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Mellanox Aims at SDNs with Next-Gen Switch Chip

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Meet the SwitchX-2, the engine inside Mellanox’s new high-performance Ethernet and InfiniBand switches. continue…

Cisco Fortifies Data Centers with ASA Upgrades

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Upgrades extend network policies across physical and virtual environments, and secure remote access from mobile devices. continue…

Microsoft’s Office 365 for Government Heralds New Google Fight

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Microsoft’s Office 365 for Government is a platform for a particularly large demographic—one that Google wants, as well. continue…

Mobile, Big Data and Developer Opportunities

Man and machine are converging. On the one hand you have man with his Web-enabled mobile smartphones and tablets. On the other hand you have Big Data, servers and ubiquitous connectivity. Put them together and you have opportunity. Low-power, networked microprocessors and microcontrollers are great, it’s the big data behind them that makes them powerful in ways besides technology. With billions of IPv6 devices sending bits of data everywhere, somebody is going to have to make sense of it all. Developers… continue…

HP Nerves and Facebook Warnings [DiceTV]

Hewlett-Packard is merging two units and some employees are looking for an exit… Facebook is telling people not to share…their passwords… and iPv6 deployment is moving along… All on this week’s DiceTV Update.

Asus’s Transformer Prime Laptop Built for Speed

Asus Prime Laptop
The Asus Transformer Prime is certainly a laptop that packs plenty of punch.  You’ll recall from past columns that I’m a real speed freak. I like drag racing, fast 4-stroke dirt bikes, and absolutely the fastest computer hardware I can get my hands on. It should be no surprise that I would opt for the new Asus with the latest Tegra 3 quad-core chip. The not-yet-released Lenovo would have worked fine and actually had full-sized USB and HDMI connectors. Plus the… continue…

VeriSign Wants the Authority to Close Websites

VeriSign, the company known for its security certificates an .com domain management, wants the authority to shut down a website. According to TheRegister, Verisign asked ICANN for the authority so it can “comply with any applicable court orders, laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement or other governmental or quasi-governmental agency, or any dispute resolution process.” The good news is the company can only take action based on orders from authorities. In the past, VeriSign has helped U.S.… continue…

Homeland Security’s Border Protection Agency Will Hire 1000 in IT This Year

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The Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is expanding from about 1,500 employees to a projected 2,500 by the end of fiscal 2011. continue…

DiceTV Update: 10 Trends That Will Impact Your Job Next Year

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Verizon predicts 10 business technology trends will help companies strengthen their business next year, and observers say Florida’s economic success requires a shift away from construction and real estate, to high-tech. All on this week’s update. continue…