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Android Fragmentation and What Google Can Do About It

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Chitika ad network’s stats on iOS 6 adoption between September 18 and October 1 should make Apple users happy. In fact, they have every right to taunt their Android friends. For right now the sad truth for Android fans is that their fragmentation persists, while Apple customers needn’t worry this will ever be an issue for them. A Little History Apple is great at building operating systems. They have a long history of creating robust products like Mac OS, originally… continue…

New: the Dice iOS Talent Community

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Dice iOS Talent Community
With the need for iOS developers jumping, there’s a need for a place that offers ideas on how to develop the skills to address that demand, or stay ahead of the curve if your already immersed in creating products or services for Apple’s devices. Now we have one: The Dice iOS Talent Community. Led by Chris Jones, who’s got a number of apps in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the community provides a place for you to ask… continue…

How Apple and Google Lost Their Way

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Quicksand Warning
The brouhaha over Apple’s Maps isn’t the first time the company’s been slammed over a first-generation product. At launch the iPhone 4 included a quirky antenna that resulted in a class action suit and an ultimate deal to provide purchasers with a $15 credit or free bumper case. Google was flummoxed by the very notion of customer service when it released the Nexus One, and ended direct sales after a scant five months. Apple also had MobileMe, Google had Google… continue…

Tim Cook Apologizes for Apple’s Maps App

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The World is Flat
Apple’s admitted that the Maps app in iOS 6 is, well, bad, with an apology coming from CEO Tim Cook. The Maps episode — in which Apple’s replacement for Google Apps was found to show bare patches where buildings should be, among other things — is reminiscent of the antenna signal problems discovered early on with the iPhone 4. (Steve Jobs’s early response to a user complaint: “You’re holding it wrong.”) Cupertino eventually offered each purchaser a $15 credit or… continue…

Apple’s Hiring to Fix iOS 6 Maps Mess

Apple’s got to fix iOS 6 Maps, and it better do it soon. The company’s wild celebration of the iPhone 5’s initial sales has been blunted by the gleeful mocking of one of iOS 6’s most important new features. There seems to be something of a consensus out there in Apple Land: To put it bluntly, its new Maps stink. What’s Cupertino’s solution? Recruit map gurus, of course, starting with experts from Google, whose maps the company discarded during their… continue…

Forget the OS: Apple and Google Care Most About Your Data

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by Natalia David Steve Jobs in his last days talked a lot about taking Google down, and Apple seems to have inherited his “Google Is Evil” sentiment. Like scornful ex-lovers, the tech giants keep going head to head. The latest move is right there in iOS 6: No more Google Maps, no more built-in YouTube. All of this is about more than simple competition. At the heart of it is data mining. Consumers, or information about them, is sold to… continue…

iOS 6 Developers, We Hear Your Pain

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iOS 6
Now that Apple’s released iOS 6, I can’t help but think of all the comments I heard from iOS developers at WWDC earlier this year. Even though they’re in great demand, developers complain that recruiters spend little time getting to know them. It would seem that everyone would be better served if recruiters spent a tad more time evaluating the resumes and personal websites of prospective candidates. It’s pretty obvious: Both the candidate and recruiter want a good match. If… continue…

How Apple’s i-Empire Doubled Demand for iOS Developers

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With anticipation for the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini running hot and heavy today and perhaps 1.5 million pre-orders queuing up, another Apple home run will increase demand for iOS developers. According to one Silicon Valley-based IT recruiter, the rush is already well underway. “When word comes that Apple is going to release a new version of iOS, we see a spike in demand. Apple released the developer version of the software update iOS 6 back in June so… continue…

Apple’s Court Date For Samsung Smartphone Ban Looms

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  It’s not been a good summer for Samsung Electronics, although they are getting ready to announce new devices during IFA 2012 in Berlin. The Korean mega-giant wasn’t able to deflect Apple’s patent infringement case and now faces a $1 billion damages claim after losing the case. But its troubles don’t stop there. On Sept. 20, a federal court is scheduled to hear Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction against eight of Samsung’s mobile devices: Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S… continue…

Apple Announces iPhone 5 Event With Sly Invitation

How good is your eyesight? Better be close to 20/20 to catch Apple’s sly iPhone 5 event announcement. Apple, which sent out invitations Tuesday to its upcoming Sept. 12 event, signaled the topic of discussion. Check out the graphic. The shadowed number 5 that lies in front of Apple’s Sept. 12 announcement is a big deal. It’s the first time Apple has chosen to disclose the name of a product days before the official release. I guess Apple CEO Tim… continue…