How Does Any Cloud Startup Battle AWS?

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Small cloud-infrastructure providers such as DigitalOcean rely on a mix of cheap prices and advanced features to compete with the major vendors. continue…

Amazon Offers Developers Better Cross-Platform Tools

Amazon Analytics
Amazon wants integration with its services to be easy for developers and consumers alike, so it’s enticing developers to create better cross-platform experiences by opening GameCircle, Whispersync, Analytics and in-app purchasing to new platforms. So now developers can take advantage of Amazon services on mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop apps (Mac, Windows). iOS is limited to GameCircle, Whispersync and Analytics. The hoped-for result: Developers have a stable back-end platform while Amazon consumers get a frictionless buying process. Extending Amazon’s application… continue…

Amazon Hiring at Liquavista & Lab126

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Amazon Kindle
Word on the street is that Amazon is hiring IT professionals, as it ramps up its Kindle research and development efforts. According to Good E-Reader, Amazon is working on a full color e-reader with a six-inch screen, similar to the resolution offered with its existing Kindles. Some of the positions Amazon is seeking to fill include process quality engineer, product test engineer, process development engineer, product development manager, and an Asia-based operations program manager. The new senior level positions will… continue…

These Are the Traits Amazon Likes in Tech Hires

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IT job seekers complain of the hoops they have to jump through to work at Google or Microsoft. Amazon’s not much different, though it does have its own unique set of hoops. To be a manager at the online retail giant, a person must have a certain personality profile, or at least be willing to adapt, transform and become an Amazonian, says George Packer in the New Yorker. And, according to a former Amazon employee he quotes, prospective managers need… continue…

Is the Nook Doomed?

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Barnes & Noble has reportedly laid off a number of the e-reader’s hardware engineers. continue…

Renault Offers New Use for Drones: Traffic Monitoring

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Renault’s concept car features a “flying companion” that can scan the road ahead for obstacles and traffic. continue…

Amazon’s Double Helix Acquisition Hints at Gaming Console

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With Nintendo flagging, there’s room in the console ecosystem for a new, lower-priced competitor. continue…

Amazon’s Closed Approach to Open Source Costs It Talent

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Amazon’s unwillingness to contribute to the open source projects it relies on is costing it potential talent as some tech professionals avoid the company, says the Register. Insiders describe Amazon as a “black hole” where improvements and fixes for open-source software are kept close to the vest, a policy that comes “right from the top.” Amazon contributes far less software code and research papers to open source projects than either Microsoft or Google, its main rivals. The secrecy goes so… continue…

Amazon Posted More Than 16,000 Jobs Last Year

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Amazon posted more ads for IT jobs — 16,146 in all — than anyone during 2013, according to CompTIA’s annual IT Industry Outlook report. The report’s based on numbers from Burning Glass Technologies in Boston, which analyzes online job postings from approximately 32,000 jobs sites. It eliminates duplicates, then runs analytics to mine the particular skills employers are seeking. Rounding out the top 10 were: Accenture, 14,240 job ads Deloitte, 13,077 Microsoft, 12,435 Best Buy, 10,725 IBM, 10,221 General Dynamics,… continue…

Amazon Claims No Pay-TV Service in the Works

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But The Wall Street Journal reports negotiations between retailers and entertainment companies are underway. continue…