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How to Win a Mobile Game Hackathon

They’ve hacked away to create the coolest mobile game app in 30 hours, and drank cases of Red Bull along the way. Now, it’s time to unveil the winners of this weekend’s Chartboost Hackathon. First Place: Typing with Strangers: Ninjas v. Dragons You got a glimpse of this snazzy multi-player action game when it was in the preliminary design stages. Remember that cute dragon figure made by team member Andy Jiang, co-founder of friend-to-friend recommendation service Piggyback? Turns out the three… continue…

Hackathon Contestants Have Fresh Faces…For Now

It’s only five hours into the Chartboost Hackathon, so participants’ are still looking pretty lively. Check back with Dice in another 25 hours. Ten teams of hackers, comprised of roughly 40 people, are competing in this hackathon to develop a quick and dirty, yet highly cool, mobile game. The hackathon runs until Sunday at 7 p.m. Here’s a quick introduction of some of the teams and the games they’re developing: Belly Up to the Bar This social bartending game aims… continue…

Mobile Game Hackathon: Here’s What it Takes To Be a Rock Star

Phil Wee is gunning to be a mobile game hackathon rockstar. Wee, a games developer whose work appears on Facebook, entered into Chartboost’s mobile games hackathon, which kicks off later today in San Francisco. And he’s primed to go, given he’s coming off of the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon from the previous weekend. “I like hackathons because it keeps my mind sharp and keeps ideas flowing,” says Wee, who came to the Chartboost Hackathon launch party Friday night looking for… continue…

Hackathon Saturday for SF Game Developers

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Game-advertising platform Chartboost is hosting a mobile game hackathon in San Francisco this weekend, dangling an opportunity to snare micro-funding and workspace for game development, and potentially landing a job. Beginning with a launch party Friday night, the hackathon itself kicks off Saturday at 1 StartupHQ and continues through Sunday at 5. Winners will be announced at 7. What It Takes To Win A three-judge panel will drill deep into the engineering aspect of each of the game developed,… continue…

NASA Global Hackathon Seeks Space-Based Apps

NASA is inviting all citizens of planet Earth to take part in a two-day coding marathon. The International Space Apps Challenge is meant to develop software for different purposes that support NASA’s mission. It’s open to just about anyone interested, including “engineers, technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, students, and entrepreneurs.” The challenge will take place in several cities around the globe, including San Francisco, Santo Domingo, Sao Paulo, Nairobi, Tokyo and even on Antarctica at McMurdo Station. There are several… continue…

Does Overconfidence Help You Win Hackathons?

With three strong but silent types and one skinny loudmouth, the T3 team proved to have the ingredients to pull off a successful win at the App Hackathon at SXSW. The team of four produced an impressive game simulator using the Turbulenz API. I caught up with the team, or rather their cocky spokesman, at the beginning of the hackathon and then caught up with all of them the following morning to see what they did. Watch the video for… continue…

Hacker Zac Bowling Shares His Hackathon Secrets

For Zac Bowling, developer at Seatme, Hackathons are his sport. At the App Hackathon, I caught up with Bowling at the beginning and end of his 80th hackathon. We talked about what application he planned on creating, whether he was going to rope in any teammates, and if he could offer up some tips on what it takes to win a hackathon. Winning a hackathon is all dependent on the type of hackathon, explained Bowling, who says he’s placed in… continue…

Management Hackathon: Building Communities of Passion

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Hackathons generate some of the coolest application innovations. They are a boon to developers and Facebook swears by them: some of their most popular features, such as the “Like” button, came from company hackathons. But why should programmers get all the fun? Can’t other aspects of business learn from the hackathon model? That’s the hope for the Management Hackathon, says Chris Grams, community guide for the Management Innovation eXchange, which produces the event. What is a Management Hackathon? Grams defines… continue…

How to Organize and Run Your Own Hackathon

Have you ever participated in a hackathon? According to programmers I’ve spoken with, it’s an amazing learning experience. Next question: Have you ever produced a hackathon? Not many have, so I asked Peter Morano, a hackathon expert, how to actually do it. Morano has produced 12, including the SocialDevCamp 2011 Hackathon (which, I might add, was sponsored by Dice). Morano walked me through a checklist of the things you need to gather and think about when you’re producing a hackathon.… continue…

The Best of the SocialDevCamp Hackathon

The highlight of this year’s SocialDevCamp, held recently in Chicago, was a 36-hour developer hackathon, sponsored by Dice. I followed the entire event from beginning to end, needled the contestants on their lack of sleep and was ultimately impressed with what they delivered. Watch this short video as it summarizes the entire event.