Big Data Suggests Gender May Impact Hiring

Kieran Snyder, CEO of machine learning firm Textio, has an interesting piece up on Fortune that suggests a gender disparity among tech pros’ resumes. After using software to crunch data on 1,100 technology resumes (512 from men, 588 from women), she found “stark differences between how men and women write their resumes,” which in turn could have “ramifications for the hiring managers and anyone who is concerned about the lack of women in technology.” So what exactly did she discover?… continue…

The Key to Interviewing at Google

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Wired has an excerpt from a new book of Google-centric workplace advice, written by Laszlo Bock, the search-engine giant’s head of “People Operations” (re: Human Resources). In an interesting twist, Bock kicks off the excerpt by describing the brainteaser questions that Google is famous for tossing at job candidates as “useless,” before suggesting that some hiring managers at the company might still use them. (“Sorry about that,” he offered.) Rather than ask candidates to calculate the number of golf balls… continue…

Check Out the Space App Hackathon

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Ever wanted to work for NASA? Have you fantasized about being part of Mission Control? While you might never get the chance to launch a shuttle or pilot a Mars rover, you can still contribute to the quest to find out more about the cosmos, thanks to a hackathon sponsored by NASA (with support from IBM). The International Space Apps Challenge will take place April 11-12, preceded by a live-streamed “boot camp” on April 10. Nor is it strictly for… continue…

Getting Started With OpenStreetMap Data

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In 2004, Steve Coast set up OpenStreetMap (OSM) in the U.K. It subsequently spread worldwide, powered by a combination of donations and volunteers willing to do ground surveys with tools such as handheld GPS units, notebooks, and digital cameras. OSM Data Usage OpenStreetMap’s map and data are free to use so long as you provide attribution and share any corrections back to the project. JavaScript libraries and plugins for WordPress, Django and other content-management systems allow users to display their… continue…

Job Interview Prep: Read Your Own Resume

There’s lots of advice out there about preparing for job interviews: Don’t argue with the interviewer, for example, and don’t bring up personal stuff. What isn’t mentioned quite so much is the need to have a solid grasp on the arc of your own career—which is too bad, because there’s no easier way to trip up job candidates than to ask them for details about their professional past. What does “have a grasp on the arc of your career” actually… continue…

Virtual Reality and AR: a $150 Billion Market?

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Augmented- and virtual-reality gear could grow into a $150 billion market by 2020, according to new estimates from consulting and investment firm Digi-Capital. That analysis is “based on how VR/AR could grow new markets and cannibalize existing ones after the market really gets going next year,” Tim Merel, managing director of Digi-Capital, wrote in a posting on TechCrunch. Augmented reality—i.e., devices such as the upcoming HoloLens from Microsoft, which will project holographic images onto real-life surfaces—will take the lion’s share… continue…

The Hardest Way to Avoid Burnout

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Whether you’re grinding through 80-hour weeks in order to get your startup off the ground, or just trying to get through the workday at a major corporation, you run the risk of burnout unless you figure out how to best manage your energy. What’s the trick to avoiding burnout? Most experts recommend getting exercise—no matter how busy you are—and scheduling breaks, even in the middle of a startup “death march.” Eliminating stressors is also key; for example, learning how to… continue…

Startups Outsource, Too

Have you ever called up customer service at Uber? How about at Tinder? Most likely, you haven’t. In fact, you probably couldn’t find a phone number for these companies’ customer-service departments if you tried; they go out of their way to solve all of your problems over email. While a quick, documented response is (sometimes) great for customers, it turns out it’s great for startups such as Uber and Tinder, too: Eliminating a customer-service number means these companies don’t need… continue…

DC Is Desperate for STEM, Cybersecurity Pros

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What’s New This Quarter Tech employment in the Washington, D.C. metro area continues to flourish, according to most sources. “We tend to see the market pick up during the first quarter of the year,” said Jennifer Selden, a recruiting director for Randstad Technologies. “This is the time when many companies’ annual budgets are approved and implemented, and any hiring freezes from the prior year are lifted.” That buoyancy extends to the public sector. Take the FBI, for example: Desperate for… continue…

Self-Driving Car Makes Cross-Country Drive

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While Google tests whether its autonomous vehicles can navigate the suburban streets of Mountain View, Calif., an auto-parts maker named Delphi has reportedly pulled off something much larger: rebuilding an Audi SQ5 into a self-driving vehicle and having it take a road trip from San Francisco to New York City. Delphi claims that the car drove itself 99 percent of the time, albeit with a driver at the wheel ready to take over for unexpected situations (as seen above). The… continue…