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C#: Xamarin Studio – Is it Worth a Look?

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When a new programming technology comes along, it’s not always the easiest to pick up: iOS development is a case in hand. Back in July 2008, Apple opened the App Store and launched the iPhone 3G. I bought one and tried to learn to program it. There weren’t many books around and Apple’s online documentation was not the greatest, nor was Xcode, Apple’s IDE for developing software for Mac OS X and iPhone. You get a bit spoiled when you’re… continue…

The Stupification of Graphical User Interfaces

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A long time ago simply having a GUI was amazing to those that used it, or a toy to the few million Microsoft DOS users who made up the majority of computer users. But those that preferred a Command Line Interface (CLI) always crowed that they could do things far faster by typing than by using a mouse, and for a subset of them (those that could type 40+ wpm, spent ~30+ hours per week using a CLI, and could… continue…

Think Different: What a New iPhone Needs to Be

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As has become typical, numerous rumors are circulating about a new Apple iPhone and a new version of iOS, which isn’t surprising since June and the World Wide Developer Conference are looming. Since speculating about Apple’s plans has become a popular sport — even if Tim Cook says nothing new’s going to hit the stores until fall — I’d like to join the fun. The consensus seems to be that an iOS 7 release will coincide with the launch of… continue…

QA Lessons From iOS 6.1.2

iOS 6
Shortly after the release of Apple’s iOS 6.1, reports appeared about issues with iOS Mail and Microsoft Exchange mail servers. They said iOS devices were generating excessive interactions with the server, resulting in huge log files, and there was talk of reduced battery life on the iOS device. In February, Apple released iOS 6.1.2 to address the issue. It turned out the excess Exchange activity only occurred after the user accepted an exception to a recurring calendar event. It seems… continue…

Microsoft’s App Incentive Won’t Excite Many Developers

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Is Microsoft’s incentive program for app developers a sign of desperation? The software giant’s offering developers $100 for each app published in the Windows and Windows Phone stores. The cash is limited to $1,000 per store. It’s part of a campaign to take a bigger share of the market that’s overwhelmingly dominated by Apple and Google. By some estimates, there could be as many as 800,000 apps out there, but not many of them are built for Windows. There are… continue…

The Best Tools for Enterprise Mobile Dev

It’s no secret that everyone is designing software with a “mobile first” philosophy, including corporate America. As a matter of fact, the corporate world is trying to use one code base to support all mobile platforms. The good news is that several products and tools are available that allow developers to do just that, or at least get sort of close. As part of its risk-mitigation process, a large national bank recently asked me to evaluate vendors for its new… continue…

How to Sell Your iOS App Without Spending a Lot

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Apple iOS developers suffering from download envy may find a fix in Michael Sanford’s advice. Sanford, the CEO of iOS gaming company FlipSide5 and whose Touch Hockey app ranked among the top 20 downloads in the history of the iPhone, has the right credentials to give advice. “During the holidays last year, about 20 companies received roughly 80 percent of all the revenue in the App Store,” he pointed out to me. “If you weren’t part of this group, you… continue…

Why Doesn’t Facebook’s iOS Messenger Connect With Desktops?

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Given the number of free VoiP apps available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, Facebook’s free calling feature in its iOS Messenger app may not seem groundbreaking… except for its potential to bridge calling between desktop and mobile. Note the word “potential.” If you’ve managed to keep your Facebook friend list limited to actual friends, you’ll avoid the app’s one hideous drawback: Adding anyone on Facebook has become equivalent to exchanging phone numbers. The friend-happy may want to exercise… continue…

Samsung Adopts Tizen OS. Stay Calm

Samsung’s finally released its much-anticipated Tizen smartphone, a welcome development in a market dominated by just two operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Tizen’s goal is to create an open ecosystem that will be compatible with all mobile browsers. For developers, the OS offers an interesting challenge: It provides a flexible environment based on jQuery and jQuery Mobile, and its SDK will allow them to build applications by using HTML 5. As a result, experienced programmers should be able… continue…

Will the Ubuntu Phone Actually Mean Anything?

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Canonical recently rolled out plans for an Ubuntu smartphone, a year after unveiling its Ubuntu-powered TV. Over the years, the company’s done a great job of promoting Linux, and it shows in Ubuntu’s popularity. As a longtime Linux guy, I’m certainly glad to get the news that its folks are turning their attention to mobile devices. I can hardly wait to replace Android with Linux on my new Galaxy S III. Of course, this all sounds great in theory. How it… continue…