Update: Apple, Amazon, AOL Position Themselves for New Territories

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Last week, there was word that Apple had paid a hefty $4.5 million for the domain icloud.com. Now, we see reports that signs of iCloud  have been found in a developer preview of Mac OS X Lion. The blog Consomac was poking around, looking for references to iCloud and MobileMe, when it stumbled upon strings saying things like, “Complete your Castle upgrade.” PC World says this suggests “Castle” will be more than Apple’s online music service. It could be a… continue…

Is Netflix Really Bigger Than Comcast?

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Netflix (NFLX) released its quarterly earnings yesterday and, while the market was somewhat underwhelmed, subscriber numbers are impressive. In fact, GigaOm declares, ”Netflix Now Officially Has More Subscribers Than Comcast.” Indeed, at first blush, Netflix’s 23.6 million subscribers does exceed Comcast’s 22.8 million. But what exactly does that suggest and is it a reasonable comparison? From a financial stand point, the proclamation doesn’t hold water as Comcast’s revenue is orders of magnitudes larger than Netflix’s. And it’s not like these two are necessarily direct… continue…

TelePrompTer Inventor “Hub” Schlafly Dies

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It’s not a gadget or live-saving medical device, but the teleprompter (or TelePrompTer as it is officially named) is credited as being a game-changer technology in public oratory. Hubert J. “Hub” Schlafly invented the device in the 1950s when he was working as a TV engineer. He designed the TelePrompTer to help soap opera actors remember their lines. But the device quickly took off with politicians, and every U.S. president since Eisenhower — with the exception of Nixon — has… continue…

Don’t Think Job Skills and Experience Are the Same Thing

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Let’s do a little virtual wager. My side is that your job skills don’t match up well with your current job. On your side, you think you’ve got all those skills just because you have the experience. Is it the same? Naw. Job skills trump experience in getting in the door for an initial phone interview. 1. You haven’t reviewed your job skills against the market Just because you have all that experience doesn’t mean you have the job skills… continue…

What to Do When You Know Everyone Else’s Salary

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Angry Man
Several years ago I took a short-term consulting gig at a New York office. Escorted to a cubicle reserved for my use, I set about cleaning up the clutter left behind by the previous occupant. And what do you know? My first discovery was a binder full of spreadsheet printouts listing the salaries and bonuses of every person in the office. It made for very interesting reading, and I immediately imagined the explosions I could set off if I were… continue…

DiceTV: How to Use Your Resume to Showcase Your Potential

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The Script Traditionally, a resume focuses on a job seeker’s prior accomplishments instead of their potential, but today I’m revealing some ways to change that during a segment we like to call, “Ask Cat.” I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. So here’s the question: Dear Cat, I’ve created a resume that highlights my skills and prior work experience, but I have potential in other areas. How can I showcase all of my talents? The key is getting your resume… continue…

Twitter Might Buy Tweetdeck to Keep Users Close to Home

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Twitter’s reportedly in talks to buy Tweetdeck for around $50 million. The move would aid power users even as the company looks for ways to boost usage of its newer users — to get them to keep tweeting rather than lose interest and drop away. The Wall Street Journal says the company “wants to make it easier for new users to navigate the service and help longtime users find interesting content.” SFGate says Twitter wants more control over access to… continue…

Facebook vs. Winklevoss: Twins File 254th Appeal

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Sticking Out His Tongue
They’re at it again, those crazy kids. The Winklevoss twins, the blisters that just won’t heal on Mark Zuckerberg’s feet, are still unhappy – I mean really, really unhappy. They just don’t think their settlement over charges Zuckerberg ripped off their work is fair. You probably already knew this. But just to make sure, they’re appealing last week’s ruling that they stop trying to back out of their settlement (for $20 million in cash and $45 million in Facebook stock)… continue…


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How Weird Can Interview Questions Get?

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How do tech companies weed out superstars from average programmers? Apparently, by throwing them curve ball interview questions. While logic puzzles, riddles and hypothetical questions have a long tradition in tech interviews, some of the latest have gone into the realm of the ridiculous. Sure, we can see how some may help a manager determine the quick thinking and analytical abilities of a candidate, but asking, “If the Star Trek transporter was for real, how would that affect the transportation… continue…