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Apple’s Slim Bench Strength Could Lead to Trouble

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Steve Jobs and Tim Cook
Tim Cook’s juggling of Apple’s executive ranks could be a sign that the company, built around the vision and imperious leadership of co-founder Steve Jobs, is having difficulty identifying strong leaders within its own ranks. Over the past two months, CEO Tim Cook has been busy realigning his senior ranks, reportedly ousting controversial iOS head Scott Forstall and retail chief John Browlett. More recently, Internet software and services leader Richard Williamson resigned following the debacle with Apple Maps. “Apple is… continue…

Turn Your Old iPads Into Cash

iPad 4
In the midst of the tablet-buying mania in which we currently find ourselves, a question arises: Is there a viable market for tablet trade-ins? Absolutely. Whether you’re prepping for some holiday tablet purchases or are budgeting for a 2013 IT tablet spend, you may as well try to squeeze a few bucks out of the barely obsolete gadgets that suddenly aren’t good enough anymore. Perhaps the best-known trade-in site for cell phones and related devices is Gazelle, which calls itself… continue…

Swipe Glitch Spotted in iPhone 5

Screenshot iPhone scroll issue
As users become increasingly habituated to the iPhone 5, new ticks are bound to be discovered. Most recently a scrolling glitch, possibly hardware-related, has been revealed. The glitch manifests itself during repeated, rapid diagonal swiping. When two iPhone 4s units and two iPhone 5 units, one of each running iOS 6 and iOS 6.01 are being tested side by side, repeated diagonal swiping on the iPhone 4S  causes no issues, while on both iPhone 5s, the screen lags intermittently before… continue…

Android Market Share Soars

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Google is enjoying one of the best anniversary presents ever: the astonishing ascendancy of Android to the top of the smartphone OS heap, with 75 percent of worldwide market share—a feat managed in just four years. Now, three of every four smartphones sold recently runs on Android. Moreover, IDC’s release of third-quarter 2012 worldwide smartphone shipments shows that Android is still gaining on rivals iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Google’s open-source OS jumped from 57.5 percent share in the same… continue…

Why Apple Lightning Connector Crack Is Good News

ligthing apple
The word on the street is that Apple’s new Lightning connector for the iPhone has already been cracked, raising the possibility that cheap, but functional, knockoff cables will soon be a reality. A recent teardown of the Apple Lightning cable revealed the presence of what looked like an authentication chip. The chip in question was a Texas Instruments BQ2025—conspicuously absent from the company’s published datasheets. ChipWorks explained: “TI does have published datasheets on the BQ2022, BQ2023, BQ2024, and BQ2026. These… continue…

Google Said to Be Readying iOS 6 Native Maps

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A set of mysterious screen shots that surfaced on Sunday are reported to belong to an alpha version of a native Google Maps app running on an iPhone 5. If the whole Apple Maps fiasco is getting you down, take heart. If a recent rumors is to be believed, Google’s hard at work on a native version for iOS 6. According to San Francisco developer Ben Guild, the application is vector-based, features two-feature rotation to any angle, and supports the full… continue…

iPhone 5 QC Rules Add Pressure on Foxconn’s Workers

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Foxconn Assembly Line
Surprise. More tough times at Foxconn. Last week, 4,000 workers were on strike amid “strict demands on product quality without providing worker training for the corresponding skills.” On top of that, they couldn’t take vacation during the week’s long national holiday. Why? Apple’s iPhone 5 has some problems, like scuffs and scratches right of the box. Until now Apple’s never had design or quality issues on its devices. It happened this time because demand for the iPhone 5 was so… continue…

How Apple and Google Lost Their Way

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Quicksand Warning
The brouhaha over Apple’s Maps isn’t the first time the company’s been slammed over a first-generation product. At launch the iPhone 4 included a quirky antenna that resulted in a class action suit and an ultimate deal to provide purchasers with a $15 credit or free bumper case. Google was flummoxed by the very notion of customer service when it released the Nexus One, and ended direct sales after a scant five months. Apple also had MobileMe, Google had Google… continue…

Tim Cook Apologizes for Apple’s Maps App

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The World is Flat
Apple’s admitted that the Maps app in iOS 6 is, well, bad, with an apology coming from CEO Tim Cook. The Maps episode — in which Apple’s replacement for Google Apps was found to show bare patches where buildings should be, among other things — is reminiscent of the antenna signal problems discovered early on with the iPhone 4. (Steve Jobs’s early response to a user complaint: “You’re holding it wrong.”) Cupertino eventually offered each purchaser a $15 credit or… continue…

How the iPhone 5 Changes Mobile Gaming

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iPhone 5s
Apple’s new iPhone 5 beats its predecessor in almost every way. With a 4-inch display, it’s the first of the line to depart from the conventional 3.5-inch screen size, and the first iOS device to sport a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Sure, that’s nothing to shout about. High-end Androids have had rocking 720p displays for quite some time. But to the iOS app ecosystem, this is a big deal. The iPhone 5 ushers in a new era of widescreen iOS apps and… continue…