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An Open-Source Alternative to Microsoft Project

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SourceForge’s March “Staff Pick” Project of the Month is ProjectLibre, an open-source alternative to Microsoft Project. The ProjectLibre team sat down with SourceForge to talk about the project’s history, purpose, and direction. Check out the latest open source development jobs. Tell me about the ProjectLibre project, please. ProjectLibre is an open-source alternative to Microsoft Project. Our functionality mirrors Microsoft in a way since you can simply open existing MS Project files in ProjectLibre. It is available on Linux, Mac, or Windows.… continue…

Why ‘Soft Skills’ Are Key for Innovation

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For business analysts, solving clients’ thorniest issues isn’t a purely left-brain exercise; it also requires “soft skills” such as creativity, holistic decision-making, and a willingness to learn. Let’s break down the importance of each. Creativity In the world of business analysis, creative thinking involves more than just thinking “outside the box,” as the cliché goes. Analysts should never take on the entire burden of creating a solution; instead, they should use enterprise analysis, interviews, and other tools to help colleagues and stakeholders… continue…

Will Anyone Care About Android for Work?

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Android remains the most popular mobile platform in the world, despite a recent market-share surge by Apple’s iOS. But that’s evidently not enough for Google, which wants more businesses to adopt Android as a vital tool. As part of that broader aim, Google has launched Android for Work, an initiative to push the OS into the hands of more hardcore enterprise users. It’s not just about interoperability with Exchange and other, rival platforms; the latest version of Android can partition… continue…

Twitter CEO Suggests IT Managers Take Tips From Improv

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When Twitter CEO Dick Costolo advises managers on how to help run his company, he falls back on advice he learned in a somewhat unconventional place: an improvisational comedy stage. Check out the latest social media jobs. “One of the things that you’re always trying to make sure you really pay attention to in improv is being in the moment and listening,” he recently told an interviewer with The New York Times, adding: When I was first learning the trade,… continue…

Bullying Still a Major Issue at Tech Firms

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Think bullying’s restricted to the schoolyard? Think again: A majority of tech pros report that a co-worker tormented them at some point. That data comes from Connectria, a cloud-hosting company that’s trying to draw buzz with a ‘No Jerks Allowed’ campaign, because office tormenters are as bad as faulty cloud hosting, or something. (Hat tip to Business Insider for the original link.) Connectria surveyed 250 IT professionals in the U.S., who collectively reported that bullying isn’t a minor problem, with… continue…

Forging a Career Path When the Route Is Unclear

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Up-and-coming companies seldom offer well-defined career paths that guide IT professionals from one position to the next. Enterprising employees are instead expected to identify an emerging role or need and pilot themselves to the next career opportunity. “You have to know where the company and your particular niche is headed to steer your own IT career,” said Katy Piotrowski, CEO of Career Solutions Group, a career planning firm based in Fort Collins, Colo. “The key is finding an opportunity that… continue…

How to Talk Tech to Nontechnical People

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Communications isn’t just a skill for IT professionals in business-facing roles. Today, practically everyone who works in IT needs the ability to communicate technical concepts and information to end users. Recruiters say hiring managers are often willing to substitute one technical skill for another when they consider candidates… but communication skills are a non-negotiable requirement. So what’s the secret to communicating technical concepts and information to nontechnical folks? Check out the latest IT management jobs. In addition to patience and… continue…

How to Head Off Communication Breakdowns

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How people and groups work together (or don’t) is just as important to organizational effectiveness as using the right strategy or being efficient at execution. But most managers and executives handle corporate interaction and communication in a very erratic way, which in turn can harm the results of the overall strategy. Check out the latest business-analysis jobs. In order to avoid this outcome, managers and executives should incorporate interaction planning into their management approach. The planning needs to happen at… continue…

Windows 10 for Businesses: Questions Abound

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Windows 10
In a bid to jog adoption of Windows 10, Microsoft has promised that every consumer currently running Windows 7 or 8 on their PC will receive a free upgrade to the new operating system once it comes out. That’s a pretty good deal not only for your average consumer, but also the small businesses that could benefit from upgrading one or two systems for free. Microsoft also promised to treat Windows 10 more like a service, with regular security and… continue…

Attracting Top Engineers in a Competitive Market

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Ron Pragides
Ron Pragides rode the wave of IPOs at Salesforce and Twitter, but wanted to grow a team at a company with a less-certain future. He was the very first engineer at Austin-based Bigcommerce’s San Francisco office, and the company’s third hire in the area. His team outgrew its original office in 10 months, forcing them to move to another space in SoMa (otherwise known as South of Market, for those who don’t live in the Bay Area). Click here to… continue…