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Hate Your Team? Here’s How to Survive

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Despite the stereotype, tech professionals don’t spend all of their time sitting by themselves in cubicles, communicating with the world via email and text message. Whether in software development, network administration or hardware engineering, IT jobs have an awfully large human element to them. Many involve budget and time pressures, which can be exacerbated by differences in personality and style between teammates. Sometimes it’s unavoidable that tempers will get short and email threads will turn rude. Much of the time,… continue…

Daily Tip: Stop Perfectionism

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Assassins Creed Unity
This year, a handful of gaming studios suffered massive issues with their high-profile games. Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the latest in a series of historical adventures from Ubisoft, hit the market buggier than a square acre of Amazon rain forest. Destiny and the latest Halo likewise released with problems, some pretty significant. Those games’ snafus hint at developers pushed up against intractable deadlines. While nobody sets out to create an unusable product, sometimes a schedule prevents tech pros from tackling some… continue…

3 Signs Your Perfectionist Streak Is Hurting You

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You pride yourself on delivering work that’s as close to perfect as can be. After all, that’s your job, right? Well, yes and no. Organizations want quality, but they want it created within predictable time frames. That often puts you in the position of having to deliver something that’s merely “good enough.” “Building software is a fusion of quality and speed,” observed Ben Hicks, a partner at recruiter WinterWyman in Waltham, Mass. “Engineers who work too hard to be perfect… continue…

Navigating the ‘Brogrammer’ Culture

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How you embrace and fit in with the culture of your company can have a huge impact on your happiness and success. Unfortunately, melding with a bunch of “brogrammers” can be tricky, especially if you feel like the odd person out. Brogrammer is a slang term that refers to a new breed of macho, male tech professional. They love to play hard, code hard, party down… Well, you get the picture. Should you try to be one of the bros, or… continue…

What Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Teaches About Management

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A new profile of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in the New York Times isn’t very kind to her two-year tenure at the flailing tech giant. While Yahoo invented the online-advertising business, and enjoyed initial success in everything from search to discussion boards, its rivals have managed to seize the lead in a number of different segments; meanwhile, Mayer has tried to revitalize Yahoo by cutting away some core products, acquiring some smaller firms (Tumblr, for starters), and focusing more on… continue…

Daily Tip: Scrub Your Task List

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With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to sit down, take stock, and realize that your task list has a bunch of items on it that you’ve refused to address for months. Some people take the somewhat-slower weeks before the end of the year to deal with at least some of these items in a mad rush. But what if you eliminated them from your list entirely? Granted, some things must be done—if you promised to… continue…

Steve Jobs’ Tips for Running a Better Meeting

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Over at Business Insider, a new article dives into Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ techniques for running effective meetings. The good news is, you don’t need to be the megalomaniacal head of the world’s largest technology company to put at least a few of these techniques into practice. For starters, Jobs kept meetings as small as possible, kicking out anyone who wasn’t essential. To find management jobs, click here. Next—and this might ultimately prove the most valuable piece of advice—he made… continue…

Daily Tip: Divide and Conquer

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Big tasks can prove overwhelming for anyone. “Build an app!” or “Turn around a struggling startup!” are the sorts of orders that would give even the most battle-hardened manager, executive, or developer a serious panic attack. As Kevin Spacey’s character said in House of Cards, the best way to eat a whale is one bite at a time. If you find yourself overcome by the scope of a big project, grab a whiteboard or a large piece of paper and break the… continue…

Daily Tip: Embrace the Chunk

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For years, people advocated the benefits of multitasking. Spending time on just one task is too inefficient, they argued. Instead, do your best to do two, or three, or four things at once. You’ll get more done that way! But a series of studies have shown that multitasking is just a really good way of making your day more inefficient. Pile on the overlapping tasks, and it becomes harder to concentrate, memorize, and manage. What’s the solution? Devote discrete blocks… continue…

Daily Tip: Limit Meeting Time

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Remember the last time you endured a three-hour marathon of a meeting? Then you’ll remember how everybody in the room—including you, most likely—began to fade out after the first hour or so. The fact is, while face-to-face meetings remain an excellent way to deal with issues and coordinate efforts, they quickly drain energy and the ability to concentrate. As Inc. once pointed out, Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who seems like one of the busiest executives on the planet,… continue…