30-pin model and if that’s right, it means buying an adapter — or many if you own a number of iPhone docks for charging, music, This isn’t the first time an Apple product… continue…

Why RIM Says BlackBerry 10 Will Be Worth Waiting For

BlackBerry 10
Research In Motion’s rise and downfall has been well-documented, even more so after the it announced its less-than-stellar Q1 performance in June. Aside from the disappointing numbers, investors weren’t particularly happy with the fact that the first BlackBerry 10-powered device won’t be available in the market until next year. According to RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, he’s buying more time to deliver the most polished BlackBerry experience yet, instead of launching a half-baked product. The message Heins is trying to send is simple:… continue…

Google Now Looks Like a Better Siri

During Google I/O last week, Google quietly  announced Google Now, a promising alternative to Apple’s much-vaunted personal assistant, Siri. A lot of people fell in love with Siri when she, or it, was launched with iPhone 4S last year. As usual, Apple’s competitors scrambled to come up with an alternative, though no one has been able to match Siri in terms of accuracy. And now maybe Google as done it. From what I can see, Google Now can do more… continue…