Are You a Geek or Are You Geek-ish?

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At the Diggnation party at SXSW, I asked an attendee if he thinks he’s the geekiest person at the event. He tries to persuade me that he is, but I’m not convinced.

DiceTV: How to Find the REAL Jobs

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The Script Wow, this job offers great pay, telecommuting and doesn’t require a lot of technical experience. I wonder if it’s a real opportunity or a scam. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. First, let’s review the characteristics of a legitimate job opportunity. Genuine postings generally include a thorough job description and a specific list of technical requirements, because employers want to avoid inquiries from unqualified candidates. If you hear about the job from a reliable source like a… continue…

Your Six-Month Interview Starts Now

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Boston Marathoner
If you thought the interview gauntlet was tough — try the six-month job interview. To be fair: You should. You might think I’m a little crazy, but if you have a contract job, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Sure, there is the work, but that contract job is one long, long, long interview. But there are reasons to love it. Here they are: 1. You Learn the Culture of the Company Culture represents the rules you must use to get… continue…

Yahoo’s Gil Yehuda: ‘Be a Person, Not a Piece of Paper’

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At the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, I spoke with Yahoo’s Gil Yehuda about how job seekers can use social media. The aim: to create genuine connections with key people at a hiring company — and stand out from the stack of resumes.

How to Get the Most From This Job Market

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Since the beginning of the recession, most IT professionals have been asked to do more work for less money. But the savvy ones aren’t grousing, because they’ve seized the opportunity to take on new projects and acquire new skills, says Computerworld. That doesn’t mean people are satisfied with their lot in life or have abandoned their dreams. It means they’re smart enough to wait out the bad economy and reposition their careers while their company “repositions” its workforce. So what… continue…

How to Make Sure the New Job is the Right Job

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After a short screening interview, a marathon all day interview, and a phone check-in to see if I was still interested, the company wanted to get my references to start calling.  At this point, I knew they liked what I was selling, and that an offer would be coming soon.  I was pretty excited.  The people I’d talked to were great, I loved the atmosphere of their office, and they were working with technology that I was interested in getting… continue…

Reppler Protects and Repairs Your Facebook Identity

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Two Mops
Not long ago, Leslie Stevens-Huffman wrote about how you can makeover your online profiles before starting a job search. Her main point: Eliminate old baggage that could hinder your search and engaging privacy settings that may prevent employers from viewing embarrassing information. Now, here’s a website that helps you do just that: Reppler. The name came from the idea that a small pebble can make big ripples to your reputation. The service tags content on your Facebook wall or news… continue…

Nashville Sings the Tune of Technology Jobs

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While Nashville may be the country music capital of the U.S., it’s also singing the tune to a high number of technology jobs. Nashville and its surrounding counties in middle Tennessee had 925 tech jobs open in the first quarter of 2011, primarily for positions related to healthcare IT, according to the Nashville Technology Council. The bulk of these jobs, 625, were in Nashville, with Memphis having 206. Overall, the state of Tennessee had 1,396 tech positions open in the… continue…

YouTube Wants Engineers, UX Pros

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YouTube is undertaking its biggest hiring spree ever, with plans to increase staff by more than 30 percent with 200 new jobs in 2011. Owned by Google, the company is primarily seeking software engineers to design, implement and test new products. They need to know how to high-volume production applications, prototypes quickly, and write server-side code, according one of its job listings on Dice. The company’s also looking for user experience designers and researchers, and Web developers experienced in Linux,… continue…

Some New England IT Sectors Coming Back

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The best IT jobs in New England right now are in the industrial, medical, and education sectors. Though most of the region’s IT workers saw an uptick in opportunities, those in these industries enjoyed the most growth. According to the Federal Reserve: Technology firms year-over-year revenue increases ranged from 3 percent to 25 percent in the most recent quarter, with most in the double digits. An increased demand for software and IT services from the industrial, medical, and education sectors,… continue…