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iPhone 5 Display Makes iOS Apps ‘Gorgeous’

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Cat Miller
The iPhone 5 ushers in the era of widescreen iOS apps and games. It’s not just about seeing more content on the screen. It means that optimized apps will look gorgeous on widescreen televisions. And think of what that means for games. Images: Bigstock

Microsoft Takes Surface Orders; Apple Hints iPad Mini Launch

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s ready to take pre-orders for its Surface and, perhaps more importantly, announced pricing for the Windows 8 RT  versions. Coincidentally I’m sure, Apple sent invitations yesterday to an event that’s speculated to include the iPad Mini’s unveiling. Surface Orders Since in the short term only the RT Surface will be available, I’m betting that at least pricing for the Windows Pro version will be revealed at the Windows 8 release on October 26. In terms of pre-ordering, you’ve got… continue…

Can Google’s New Nexus Face Down the iPad?

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Nexus 7
Will the new Nexus tablet take on the iPad? Google and Samsung certainly hope so. They’ve partnered to develop the next generation of Nexus tablet, which will come with a 10-inch screen and the kind of high-end innards that befit a top-of-the-line device.  It will also feature a 2,560 x 1,600 display, besting the Retina display/pixel density of the iPad. Despite Android OEMs’ efforts to change the status quo, the 10-inch, high-end tablet market remains dominated by Apple. Hardware innovation and… continue…

New: the Dice iOS Talent Community

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Dice iOS Talent Community
With the need for iOS developers jumping, there’s a need for a place that offers ideas on how to develop the skills to address that demand, or stay ahead of the curve if your already immersed in creating products or services for Apple’s devices. Now we have one: The Dice iOS Talent Community. Led by Chris Jones, who’s got a number of apps in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the community provides a place for you to ask… continue…

Apple’s iPad Mini: A New Generation of Apps?

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iPad Mini
If the relentless rumor machine is correct, Apple may soon release a 7.85-inch iPad Mini with a non-Retina resolution of 1024 x 768. Much of the 10-inch iPad’s success can be credited to the 250,000-strong iPad-optimized offerings in the App Store. The lack of those in Google Play is one reason 10-inch Android tablets are struggling to wrestle market share from Apple. Seven-inch Android tablets, like the Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire are faring better than their 10-inch cousins, in… continue…

Finding Your Way: Mastering Android and iOS

iOS and Android - Blog
Mobile development is hot right now, and while most companies want developers that are strong in either Android or iOS, they seem to love those that are exposed to both. As developers, we all want to focus on the “coolest” thing that allows us to make the most money. And being human, we want the easiest route. So, where do you start, assuming your company has not already decided that for you? When I first looked at mobile I had… continue…

Want to Transform Your iPads Into Telepresence Robots? Kinda Creepy, Kinda Cool

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I watched Star Wars and I, Robot years ago, but I never thought that a walking robot would be viable, at least not right now. Once again, I’m wrong. I’m happy to say robots are walking among us, specifically, Double Robotics’ robots. The company uses iPads with its telepresence robots, which aim to make our lives easier. Telepresence is a kind of videoconference service that is hyped as offering a more “realistic” virtual face-to-face meeting. But really, how realistic is it yammering… continue…

Will Apple-Samsung Verdict Hurt IT Job Security?

You’ve probably heard that Apple scored a hit on Samsung, last week and won a round in their ongoing epic patent battle. As for developers working, on either side, I don’t think they will be affected much. There are still huge ecosystems built around Samsung and Apple. Personally, I’m very happy with my Samsung phone. I know people who are very happy with their Apple products. Both are high quality and robust. Should developers be worried about their jobs? I… continue…

Apple Wins in Samsung Patent Case; $1 Billion+ Damages Award

The raging battle between Apple's iPhone and Google's Android
Apple scored a major victory in its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics, receiving a favorable jury verdict that calls for $1.05 billion in damages. The jury verdict, according to The Wall Street Journal, says Samsung infringed on six of Apple’s patents involving its tremendously popular iPhone and iPad. The nine-member jury, however, didn’t find Apple infringed on any of Samsung’s mobile patents, as the Korean-company alleged. What makes this case significant is the ramifications the jury verdict may have… continue…

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Easier to Fix Than iPad

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Samsung Galaxy Note
When it comes to repairing, maintaining and upgrading Apple products, things have gotten progressively more difficult over the last few years. You deal with tricky screws to remove cases, and delicate ribbons that are complicated to fit make removing components a considered risk. Some Apple fans would have you believe that easy repairs are the sacrifice required in order to achieve the super-thin form factor of modern Apple products – which makes iFixit’s teardown of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 very,… continue…