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Why Doesn’t Facebook’s iOS Messenger Connect With Desktops?

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Given the number of free VoiP apps available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, Facebook’s free calling feature in its iOS Messenger app may not seem groundbreaking… except for its potential to bridge calling between desktop and mobile. Note the word “potential.” If you’ve managed to keep your Facebook friend list limited to actual friends, you’ll avoid the app’s one hideous drawback: Adding anyone on Facebook has become equivalent to exchanging phone numbers. The friend-happy may want to exercise… continue…

Samsung Adopts Tizen OS. Stay Calm

Samsung’s finally released its much-anticipated Tizen smartphone, a welcome development in a market dominated by just two operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Tizen’s goal is to create an open ecosystem that will be compatible with all mobile browsers. For developers, the OS offers an interesting challenge: It provides a flexible environment based on jQuery and jQuery Mobile, and its SDK will allow them to build applications by using HTML 5. As a result, experienced programmers should be able… continue…

Will the Ubuntu Phone Actually Mean Anything?

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Canonical recently rolled out plans for an Ubuntu smartphone, a year after unveiling its Ubuntu-powered TV. Over the years, the company’s done a great job of promoting Linux, and it shows in Ubuntu’s popularity. As a longtime Linux guy, I’m certainly glad to get the news that its folks are turning their attention to mobile devices. I can hardly wait to replace Android with Linux on my new Galaxy S III. Of course, this all sounds great in theory. How it… continue…

SF Conference to Focus on Business of iOS Apps

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Monday marks the start of Renaissance, a three-day San Francisco event for Apple iOS developers who want to — or already have — quit their day jobs to turn their apps into ongoing businesses. Organizer (and iOS developer) Tim Burks developed the event around topics that proved popular at his hyper-popular Silicon Valley iOS Developer Meetup, though he’s also included some that he’s personally interested in, an approach similar to the one he’s taken to the meetups. The result, he… continue…

Good News, Bad News About Tim Cook’s Apple

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has led the company along the path to both Steve Jobs-worthy products and a $488 billion valuation, more than Google’s and Microsoft’s combined. He got enough notice to nearly beat out Barack Obama to be Time’s person of the year. Despite all that, life in Cupertino’s executive offices may not be as sunny as you’d think. “Cook’s record hasn’t been flawless,” observed Time’s Lev Grossman, “but he has presided in a masterly way over both a… continue…

No Sales for Your App? Try a New Approach

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In today’s app-tastic world, Apple, Google, and now even Microsoft continue to pound the drums, inviting developers to create apps and seek their fortunes in the companies’ respective app stores, where millions of apps fly off the virtual shelves every day. Chris Jones, a Canalys VP and principal analyst, noted that most of the game companies had multiple titles generating revenue. Zynga had 15 in Apple’s list of top 300 grossing iPhone apps and nine in the Google Play store. Zombie… continue…

Google’s New Maps Shows Apple How It’s Done

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The launch of Apple Maps was not one of Cupertino’s finer moments. Fortunately for iOS users–and Apple, actually–Google’s come back into the iWorld with an iOS 6 compatible app. Aside from the revelation a few days ago that Apple Maps turns out to be a good tool for getting yourself lost in Australia, things have been quiet on the Apple-embarrassment front lately. Personally, I found the service in Japan, where I’m based, to be acceptably accurate. But it’s nowhere near… continue…

4 Reasons Kids Want iHolidays

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Nielsen just released the results of a survey that reveals what a lot of us already know: Kids want Apple products this holiday season. The company also appears to have a lock on sales into the future as well. Apple products are the preferred gift for the elementary school set, ages six to 12, and slightly less requested by kids ages 13 and up. Four out of the five most wanted gifts overall are Apple products: iPad, iPod Touch, iPad… continue…

Apple’s Slim Bench Strength Could Lead to Trouble

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Tim Cook’s juggling of Apple’s executive ranks could be a sign that the company, built around the vision and imperious leadership of co-founder Steve Jobs, is having difficulty identifying strong leaders within its own ranks. Over the past two months, CEO Tim Cook has been busy realigning his senior ranks, reportedly ousting controversial iOS head Scott Forstall and retail chief John Browlett. More recently, Internet software and services leader Richard Williamson resigned following the debacle with Apple Maps. “Apple is… continue…

iOS Meetup’s Next Topic: Facebook Developer Initiatives

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Local iOS developers have the chance to learn more about Facebook’s developer initiatives when the Silicon Valley iOS Developers Meetup visits the company’s Menlo Park offices on November 19. Besides the initiatives, Facebook representatives will discuss how developers can work with social networking giant, according to Tim Burks, the meetup’s organizer and an independent consultant and developer of iOS apps. It’s events like this that have made the group one of the more popular meetup groups in Silicon Valley. Each… continue…