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Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Meant to Feint Patents

Google Galaxy Nexus
Not a long time ago, a patent fairytale started, with Apple’s iOS on one side and Google’s Android on the other. Nobody knows who the winner will be, but few argue anymore that the patent system is broken. In Germany and Australia, Apple won one skirmish. As as result, Samsung can’t sell its Galaxy Tab — the court agreed with Apple the device copies many aspects of the iPad. The battle continues every day but now, with the Galaxy Nexus… continue…

10 Resume Buzzwords That Have Lost Their Sizzle

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Your resume should always address the IT manager’s needs, and showcase your mastery of the latest technical tools and techniques. But peppering your career history and cover letter with random buzzwords could make you seem phony and dated. Buzzwords are empty adjectives or terms that are trite, overused, or no longer relevant. Instead of making your resume stand out, they make your documents look boilerplate and unimaginative. “If you really want to use a cliché like ‘innovative’ or ‘outside-the-box thinker,’… continue…

Tesla Hype Machine Gears Up With Elon Musk’s ‘D’

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Elon Musk Tweet
Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (who’s also CEO of private-space-flight firm SpaceX) issued a cryptic Tweet. “About time to unveil the D and something else,” it read, accompanied by a photo of a garage door rising to reveal part of a shadowy vehicle: So what will Tesla unveil? Over at car blog Jalopnik, the assumption is that “D” refers to an all-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with dual motors, the better for cruising around in cold, icy conditions; other websites… continue…

IT Security Pros: Are You Worth a Million Dollars a Month?

Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), has decided to make money in retirement—a whole lot of money. According to reports, he wants corporations to pay him up to a million dollars a month for his IT security expertise. Alexander insists that he’s providing value for the money, in the form of proprietary technology that he claims will detect hackers who infiltrate corporate networks to steal everything from credit-card numbers to proprietary data. In a recent interview… continue…

Automakers’ Need for Engineers, Developers Greater Than Ever

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As automobiles’ on-board systems become more advanced, the need for software developers and engineers with a variety of skills continues to rise. A scan of car-related job postings on Dice reveals a need for tech pros adept in data warehousing, analytics, Java/J2EE, testing, scripting and building apps, among other skills. Nor is that need restricted to one or two manufacturers: Honda, GM, Ford, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen and Mercedes are just a handful of the brands on the lookout for those… continue…

An Employee’s Guide to Open Source Contributions

Creating your own project or otherwise contributing to open source is the kind of thing that can help you show off your skills to potential employers. Beyond that, many programmers contribute because they enjoy the work involved or use it to develop new skills. But it’s worth bearing in mind that, depending on your company’s attitude, there can be job-related pitfalls. Here are some things to look out for. Some businesses feel that anything created by their employees — even… continue…

Danny Kim Wants to Change How You Drive

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The Lit Motors founder thinks the two-wheeled C-1 can forever alter how people move through urban settings. continue…

iPhone to Become SOS Beacon, Game Controller

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A host of patent applications shows Apple’s effort to make iDevices into better media-control hubs and emergency robo-beacons. continue…

Coffee Maker Uses DRM to Block Competition

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Competitor sues to keep leading coffee-pod maker Keurig from adding tech that will block unlicensed coffee pods from its machines. continue…

Why Apple Acquiring Tesla Makes Sense

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Rumors of Apple acquiring the electric car manufacturer are floating around. continue…