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A community dedicated to SharePoint and Enterprise IT. Examining the ways SharePoint is being used and how it can be unleashed, we will focus on the overarching strategies and skills required. This is a community designed for the extremely broad SharePoint audience. You will find pertinent and insightful information here whether you are just interested in SharePoint or already an expert, regardless of your department or job function.

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SharePoint Is Not Dead, It Will Continue to Dominate

Not Dead Yet
Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann spoke at the 2013 Gartner Symposium on SharePoint and declared its inevitable demise. But, his assessment shows a distinct lack of understanding of what SharePoint is, what enterprise collaboration is and the fact that many companies will not go to the cloud for their content management needs. Mann’s presentation was confusing and misleading. By instructing CIOs to look to a post-SharePoint future, Mann displayed a distinct lack of foresight when it comes to collaborative solutions, SharePoint… continue…

Software, Data Skills Key to Bigger Paychecks in 2014

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Though few packages are on par with Twitter’s $10 million engineer Christopher Fry, pay is on the upswing for IT occupations, according to a Robert Half Technology salary survey. The survey projects that while salaries will rise an average 3.7 percent in 2014 across a number of sectors — accounting/finance, technology, legal, creative and administrative jobs — the positions with the highest jumps will be engineering, software development and programming. For instance, mobile applications developers and software developers will see… continue…

A Brief Intro to SharePoint’s New App Model

SharePoint App Store
One of the most significant new features of SharePoint 2013 is the introduction of the App Model. We are all familiar with the App Model from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. An online store where users can purchase and install an app that will help enhance a device (like a smartphone) or a platform (like SharePoint). This new SharePoint functionality is redefining how companies procure, develop and distribute customized solutions. Every company will have the ability to expose the… continue…

SharePoint as an Architecture Repository

Over the past decade, enterprise architecture as a practice has gained quite a bit of traction. Where EA hasn’t taken root yet, solution architecture is often practiced. One of the biggest challenges to the adoption of any type of IT architecture practice or department is the ability to integrate it into the larger solutions lifecycle of any given organization. This is typically a challenge because: The culture of the organization isn’t sure about the value proposition for architecture. The working… continue…

The Environments Needed for Smart SharePoint Development

SharePoint 2013
What environments SharePoint developers utilize as a part of their solution delivery life-cycle is crucial. The model outlined below is meant to empower the developer to the greatest extent possible, while also safeguarding SharePoint. Every month, more enterprises begin using this approach. The Development Environment The Development environment should have only one server, even if your production SharePoint farm has multiple servers. The reason for this is simple: Visual Studio does not play nice when debugging a multiple-server farm. If… continue…