Federal IT Hiring Looks Bright in Washington DC

shutterstock_120159808 Orhan Cam
What’s New This Quarter Concern about an aging federal workforce may have alleviated a bit in October, when data released by the Office of Personnel Management showed that 16 percent of government workers are indeed “Millennial” (born after 1980), and those 336,000 employees have an interest in IT. In fact, IT management is one of the top 10 occupations for Millennials in government, with 7,657 of them holding IT management jobs. For more jobs in Washington, DC, click here. What… continue…

CES 2015: Intel Wants the Wearable-Tech Crown

Intel Curie
For years, Microsoft dominated the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It hosted a booth the size and brightness of a sci-fi spaceship on the conference floor; its successive CEOs (Bill Gates and, later, Steve Ballmer) gave the opening keynote; its hardware partners devoted the majority of their respective booths to pushing Windows-loaded laptops. But Microsoft pulled out of CES in 2012, and now it seems that Intel—which also hosts a massive booth at the show—is rushing to… continue…

See Bill Gates Drink Water Made From Sewer Sludge

Bill Gates poop water
Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is evidently ready to place his mouth where his (Foundation’s) money is—by drinking a glass of water filtered from raw sewage. The Gates Foundation funded development of the Janicki Omniprocessor, which (as the above video demonstrates) takes in sewage and converts it into ash (good for fertilizer), electricity, and clean drinking water. Via a conveyor belt, the sewage enters the Omniprocessor, where it’s boiled dry. The dry sewage enters a furnace, which produces steam, which… continue…


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