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iPhone 5 Disconnect: Expectations vs Deliverables

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Apple’s iPhone 5 grabbed attention as one of the newest and coolest smartphones right now. But let’s talk about what users expected and what Apple delivered with this new iPhone. As the photo suggests, the new iPhone looks almost the same as the previous two versions(4 and 4S). Apple just made it a bit taller, slimmer and lighter than what we are used to. The new design is sleek and elegant and makes you feel that you are using a high-end… continue…

Finding Your Way: Mastering Android and iOS

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Mobile development is hot right now, and while most companies want developers that are strong in either Android or iOS, they seem to love those that are exposed to both. As developers, we all want to focus on the “coolest” thing that allows us to make the most money. And being human, we want the easiest route. So, where do you start, assuming your company has not already decided that for you? When I first looked at mobile I had… continue…

Apple Closes Online Store As World Waits for iPhone

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Eager to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Don’t try pushing the “Buy iPhone” button, or you’ll be sorely disappointed. At least for now. Here’s what you can expect to find on Apple’s iPhone page: Bummer. Of course, this is all likely to change in a few hours, after Apple holds its highly anticipated iPhone 5 event this morning.

Apple’s Court Date For Samsung Smartphone Ban Looms

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  It’s not been a good summer for Samsung Electronics, although they are getting ready to announce new devices during IFA 2012 in Berlin. The Korean mega-giant wasn’t able to deflect Apple’s patent infringement case and now faces a $1 billion damages claim after losing the case. But its troubles don’t stop there. On Sept. 20, a federal court is scheduled to hear Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction against eight of Samsung’s mobile devices: Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S… continue…

Google Faces Risk in Apple Secret Talks

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Apple and Google are reportedly meeting secretly to discuss their patent war over Android and iOS, says Reuters. It should come as no surprise there’s movement between the two camps, now that Google’s ally Samsung lost its Android Galaxy patent war with Apple in a U.S. District Court recently. The reported talks between Apple and Google may be one of the biggest pieces of tech news this year and could finally bring an end to this silly patent war. Larry Page… continue…

I Bequeath My Unlimited Data Plan to My Daughter, Really

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As Apple prepares to introduce the iPhone 5, I’ve begun reminiscing about a deal I struck with my 13-year-old daughter. She’s always wanted an iPhone. In fact, she’s wanted one since they came out in 2007 – when she was 8 years old. But my response was always the same: “No, you don’t need one. I know where you are every second of the day. There’s no need for a phone.” Then came middle school. That old argument didn’t hold… continue…

Apple Announces iPhone 5 Event With Sly Invitation

How good is your eyesight? Better be close to 20/20 to catch Apple’s sly iPhone 5 event announcement. Apple, which sent out invitations Tuesday to its upcoming Sept. 12 event, signaled the topic of discussion. Check out the graphic. The shadowed number 5 that lies in front of Apple’s Sept. 12 announcement is a big deal. It’s the first time Apple has chosen to disclose the name of a product days before the official release. I guess Apple CEO Tim… continue…

Will Apple-Samsung Verdict Hurt IT Job Security?

You’ve probably heard that Apple scored a hit on Samsung, last week and won a round in their ongoing epic patent battle. As for developers working, on either side, I don’t think they will be affected much. There are still huge ecosystems built around Samsung and Apple. Personally, I’m very happy with my Samsung phone. I know people who are very happy with their Apple products. Both are high quality and robust. Should developers be worried about their jobs? I… continue…

Apple Wins in Samsung Patent Case; $1 Billion+ Damages Award

The raging battle between Apple's iPhone and Google's Android
Apple scored a major victory in its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics, receiving a favorable jury verdict that calls for $1.05 billion in damages. The jury verdict, according to The Wall Street Journal, says Samsung infringed on six of Apple’s patents involving its tremendously popular iPhone and iPad. The nine-member jury, however, didn’t find Apple infringed on any of Samsung’s mobile patents, as the Korean-company alleged. What makes this case significant is the ramifications the jury verdict may have… continue…

Apple iOS Features to Excite You. Or Not

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by Natalia David So it’s that time of year when Apple pulls out the big guns — or at least allows devoted addicts to dig their teeth into the latest it has to offer. This time around, the beta version of iOS 6 is getting much attention, even if not quite as much as the iPhone 5. New iPhone or not, iOS 6 has been generating both speculation and excitement for a while now. And as its release approaches, it’s… continue…