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Apple’s Next iPhone Coming Sept. 9: Reports

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Apple will launch the next iPhone on Sept. 9, according to Re/code.  The Wall Street Journal also confirmed that date, citing an unnamed “person familiar with the matter.” Whenever Apple’s launched an iPhone, the devices have typically gone on sale a few days after the announcement. Click here to find iOS-related jobs. Rumors have circulated for months that Apple would release one or two new iPhones in the autumn time frame, with much of that scuttlebutt suggesting that the company… continue…

Yes, The iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Jeopardizes Privacy. So What?

Apple’s decision to include a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S and presumably the next generation iPad, has been met with a certain level of righteous indignation from privacy advocates. If the phone stores your fingerprint, then it doesn’t take much of a leap to figure out that it could send your fingerprint to any law enforcement or intelligence agency with an appropriate loosely worded subpoena. Fingerprinting is for criminals – I am not one, ergo the government has no… continue…

Apple May Be Close to Solar-Powered Mobile

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Apple is reportedly looking for thin film engineers with experience in the solar industry, signaling an interest in further extending the life of its mobile devices via solar power. According to a report on, Apple is focused on engineers from either the solar or semiconductor industries. Given that a job posting for the title cites desired qualifications such as working with Asian suppliers, experience in solar manufacturing and “a deep understanding of the vendors, equipment and technologies in the… continue…

Think Different: What a New iPhone Needs to Be

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As has become typical, numerous rumors are circulating about a new Apple iPhone and a new version of iOS, which isn’t surprising since June and the World Wide Developer Conference are looming. Since speculating about Apple’s plans has become a popular sport — even if Tim Cook says nothing new’s going to hit the stores until fall — I’d like to join the fun. The consensus seems to be that an iOS 7 release will coincide with the launch of… continue…

Where the iPhone 5 Kicks the Mars Rover’s Butt

Martian Landscape
Giving the Mars Rover Curiosity the brains she needs to operate took 5 million lines of code. And while the Mars Science Laboratory team froze the code a year before the roaming laboratory landed on Aug. 5, they kept sending software updates to the spacecraft during its 253-day, 352 million-mile flight. The rover’s mission is to gather and analyze the Martian landscape for signs of microscopic evidence that life may have once existed there. Right now, she’s preparing to drill… continue…

Is the iWatch Meant to Be the Smartphone Killer?

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Could Apple’s rumored smartwatch — dubbed the iWatch, of course — push smartphones into the backseat of the mobile market? Jay Yarrow at BusinessInsider thinks it might. “Just as the smartphone killed the flip phone, and the iPad is killing the traditional PC, something is going to come along and kill the smartphone,” he writes. I’m not convinced, at least about the smartwatch. But I do think the notion of smartphones disappearing being replaced by a technology that’s more capable… continue…

Good News, Bad News About Tim Cook’s Apple

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has led the company along the path to both Steve Jobs-worthy products and a $488 billion valuation, more than Google’s and Microsoft’s combined. He got enough notice to nearly beat out Barack Obama to be Time’s person of the year. Despite all that, life in Cupertino’s executive offices may not be as sunny as you’d think. “Cook’s record hasn’t been flawless,” observed Time’s Lev Grossman, “but he has presided in a masterly way over both a… continue…

Why I Picked an iPhone 5 Over the Nexus 4

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Nexus 4
The time has finally come for me to replace my ancient iPhone 3GS. There have been several exciting new devices announced in the past few months, and I’ve been able to narrow down my choices to the Apple iPhone 5 and the Google Nexus 4. Since I’m upgrading from a 2009 smartphone, either one of these devices would be a massive improvement in every way imaginable. The iPhone 5 may be an obvious choice for me. I’ve invested considerably in… continue…

Did Fried Brain Cells Bag John McAfee?

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How is it possible that John McAfee–John McAfee, the pioneer in protection against hacking, for goodness sake–was tracked down in Guatemala by a hack so simple it doesn’t really deserve to be called a hack? First, Vice magazine posted a picture of McAfee snapped by an iPhone-bearing staffer who was visiting the fugitive. Then, the enterprising Twitter user Simple Nomad downloaded the photo and extracted the metadata from special headers, EXIF tags, embedded in most digital images. Based on longitude… continue…

4 Reasons Kids Want iHolidays

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Nielsen just released the results of a survey that reveals what a lot of us already know: Kids want Apple products this holiday season. The company also appears to have a lock on sales into the future as well. Apple products are the preferred gift for the elementary school set, ages six to 12, and slightly less requested by kids ages 13 and up. Four out of the five most wanted gifts overall are Apple products: iPad, iPod Touch, iPad… continue…