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Apple’s New iPads Face a Challenging Market

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Apple iPad
Apple has kicked off production on its next generation of iPads, according to a new report from Bloomberg. In addition to a new version of the full-sized iPad, Apple reportedly has a refresh of the 7.9-inch iPad Mini in the works. Bloomberg’s anonymous sources believe the devices will arrive on store shelves by the end of 2014, where they will join a new iPhone (which Apple could unveil Sept. 9) and the long-rumored “iWatch.” Click here to find iOS-developer jobs.… continue…

Here’s Why IT Shouldn’t Write Off Windows 8

Windows 8 Desktop
Back in October I speculated that the enterprise will have to support Windows 8 whether it wants to or not. If anything, the plain old consumerization of IT will force technology departments to integrate it into employee preferences with corporate solutions. At the time, there wasn’t a clear consensus on the what value Windows 8 would add to the enterprise and no one had yet seen the Microsoft Surface Pro, but now things are a lot different. Many of us… continue…

Good News, Bad News About Tim Cook’s Apple

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has led the company along the path to both Steve Jobs-worthy products and a $488 billion valuation, more than Google’s and Microsoft’s combined. He got enough notice to nearly beat out Barack Obama to be Time’s person of the year. Despite all that, life in Cupertino’s executive offices may not be as sunny as you’d think. “Cook’s record hasn’t been flawless,” observed Time’s Lev Grossman, “but he has presided in a masterly way over both a… continue…

4 Reasons Kids Want iHolidays

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Nielsen just released the results of a survey that reveals what a lot of us already know: Kids want Apple products this holiday season. The company also appears to have a lock on sales into the future as well. Apple products are the preferred gift for the elementary school set, ages six to 12, and slightly less requested by kids ages 13 and up. Four out of the five most wanted gifts overall are Apple products: iPad, iPod Touch, iPad… continue…

Turn Your Old iPads Into Cash

iPad 4
In the midst of the tablet-buying mania in which we currently find ourselves, a question arises: Is there a viable market for tablet trade-ins? Absolutely. Whether you’re prepping for some holiday tablet purchases or are budgeting for a 2013 IT tablet spend, you may as well try to squeeze a few bucks out of the barely obsolete gadgets that suddenly aren’t good enough anymore. Perhaps the best-known trade-in site for cell phones and related devices is Gazelle, which calls itself… continue…

iPad Mini Carries a Premium, Yet Justified, Price Tag

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Apple announced a whole range of refreshed products in its special event last week. The impossibly thin iMac is arguably the most impressive of all, but the iPad mini, the cheapest among all the announced products, caught the most attention from journalists and the public alike. The reason was unveiled in the event itself: Apple sold over 100 million iPads since the first version was announced, and due to its much lower prices, it reaches more customers than the iMac… continue…

New iPad Meet… The New iPad!

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iPad 4
Forget about “the New iPad.” Meet… the new iPad! Aren’t you excited that the iPad 3 you bought a mere six months ago is now obsolete? What on Earth is Apple Thinking? Nothing could be more confusing and surprising than Apple’s oddly timed release of the iPad 4 and its throwing the iPad 3 under the bus. Except perhaps the inexplicable, continued availability of the iPad 2. There’s a lot of the fuss about the iPad 4′s Lightning port, as… continue…

Parents Prepare: Your Kids Want an iPad Mini

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Battering Ram
If you’re a sucker for buying your kids almost anything in the name of education, be prepared to defend yourself against the iPad mini. And do it now, because the timing for your offsprings’ assault couldn’t be better: Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, isn’t all that far away. As a parent who sacrificed my unlimited data plan in order to avoid huge data bills from my data-hogging teenager — in other… continue…

What’s The Point of Apple’s iPad 2?

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iPad Lineup
Apple’s iPad 2 is still sticking around in Apple’s product lineup despite the launch of a fourth generation device along with the iPad mini. This puts the iPad 2 in an awkward position, with specifications that are less impressive than mini’s in every possible way but screen dimension. Yet it’ll sell for a higher price — $399 compared to the mini’s $329. The mini has the same processor, battery life and resolution as the iPad 2, but way better front… continue…

Will Apple’s Mini Bring iPads to the Masses?

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iPad Mini
Apple’s unveiled its highly anticipated iPad mini, offering up a 7.9-inch screen built into a device that you can hold in one hand. The iPad mini and its larger sibling, the fourth generation iPad, will ship on November 2, with pre-orders beginning this Friday. The entry-level mini, with 16GB of memory, will cost $329 for a WiFi version and $459 for Wifi and cellular. The new full-sized iPad will start at $499 for WiFi and $629 for WiFi and cellular.… continue…