Be Careful With That Referral

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When a job opens up in your company, it’s natural to want to refer a friend or former colleague. But when you do, you’re putting your own credibility on the line, and that can have all sorts of ramifications for your own relationships and work. So before you make an introduction, do your own due diligence to make sure the person is qualified for the position, and will fit with your company’s culture. No matter how well you know the… continue…

Apple Pledging $50 Million Toward Diversity

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In 2014, Apple unveiled a diversity report that sent CEO Tim Cook into a very public display of angst. “I’m not satisfied with the numbers,” he said, after Apple’s own internal data revealed that the company was 80 percent male and 54 percent white. Now Apple will partner with a handful of nonprofits to increase diversity in the tech industry as a whole. Under the terms of the new agreements, the National Center for Women and Information Technology, the Thurgood… continue…

Dealing With Salary Requests Before the Job Offer

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You’ve probably dealt with it before: You sit down for a job interview, and the interviewer asks how much you expect to be paid. At those moments, you should resist the urge to say, “A million-billion dollars.” All joking aside, a potential employer asking you for a salary number ahead of a job offer can create significant problems. If you state a figure that’s too high, you may sink your chances of landing the job; if you lowball yourself, you… continue…

Would You Spend $10,000 on a Smartwatch?

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Apple Watch
Everybody expected the Apple Watch to cost a premium over the smartwatches already on the market, but some people probably still gasped aloud when the company revealed that the 18-karat gold “Apple Watch Edition” will retail for $10,000 and up. People will pay five figures for something of necessary utility, such as a car or medical care; if they have the money, they’ll even spend that amount on something they expect to last decades, if not generations, such as a… continue…

Can Boot Camps Really Boost Tech Employment?

Earlier this week, the White House unveiled an ambitious plan to train and employ millions of tech pros in 21 regions across the United States. Carrying out the plan—dubbed “TechHire”—will depend heavily on coding boot camps and accelerated training programs, which (at least in theory) will make candidates technically proficient in weeks or months rather than years. In addition, a number of big-name tech companies such as Facebook have pledged to take on certain candidates as interns, for on-the-job training.… continue…

Linus Torvalds Was (Sorta) Wrong About C++

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With all the new (and new-ish) languages out there, you might wonder why it’s still worth learning C++, a language first invented in 1983. Wedged amidst lower-level languages such as C, C++ went through a spike in popularity in the mid-‘90s, when developers realized it was easily translatable to assembly language; but today’s higher-level languages abstract the processor even further away. C++ has a lot in common with its parent, C; but C++ does a good bit more behind the… continue…

The White House’s New Plan for Hiring Tech Pros

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If you’re a tech pro—or aspire to become one—President Obama wants to find you a job. The White House has announced the “TechHire initiative,” which will supposedly fill jobs in everything from software development and network administration to cybersecurity. In order to fill those jobs, the initiative will offer a combination of investment and job placement, with a focus on underserved communities. Here’s the proposal: $100 Million in ‘Federal Investments’ That money will go to training and recruiting workers for… continue…

Best Programming Languages for Linux Devs

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Ask any knowledgeable developer to name the first programming language they would associate with Linux, and he or she would likely answer C, given the closely aligned history of Unix and C. But in the 24 years since it first appeared, Linux has probably been home to every programming language known to humankind: Not just obvious languages such as C, C++, Python and Java but also C# (Mono), Fortran, Pascal, COBOL and Lisp and many more. Check out the latest… continue…

Apple Watch Launch: What to Expect

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Apple Watch
Apple plans on revealing more details about its long-anticipated Apple Watch at a high-profile event in San Francisco on March 9. When Apple unveiled the Watch at its most recent iPhone launch in September 2014, it offered precious few details about apps, hardware, and pricing. Although analysts expect the Apple Watch to handily dominate the still-nascent wearable-electronics segment, it’s anyone’s guess as to how well the device will actually sell once it arrives on store-shelves: Some analysts are predicting sales… continue…

Do Employers Want Too Much From Candidates?

Reading a job description can send even the most talented technologist off the proverbial deep end. Many employers’ “required” skill sets seem to include everything but the ability to teleport and build a Shaker barn; the lengthy requisites of skills and experience seem achievable only by candidates who’ve spent the past four decades using a hundred different programming languages and platforms to excel at fifty different, complicated jobs. Even under the best circumstances, it’s difficult to find a job for… continue…