When Talking Salary, Know Your Limits

During good economic times, job candidates find they have a lot more leverage when it comes to negotiating salary, especially for positions that require specialized skill sets. In the quest for talent, companies are often willing to offer up a lot of things, including perks (flex time, vacation, telecommuting, matching 401ks, and more) and sign-on bonuses. Even in good times, however, company largesse only goes so far. Playing games with your potential employer, or dragging out negotiations, could result in… continue…

Check Out the Netflix Smartwatch

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Netflix Smartwatch
Netflix is the latest tech company to jump into the smartwatch game, with a wrist-mounted screen that allows wearers to stream content from anywhere. So what if the device itself is a little bulky, and holding your arm up for an hour to watch a show can get tiresome? You now have the ability to binge on television episodes during endless afternoon meetings, all without having to pull out your tablet or laptop. Actually, no you don’t: The above video… continue…

‘Soft Management’ Is Key to Effective Teams

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Those who manage, or who work with managers on a daily basis, know that managers will often ask for status reports or meetings on a daily or weekly basis in order to judge how projects are progressing. And many times, those reports or meetings are where true “management” seems to end. In my experience, managing via status checks is one-dimensional and insufficient. For instance, it doesn’t take anything into account other than how work is progressing, which provides zero insight… continue…

Amazon’s Echo: Trojan Horse for Internet of Things

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Amazon wants to compete in the burgeoning Internet of Things industry, and the device that will allow it to do so is already on the market. Amazon launched Echo in November 2014. At the time, the black cylinder was marketed as a combination stereo and digital assistant, capable of answering spoken queries (“What’s the weather outside?”) and blasting music. Pundits at the time assumed that Echo was meant to compete against Google Now and Apple’s Siri, digital assistants primarily available… continue…

Hipsters, Media Driving Tech Excitement in NYC

What’s New This Quarter How cool is Brooklyn? When Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade crafts and hipsterish vintage goods, goes public later this year, its market cap may exceed $2 billion, making it Brooklyn’s most successful tech company (and one of New York City’s biggest tech IPOs yet). It will be a big boost for the local startup scene after other local retail tech players such as Fab and Gilt Groupe have failed to launch. New York’s online media… continue…

9 More Resume Buzzwords You Should Cut

Earlier this month, we offered up nine buzzwords that you should eliminate posthaste from your resume. But that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg: The list of clichés, redundant terms, and outmoded verbs ripe for deletion is, of course, much longer. Here are nine more terms that deserve the attention of your ‘Delete’ button: Enthusiastic: The ultimate in redundant phrases: Who isn’t enthusiastic (at least in public) about their work and career? Assisted: You only have a limited… continue…

Is Full-Stack Development Worth Your Time?

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With tools such as Node.js gaining in popularity, some developers believe the line between websites’ front- and back-ends is becoming meaningless. Others argue that the technology on each side remains specialized, and no one person can master both environments well enough to produce high-quality products. All of this points to a very real dilemma for Web developers: Should they pick a side to focus on, or plan to dive into areas that they used to leave alone? The answer is… continue…

Apple Watch: The Reviews Are In

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Apple Sport Watch
The Apple Watch won’t appear on store shelves for another few weeks (and will go on pre-order April 10), but in the meantime the first official reviews have trickled out. What’s the word? Mixed, with a hefty dash of optimism for the device’s future. Many of those reviews—including those from The Verge and Daring Fireball—praised the device’s aesthetic, as well as the precision of its hardware engineering; whether or not you think a “smartwatch” should be square, or feature a… continue…

Startup Advice From Someone Looking Back

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In a widely circulated posting on his blog talkingquickly, Ruby/Android developer Ben Dixon has 63 bits of startup advice, arranged under the charming title, “What I’d Tell Myself About Startups If I Could Go Back 5 Years.” Much of Dixon’s advice will be familiar to anyone who’s ever asked around about running a startup (“’Ads’ are where business models go to die”), but some of it is repeated less often, and worth reiterating here. To wit: “Always refuse if someone… continue…

Microsoft Recruiting Workers With Autism

Microsoft has launched a pilot program to hire people with autism for full-time positions. Microsoft’s partner in the program, Specialisterne, already has relationships with tech companies such as SAP, where people with autism are hired as software testers, QA specialists, and programmers. It’s safe to assume that those selected for Microsoft’s program will take on similar jobs. Candidates interested in the program can email resumes to msautism@microsoft.com; all jobs will reportedly be based in Redmond, Washington, where Microsoft has its headquarters. “Microsoft… continue…