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Computer Science Enrollments Continue to Grow

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The number of new undergraduate computing majors continued to grow last year, rising 13.4 percent, according to a report from the Computing Research Association. Although that’s smaller growth than has been seen in years, it does represent the sixth straight period of growth. Enrollments bottomed out in 2007, just before the recession. New computer science enrollments grew by nearly 30 percent in 2011-12 and 23 percent the year before. Last year, 63,873 students enrolled in computer science programs, compared with… continue…

With More IBM Layoffs Due, Vermont Seeks Better Notice

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While IBM employees brace themselves for yet another round of layoffs, Vermont Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan is calling for better notice and more authority over such “workplace actions.” Big Blue has been downsizing its workforce in North America for years, though it usually doesn’t announce specific numbers and couches it in terms of its expected cost savings. IBM’s union, Alliance@IBM, is expecting roughly 15,000 workers to be cut at Big Blue’s manufacturing plants in Vermont and New York around Feb.… continue…

Detroit’s Turnaround Plan Calls for Tech-Skilled Immigrants

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With Detroit mired in bankruptcy, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is floating a turnaround plan based on an influx of skilled immigrants to fill a talent gap in the city’s workforce. He’s proposed asking the federal government to grant 50,000 visas over five years to international workers with advanced degrees as long as they move to Detroit. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is on-board. “In order for Detroit to grow again, we need highly trained workers to move in, open businesses and… continue…

Cognizant to Hire 10,000 U.S. Tech Workers

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In what might be — at least in part — a bid to make nice with critics of its H-1B hiring, IT outsourcing company Cognizant Technology Solutions has announced plans to hire 10,000 workers in the U.S. over the next three years. The company is setting up its U.S. headquarters in College Station, Texas – home to Texas A&M University – and will donate $150,000 to the university’s effort to lure high school students into STEM careers. Its global headquarters… continue…

Zuckerberg Plans Hackathon to Spur Immigration Reform

Continuing its efforts to focus attention on immigration reform, Mark Zuckerberg’s political advocacy group plans a hackathon for tech-savvy undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. At the hackathon, tech luminaries such as Zuckerberg, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, DropBox founder Drew Houston and Groupon’s Andrew Mason will work alongside the young participants. “Each team will create a project or application that could help supporters share stories, contact members of Congress or show family and friends why they want… continue…

Infosys to Face Record Fine in Visa Case

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Federal officials are expected to hit Infosys with a record immigration fine of approximately $35 million over allegations that the Indian outsourcing company used B-1 visitor visas to bring foreign workers into the country and place them with large corporate clients, according to The Wall Street Journal. Infosys allegedly used the B-1 visitor visa as a means to circumvent the more expensive and difficult to obtain H-1Bs. The Department of Homeland Security and State Department are expected to announce the… continue…

Will Push for Immigration Reform Get Back on Track?

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With the federal government back in business, President Obama wants to get immigration reform back on the front burner. But House Republicans, who say the president negotiated in “bad faith” on the debt crisis, aren’t eager to go head-to-head on such a controversial issue again so soon. “There will definitely have to be a cooling off period,” Marshall Fitz, the director of immigration policy for the progressive Center for American Progress, told NBC News. Senate Democrats stressed momentum in hammering… continue…

Is The Tech Hiring ‘Crisis’ Highly Exaggerated?

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The debate about whether the U.S. actually has a shortage of workers trained in science, technology, engineering and math wages on but a new report from the Census Bureau brings up an interesting point: Even those trained in those fields might not end up working in them. Only 26 percent of STEM graduates end up in a STEM job, the report says. Instead, they work in fields such as non-STEM management, healthcare, law, education, social work, accounting or counseling. Tech… continue…

Hiring Advice for Boingo Wireless

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Boingo Wireless has a massive footprint of small cell networks, which cover more than a million distributed antennae system and Wi-Fi locations in a wide variety of settings and reach more than 1 billion consumers annually. The company’s platform is the only monetization engine of its kind, driving revenue through carrier offload, advertising, location-based data analytics and consumer products. The company has 185 employees, about half of whom work in technical roles. While the majority work out of the Los… continue…

U.S. Workers Outperform Offshore Solutions, But…

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Despite the tech industry’s lament there aren’t enough qualified workers to fill available jobs, a new report found onshore workers outperformed offshore workers on a number of key attributes. But by no means does that mean offshored IT and business process will be returning to the U.S. in waves, according to the report, Around the World and Back Again: Sourcing Services in the USA, by research firm HfS. In its survey of 235 enterprise buyers and 270 outsourcing suppliers, HfS… continue…