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Detroit to Laid-Off Yahoo Staffers: We Want You!

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Detroit technology businesses have a message for newly laid off Yahoo employees: The Motor City will welcome you with open arms. Would you consider a move to Detroit? Why not if the opportunity’s there? Let us know in the comments below. A group of Detroit tech businesses — including Quicken Loans, Detroit Venture Partners, Rockbridge Growth Equity and — are among the companies interested in hiring hundreds of technology and marketing professionals formerly employed by Yahoo. Or anyone else… continue…

Weekly Roundup: IT Hiring Rises Nationally, and Demand in Detroit and Tennessee

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Dice News Roundup
In the latest quarterly Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index survey, 7 percent of chief information officers (CIOs) said they plan to expand their IT departments, and 3 percent expect cutbacks, for a net 4 percent projected increase. Eighty-seven percent are confident in their companies’ growth prospects in the next three months, a 7 point increase from last quarter. Forty eight percent said it’s challenging to find skilled professionals today, up 5 points from the previous quarter. TopProspect ran the… continue…

Five Reasons Why Your Next Job Could be in Detroit

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For years you’ve heard all the bad news about Detroit. Recession bordering on depression, a 13.5 (or higher) unemployment rate. The city is shrinking as people look elsewhere for work. Well, where there is crisis, there is also opportunity. Looking at the numbers on Dice, we discovered that the market has improved for tech’s looking for work. So we dug a little deeper and found more positive news about the Motor City. So here they are, five reasons why your… continue…

Detroit. The Next Offshore Location?

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A New Jersey software company chooses to ship IT jobs to Detroit rather than India, since some of its clients requested software be written and maintained in the U.S.  continue…

Can Tech Help Mitigate Detroit’s Employment Meltdown?

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With an unemployment rate far surpassing the national average, the Motor City looks for job growth anywhere but the automotive industry. continue…

Silicon Valley’s Car Dreams Could Boost Your Career

The big news in the technology world this week is Apple’s reported decision to start some sort of automobile division, staffed with some very smart people who specialize in electric batteries and other components. According to The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other sources, Apple is building an electric, possibly self-driving vehicle that could compete with Tesla, arguably the world’s premier maker of electric automobiles. Apple isn’t the only tech giant exploring the possibilities of the automotive… continue…

Oculus Rift’s New Use: Curbing Car Crashes

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Ask people about Oculus Rift, and those who know about the virtual-reality headset will probably tell you that it’s meant for playing video games. A few companies and governments have tested out more practical apps for the platform: the Norwegian Armed Forces, for example, experimented with using Oculus Rift to control real-life tanks. Now Toyota wants to use Oculus Rift to reduce car crashes. At the Detroit Auto Show this week, the carmaker unveiled the TeenDrive365 simulator, which is meant… continue…

GE Capital to Add Jobs at New Orleans Tech Center

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New Orleans
GE Capital—General Electric’s financial services unit—is hiring at technical centers in Detroit, New Orleans and Bangalore as it works to reduce its reliance on outsourcing providers. “We’ve gone too far from an outsourcing perspective,” said CIO Jim Fowler in an interview with InformationWeek. Currently, GE Capital has reduced the amount of IT work it outsources from 80 percent to 70 percent, and Fowler says he wants to reduce the ratio to 50-50 in the next two years. However, that may… continue…

California, New York Face Competition on Tech-Hiring Front

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Ask anyone to name the country’s hotbed of tech-hiring activity, and chances are good they’ll say “California” or “New York,” homes of, respectively, Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley. But according to a Dice analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York comes in sixth place, and California in eleventh, among the fastest-growing states for technology jobs. Texas comes in first, with a 5.99 percent increase in tech jobs since the beginning of the year, followed by… continue…

Cloud Efforts Drive Hiring in Seattle

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Seattle Skyline
In June, the New York Times affirmed what the Puget Sound tech community already knew: Cloud technology is turning out to be Seattle’s hottest commodity. “It’s like Detroit used to be for car companies,” Bill Hilf, Hewlett-Packard’s vice president of cloud product management, told the newspaper. “The galactic players are here, and they are creating lots of little companies.” Hilf, a Microsoft alum, is helping to launch HP’s new HP Helion cloud computing initiative in Seattle, with $1 billion of… continue…