IT Market Report: Trends in Pay, Job Creation and Who Needs What Skills

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Companies in Silicon Valley are going to nearly endless lengths to keep critical employees. The most dramatic example: Google paying upwards of $150 million in retention bonuses to a couple of “indispensible” employees. MarketWatch says salaries are rising so quickly that shareholders and investors are growing concerned. Higher salaries increase the cost of benefits and health insurance, adding pressure to businesses just as they’re trying to gain profitability or establish a positive record with shareholders. The console game business has… continue…

Sitting All Day is More Harmful Than You Think (Infographic)

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What do tech workers across the globe have in common? They spend most of their day facing computer screens, typing and clicking away, getting things done — sitting nearly motionlessly the whole time. As harmless as it seems, our body pays hefty price for sitting all day long. People who sit more than six hours a day are twice as likely to have heart diseases and 40 percent more likely to die within 15 years compared to people who sit… continue…

A Look Behind Steve Jobs’s Curtain

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Steve Jobs
Everyone knows Steve Jobs is intense, but exactly how intense is brought to light in the latest issue of Fortune. For example, when MobileMe’s 2008 launch turned out to be less-than-stellar — loading time was slow and servers were down, leading many to question whether the service was worth its premium  cost — Jobs accused the MobileMe team of “tarnishing” the company’s reputation and telling them they should “hate each other” for letting each other down. Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky… continue…

How to Manage What’s Next – From 6 Top CIOs

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Lately, the question CIOs and IT departments ask is how do I do more with less? Most of this is a response to the downturn in the economy. It’s been echoed at past CIO Boot Camps held at Interop, a conference on information technology held multiple times a year all around the world. This year, at Interop in Las Vegas, I attended the latest bug juice-induced CIO Boot Camp where the theme had changed to how can I manage for what’s… continue…

AOL’s Simple Web-Based Video Chat Launches ‘Internally’

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It doesn’t matter whether MG Siegler of TechCrunch is defying the blog’s parent company by leaking secret projects or whether it’s part of a marketing plan. The new Web-based video chat service by AOL, dubbed “AV,” is now public, so we shall treat it as such. AV is dead simple, the way video chat should be. No accounts, no logins or anything else personal is required. All you need is a browser with Flash installed (sorry, iDevice users). To get… continue…

How to Make Sure Your Job Skills Are Current

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If you’ve ever been in one of those “career planning” meetings — especially in a group — you’ve seen the presentation. You know the one. The one that says your industry considers your job skills important, but when you transform the job, the skills move to a different level (where you need to get). There’s usually the boring PowerPoint, a few cute graphs that show you how to get from baseline skills to this magical place where you land sometime… continue…

Low Tech-Business Alignment Leads to Higher IT Turnover (Video)

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Old Terminal
How well identified is your IT staff with the rest of the organization? Do you know? If you want to keep them at your company, you’d better find out. How you prevent IT staff from walking out the door was the basis of the research paper  IT Employees’ Organizational Identification: Examining its Antecedents and Impact on Turnover by Yu Tong of the National University of Singapore and Hock-Hai Teo, Xinwei Wang, and Xue Yang of Nanjing University. The team discovered… continue…

CNET Sued for Providing LimeWire Downloads

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CNET - LimeWire
It’s not the RIAA this time, but a group of artists led by FilmOn founder Alki David. They’re suing CNET’s owner, CBS Interactive, for being the main distributor of LimeWire software — a favorite P2P client among music pirates. According to the complaint, CNET’s Download.com distributed more than 220 million copies of the file sharing software, around 95 percent of all LimeWire downloads since 2008. The plaintiffs accuse CNET of receiving incentives (pay per download) from the P2P file sharing… continue…

Couple Sues PC Rental Store for Webcam Spying

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With all the privacy debates going on right now, here’s another angle to ponder: Should a PC rental store check up on its customers by secretly turning on a webcam? Crystal and Brian Byrd of Casper, Wyo., claim the rent-to-buy chain Aaron’s did just that. They’ve filed a lawsuit against Aaron’s and DesignerWare, which makes the device behind the remote camera. The Byrds know they were “observed” because Aaron’s showed them a picture of Brian at the computer (which was… continue…

How to Get Over It When You’re Sure Your Team’s Strategy is Ridiculous

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Baseball Fight
You’ve made your case.  From your perspective the path is clear, and your argument is completely supported by the facts.  The problem is… well, you’re in the minority.  Using the same set of facts, the majority has come to a different position.  You’re outvoted. So, what do you do? There comes a time in everyone’s career when you have to do something that you don’t  agree is the best course of action. For the good of the team, you have… continue…