Should Tech Firms Ban Salary Negotiations?

Earlier this month, Reddit CEO Ellen Pao told the Wall Street Journal that she would eliminate salary negotiations for new hires. “So as part of our recruiting process we don’t negotiate with candidates,” she said. “We come up with an offer that we think is fair. If you want more equity, we’ll let you swap a little bit of your cash salary for equity, but we aren’t going to reward people who are better negotiators with more compensation.” Why did… continue…

Making the Most of a Computer Science Degree

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Although many a tech pro is largely self-taught when it comes to programming languages and software development, a formal degree in computer science often helps in securing a full-time job. And it’s not just tech companies that want candidates who majored in CS; thanks to an increased focus on data analytics and mobile apps as pathways to boosting corporate revenue and productivity, many industries are now looking for software pros to join their ranks. If you’re thinking of pursuing a… continue…

The Old-Fashioned Trick to Networking

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When people refer to their “network,” they often mean the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts they have on Twitter, Facebook, and other social-networking platforms. But when searching for a job, all those virtual followers don’t mean nearly as much as the (comparatively) few people whom you’ve actually met in the flesh. A hundred people on Facebook might see you post about your job search; but your former colleagues and current friends, answering your phone call, are far likelier… continue…

SpaceX, Tech Giants Perk Up Seattle Employment

What’s New This Quarter Among the more interesting visitors to Seattle in recent months was SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who showed up in January to outline a space-related business that he wants to build in the area. “SpaceX Seattle” plans to launch 4,000 geosynchronous satellites, a network in space that could deliver high-speed Internet access anywhere on Earth. The satellites will be designed by software and aerospace engineers in SpaceX’s new engineering office in Redmond. Bloomberg reports that SpaceX could… continue…

Rising Cyberattacks Mean Opportunity for Security Pros

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The Web can be a dangerous place: According to the latest annual “Internet Security Threat Report” from Symantec (PDF; registration required), sophisticated attacks such as highly targeted spear-phishing are on the rise, and often aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses that may not be able to afford the advanced IT security of enterprises. (Of course, the past few years have demonstrated that not even enterprises are immune from devastating cyberattacks.) Symantec has seen advanced attackers do everything from building custom… continue…

Strong Apple Watch Orders May Affect App Plans

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Apple Watch 3
Just under a million people in the U.S. may have preordered the Apple Watch on April 10, the device’s first day of release, according to a new report from Slice Intelligence. Slice Intelligence based its conclusions on e-mail receipts from a panel of two million online shoppers, adding that the average Apple Watch customer purchased 1.3 watches at an average of $503.83 per watch. Check out the latest iOS jobs. “Among those buying an Apple Watch, 72 percent purchased an… continue…

How Mission Creep Killed a Gaming Studio

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Over at Kotaku, there’s an interesting story about the reported demise of Darkside Game Studios, a game-development firm that thought it finally had a shot at the big time… only to collapse once its project requirements spun out of control. Darkside Game Studios had spent much of its existence as an outsourcing firm for other studios’ games, handling development tasks that the clients didn’t have the in-house bandwidth to finish on their own. Darkside got a chance to show off… continue…

Costly NY Startup Program Created… 76 Jobs

Last year, the New York state government launched Start-Up NY, a program designed to boost employment by creating tax-free zones for technology and manufacturing firms that partner with academic institutions. In theory, those tax-free zones on university campuses would give companies access to the best young talent and cutting-edge research. But only a few firms are actually taking the bait: According to a report from the state’s Department of Economic Development, the program only created 76 jobs last year, despite… continue…

The Challenges of Being a Nonprofit Techie

Many job descriptions for tech positions at small nonprofit organizations are so vaguely written that it’s impossible to discern the requirements, with one exception: They always seem to want their tech pros to be Jacks-of-All-Trades. Things are a little different at larger, well-funded nonprofits, which have the resources to build out an established tech staff. Check out the latest tech jobs at nonprofits. Regardless of the environment, working for a social cause can prove rewarding for the technologist with a… continue…

Amazon Launches Machine-Learning Platform

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Amazon Machine Learning
Ever wanted a machine-learning platform capable of making predictions based on your in-house data? Even if the thought never actually crossed your mind, you can’t deny that the concept has a certain appeal: Who wouldn’t want a system capable of offering up solid advice, based on everything your business has done? Amazon, which has evidently never met some aspect of storage and analytics it didn’t want to try and sell for cheap to businesses all over the world, has just… continue…