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Daily Tip: Don’t Plan Your Whole Day

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Some people have no choice but to book every minute of their day. CEOs, world leaders, and busy executives all seem to be scheduled down to the second, with hardly a moment’s pause between meetings and events. It’s tempting to look at a busy schedule, think it equates with productivity, and aspire to cram every day full of activity. An idle or blank hour, the thinking goes, is an unproductive one. But that’s simply not the case. Life has a… continue…

The ‘Final Pinch’ That Dooms Startups

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What’s one of the biggest dangers facing your average startup founder? According to Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham, it’s the self-delusion that sets in during the startup’s last six months’ worth of operating capital, when founders refuse to either curb expenses or change strategic course. To find a tech job at a stratup, click here. “There may be nothing founders are so prone to delude themselves about as how interested investors will be in giving them additional funding,” Graham wrote… continue…

Daily Tip: A Wrong Time for Right Decisions

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen has one of the most difficult jobs in tech: turning around a once-storied brand that’s spent the past couple years collapsing in slow motion. His comeback strategy has centered on BlackBerry’s core business customers, who prize features such as security and encryption over games or nifty camera features. If everything works as planned, BlackBerry will slowly claw back market-share from Apple and the many manufacturers of Google Android devices; the company is no longer betting that… continue…

Do You Tweet? Mitt Romney Has a Lesson for You

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Over at Slate, a couple of staffers for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign have revealed an interesting tidbit: Every time the campaign posted something to social media—whether a Tweet, Facebook posting, or blog entry—some 22 different individuals throughout the organization needed to approve the outgoing text or imagery. “The downfall of that of course is as fast as we are moving it can take a little bit of time to get that approval to happen,” Caitlin Checkett, who served as… continue…

Check Out Apple’s List of 2014′s Top Apps

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What did Apple name as its 2014 App of the Year? Elevate, which offers mini-games that claim to boost the player’s memory, focus, and cognition: Hyperlapse, an app created by Instagram that allows users to radically speed up video footage, was the runner-up: Apple’s Game of the Year was Threes!, a numbers-based puzzler: The gaming runner-up was Leo’s Fortune, a side-scrolling platformer: Some of Apple’s other top apps: 1. Yahoo News Digest 2. Storehouse 3. SwiftKey 4. 1Password 5. Camera+… continue…

Is C Still Relevant in the 21st Century?

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Many programming languages have come and gone since Dennis Ritchie devised C in 1972, and yet C has not only survived three major revisions, but continues to thrive. Large chunks of Windows were written in C, along with most of Linux. But aside from this incredible legacy, what keeps C atop the Tiobe Index? The number of jobs on for C programmers is not huge, and many of those also include C++ and Objective-C. On Reddit, the C community,… continue…

Daily Tip: Embrace Change

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The only person who likes change is a wet baby, as the saying goes. Change is scary. When an organization finds itself in the grip of a strategic repositioning, or a top-to-bottom restructuring, it tempts all those involved to cling to as much of the past as possible. The past is safe, after all. The problem is that refusing to embrace change, and the ideas that come along with it, can quickly get you sidelined or even fired. If your… continue…

Cloud Computing’s Race to the Bottom

Amazon Web Services reportedly boasts more than a million active customers, and untold numbers of websites and apps rely on its cloud-computing power to deliver content and serve customers. Despite that massive footprint, however, Amazon executives may be feeling the pressure from Google, which has made a very public show of selling its own cloud services for cheap—a new price restructuring for AWS services, announced this week, could end up saving some customers a lot of money. Under this streamlining,… continue…

Daily Tip: Eat the Frog

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Here’s a phrase that neatly—and memorably—summarizes the concept of bumping tasks you hate to the top of your to-do list: eat the frog. The phrase derives from a quote attributed to Mark Twain: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Making a habit of tackling big, difficult, time-consuming tasks first, before your daily schedule fills up with noise and distraction, is an excellent way to curb… continue…

Microsoft CEO Pledges More Company Diversity

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Microsoft will look less white and male in coming years, according to CEO Satya Nadella. Speaking at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Nadella emphasized the Microsoft’s commitment to a “more diverse workforce” and “creating opportunities at every level of the company for all of Microsoft’s employees,” according to Business Insider. Nadella finds himself under a particular microscope after his comments at this October’s Grace Hopper Conference, in which he suggested that female employees trust in “karma” to secure them raises… continue…