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IT Braces for a Huge Healthcare Overhaul, Job Opportunities Rise

Healthcare IT industry is about to undergo a big change, as the deadline looms to revise the medical classification list for coding everything from diseases to external causes of injuries. And as a result of this federally mandated ICD-10 revision, which has an implementation deadline of Oct. 1, 2014, IT specialists with a background in hospital billing and electronic health records may find job opportunities open up. And those with experience in ICD are likely to find themselves in high… continue…

Healthcare and Finance Need Specialists in Virtualization, BI

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IT job hiring is picking up in the healthcare and financial services industries, due to regulatory compliance and the explosion of data, according to management consulting firm Janco Associates. It also expects healthy IT hiring in life sciences, telecom, transportation, infrastructure and energy. The most in-demand skills according to the report are: virtualization; business intelligence; app development, especially for mobile devices; .Net; Java; PHP; Silverlight and SharePoint. Sales application engineers, CRM specialists, security experts, backup and recovery technicians, service/help desk support specialists, service technicians and… continue…

Healthcare IT Leaders Need Qualified Staff

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For the first time in a decade, healthcare CIOs say that lack of staffing resources is the most significant roadblock to successful healthcare IT implementations. Twenty-one percent of 302 CIOs have that complaint, while only 14 percent say budgets are their biggest problem, according to a survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Kay Hix, vice president and CIO of Carillon Clinic in Roanoke, Va., said in an InformationWeek interview that healthcare providers are competing against vendors… continue…

Apple’s iPad Not Ready for Healthcare

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Apple’s iPad isn’t ready for healthcare yet. Though physicians apparently are as wild about the iPad as anyone else, they don’t consider it ready for clinical use. In a survey of 100 “early adopter” physicians by Spyglass Consulting Group,  83 percent said they still use desktop computers most often to access clinical information, whether they’re in their offices, at the hospital or at home. While 80 percent said the iPad has a “promising future in healthcare,” Gregg Malkary, managing director… continue…

Movies, Healthcare Next Up for Total Transformation

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When Steve Jobs resigned as Apple’s CEO, there was much discussion of how he seemingly single-handedly transformed the music industry. In the wake of his departure, it’s worth thinking about which other industries are about to be completely transformed by the power of the Internet. TechRepublic’s Jason Hiner sees four: 1. Movies “Hollywood is experimenting with the idea of selling movies directly to consumers at home (streamed over the Internet) at the same time the movies arrive in theaters. Of… continue…

Roundup: Temp Hiring and Healthcare Hiring on the Rise

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Dice News Roundup
Temp Hiring on the Rise: TEKsystems, a leading tech staffing and services company, found in its most recent quarterly IT Executive Outlook survey that 40 percent of IT leaders expect to add temp IT headcount in the next three months. That’s up from 36 percent last quarter. Additionally, 38 percent say they will increase permanent IT headcount in Q3. What positions are recruiters trying to fill most? Enterprise Architects, Cloud Architects, Security Specialists, and BI Specialists. Business Wire Which Fortune… continue…

Healthcare IT Certification, and Managers Talk Hiring

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DICE NEWS UPDATE: CompTIA’s new Healthcare IT certification, another reason to pay attention to smartphones,and how hiring managers pick their candidates. All on this week’s Update.

How to Transfer Your Skills into Healthcare IT

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We’ve written a lot about how the push toward integrating technology into healthcare will keep increasing the number of available jobs. The healthcare business simply can’t fill positions from the pool of people already working in the industry. If you’re in another sector, that means you have an opportunity — actually, a lot of opportunities — to jump in. But while we keep hearing about the great numbers of people needed, we haven’t seen a lot about the skills they… continue…

Three Steps to a Career in Healthcare IT

Healthcare providers are avidly seeking candidates, offering generous salaries as well as training on specialized applications. But you need to take a strategic approach to these opportunities, because employer pain varies across the industry. continue…

IT Will Be Crucial to Fixing Healthcare

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We all know what’s wrong with the American healthcare system: just about everything. Now that at least some reform has been signed into law, it’s time to figure out how technology can help to make healthcare cheaper and more efficient. Talk about a growth industry! continue…